Mar 21, 2011

Peace and Glory Details {First} Product Review!

Hello, dear readers! Well, to-day has been such a dull, sullen, rainy day, but look what I sheltered from the drizzly run down to the mailbox...
 A beautifully wrapped gift...
With such a sweet note...
 And a lovely little gift!
Thank you SO much Miroslava...
for sweetly sending me these gorgeous, little treats. I am quite sure that the winner of your giveaway loved hers as well, and thank you for this wonderful opportunity! 
I absolutely LOVE them! These pictures do not do these beautiful clips justice. 
Please ignore my hair!:P 
I really encourage you to visit her shop {by clicking on her shop's banner earlier in the post} and purchase a set for yourself. 

The shipping was satisfactory. 
The clips were so sweetly wrapped; definitely could tell Miroslava took the time to wrap it. 
The clips themselves are so perfect!!! She matched my description of what colors I had in mind perfectly! The bobby pins she uses hold my very thick hair well.

Readers, you need to buy something from her shop! 

Thank you again, Miroslava, for the beautiful, 
hair clips!!!
I L-O-V-E them! 
{No, that's an understatement ;)}   
May the Lord bless you for your kindness and generosity and make your business flourish!

Love in Christ,
Product reviews are to feature a product from your Etsy shop; to give an accurate account of shipping and quality of an item for interested buyers. It's great advertising for your shop as well as a tremendous blessing to the receiver :). If you are interested in contributing a product from your shop for a product review click here and contact me here. Thank you!


  1. Those are lovely! Thanks for the review, I'd love some of them lovelies on my hair :)

  2. Very very pretty. I will sure check out her shop. The clips looks lovely in your hair. Congratulations on your win. Blessings to you.

  3. They are so lovely!:)
    By the way I got your dear letter today.

  4. Hey Grace! Thanks for your comment! This no computer at my new place thing is driving me crazy! I miss all my blogging sisters! No, your question isn't odd - I love Disney! Hmmm...I love Ariel (she was the 1st Disney princess I remember wanting to be - I had the clothes, dolls, birthday-themed parties, costumes=); I love most all the Disney princesses (Cinderella, Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan); I like Wendy; Alice; Megara from Hercules; Jane from Tarzan...really anything girly, I suppose. I can't wait to see Tangled, either! I think I'm going tomorrow to see it at a theater that shows movies a little after they leave the major theaters for a discount!
    Love & *winks* to you, too!
    P.S.: Your package is finally ready (sorry it took awhile)! I'll be mailing it tomorrow!