Mar 31, 2011

Meeting with An Old Fashion Girl

Dearest Readers~

Yesterday evening was a very special one...
One filled with laughs and giggles...
One filled with teatime, screams, squeals and endless chatting... 
A night that shall be cherished forever in my heart...

For after approximately two years,
After many squeals and giggles over the phone and Skype,
After two years of letter correspondence,
I have finally met one of my dearest friends....

*scream* After much planning and squealing over Skype, yesterday evening, I rang the doorbell to her home, and was embraced by one of the sweetest young ladies in my acquaintance! 'Twas such an immense {no, that is an understatement was a HUGE, GIGANTIC:)}blessing to finally have met An Old Fashion Girl!!!!

I did a bit of searching through some of my "ancient" archives, and found this comment {from this post}:
Johanna said...

Beautiful Spring is creeping up upon us I think! What pretty pictures you took! Also, I will just have to get that book!!! I AM A HUGE JANE AUSTON FAN!

In Christ,

This simple comment, sparked the friendship between Johanna and me, and I shall be forever grateful that the Lord has brought us together through the internet. And last evening, I actually met her in person {videos coming up to prove I did ;)}.

~To Be Continued~

To My Dearest Old Fashion Girl~

What a blessing our friendship has been! Ever since I read that your blog's name was An Old Fashion Girl I knew we were kindred spirits, yet now I feel very blessed to say that we are more than that...
we are now sisters in Christ. Who knew that the first comment you left on one of my simplest post, sparked a friendship that shall last forever? God knew, and I will be forever grateful to Him and never shall there be a day where I will express my thankfulness for it. 

 Last evening shall be kept in my heart for years to come; the memory shall forever be with me. To see  you in more than words describe. I miss you dearly already, but know that we shall meet again in the nearest future {we had better;)}.
 Again, I express what a wonderful blessing it is to know you. You are such an amazing, Godly young lady, an encouragement, a dear, dear friend. Keep shining your light for our dear Savior, dearest! May the Lord always be with you and your sweet, dearest family. 
{Love you lots, Savannah, Abby, and Hudson. If I had siblings, I would definitely hope my sibling were as sweet and loving as you all. ;)} 

Until we meet again, dearest! *wink*

Love always,
Your Lavender Girl


  1. You are the sweetest sister dear Grace... How these words brought sunshine to my heart, and tears to my eyes... *snif* I miss you SO much! But, I know we will meet again soon... I promise!

    Love you my sweet Lavender Friend,
    ~The Old-Fashioned Girl

  2. AW!! How very, very sweet!!! I am sure that the whole house was simply ringing with laughter and joy!! You are both so beautiful, what with your faces beaming like rays of sunlight. :)
    Hugs and love to you both!!

  3. What a lovely post, Miss Grace! It must've been so wonderful to meet Miss Johanna in person! :)

    Many Blessings,

  4. You girls are amazing! And you can see God has blessed you with a very awesome friendship! God bless you!

  5. What a sweet post! God truly has blessed you girls with such a great friendship! Lovely picture of you two:-) Your Sister in Christ,~Peyton~

  6. That must of been so fun Grace! I'm glad you had a lovely time. ;) Sorry I haven't been leaving comments on your blog lately. I injured my finger, thus it is very hard to type. =P But I'm better now!

  7. Oh, Grace, what a blessing! So did you travel to meet her, or did you already live in the same state? That is SO wonderful--two of the sweetest girls on blogger, together at last! ;)

    By the way--that rose-shaped cake looks simply DIVINE! You need to do a HUGE post about this visit, now...:D


  8. It must have been really nice to meet her! It seems like you both had a fun time and will cherish memories forever.

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    Have a lovely and blessed day!

    ~Miss Grace~

  10. come over and visit us at Ladies of Virtue!! We'd love to have you! I like your garden!!