Mar 20, 2011

The Lost Art of Letter-Writing ~ A Peek into my Letter Box {Part II}

“Letters are expectation packaged in an envelope.” ~Shana Alexander
{This is my most favorite picture in the whole wide world!:)}
Special thanks to those who commented on my past post. I could see from the stats that there were a lot of visitors, but I think I wrote very strong statements on the do's and don't's. AND my thoughts were very unorganized.:) I do hope I have not offended anyone in any way, and if I did, I give my utmost apology. 
'Tis been raining for the past few days {has/is raining as I type}, as I have already mentioned in my previous post, and I have been attempting to occupy my time. One of the things that cam to mind was to read and organize my old letters in my wooden chest, letter box, a gift from my dear parents....
Indeed, at a glance, one might think 'tis an old, cheap box, but the inside holds many treasures dear to my heart. 

These notes are from my dear parents...I shall treasure them always and look back with fond memories when I read them. 
Two years pile of letters from my many correspondents. I have letters from the years 2009 to 2011 and from many different places including Florida, Bermuda, and France!
I have kept for the past few years, all the Christmas/Valentine/Birthday cards from my dear parents, and those special ones from friends and family.
My parents always find the best cards!

{Note: the lighting in my room at the time was ever so dim. My carpets are not blue or black:)}
So many letters tumble from my letter box!
So many memories...
So many kind, kind words!
First letters are always so special, no?
And old-fashion, brown paper envelope sealed with love. 
For some merely odd reason, I usually keep all my seals that are in good condition. I store them in a sweet little box a friend gave me. 
A precious little piece of Florida. 
A postcard from France!
Truly, the one person who has inspired and encouraged my correspondence through letters is my dear, sweet previous violin teacher: Shawna. 

In fact, this Valentine...
A simple card written in February of 2009...
Sparked my two-year journey of letter-writing. 
Indeed, I have lost and gained new friends through my pen, and I hope to gain more in the future. Yet looking back on the beautiful remnants of letter-writing, is indeed a great treasure. 

“A letter is a blessing, a great and all-too-rare privilege that can turn a private moment into an exalted experience.” – Alexandra Stoddard
With Love,

To My Dear Friends~
You are all such a blessing in my life; I thank the Lord for such amazing readers. Thank you for the kind, compassionate, encouraging words that has brought so much warm to my heart. Through the celebrations and grief, how much I appreciate your prayers and support! 
  My dear prayer is that you have been blessed by what I post here, that my garden is a safe haven in which you may be restored and rested, and encouraged by your visit. Please know that you are always welcome here. 
May the Lord bless all of you as you continue to shine His light into the world and touch the hearts of the lives around you. 
Again, in closing, I will express my heart-felt thanks for such an amazing crowd of young ladies for their support, wise and kind words, and sweet warmth they have expressed over the few months and past year this blog has been activated.
Many thanks,
~Miss Grace~


  1. Dearest Grace,

    I certainly enjoyed this post. Letter~writing is such a wonderful art, and I greatly enjoy being able to do it with you, my dear sister in Christ! I cherish our friendship, although we have never met, and I look forward to the many letters to come!

    Love In Christ,

  2. I keep far too many letters! I have a letter drawer in my desk that has become so full I had to put some of the contents into a box! :-)

    I love those seals. I tried to make a wax seal once, but it ended in a mess. (I think the trouble was the candle, though.) Lately when I write old-fashioned letters, I use glue and then paint it!

  3. Dear Grace,

    Thank you so much for sharing these two delightful posts on letter writing. I have certainly enjoyed them and look forward to using some of my new-found letter writing skills in the near future. I really enjoyed all the pictures you included as well. There certainly is something very special about receiving a letter in the mail, and the memories are so much more tangible than with emails.

    Looking forward to more spring-time fun in your lovely garden,

  4. Dear Grace,

    I discovered your blog not so long ago and I am delighted by all of your posts.Can you please tell me how you make your wax seals or in what kind of stores you buy them ( I live in Paris,France).

    Love in Christ,