Jun 16, 2010

Modest Fashion Week Day 3

Hello, fair readers! Hope everyone has been enjoying the June sunshine! Well, to-day I attended a pool birthday party that was hosted by my very good friends! What fun it was! This is the outfit I wore after I had dried off and come home:

Sorry, I was slightly unprepared to-day and did not wear a skirt:(. To-morrow I will wear one or a dress! I am determined!

The pictures above do not show the material very well, so here is what it looks like:

Blouse: Target

Capris: Target

Shoes: Same shoes I wore yesterday which were Airwalk sandals purchased from Payless

As for my hair, in the picture it is down, but at the pool party I put it up in a ponytail and braided it. To-morrow I will do something more fancy for you, k?

Hope everyone is having a very wonderful day!

Your loving sister in Christ,


  1. Hey, my sister had that same shirt from Target! LOL! You look good in purple.


  2. That is a VERY cute shirt!!!

  3. Nice outfit. :) Glad you had fun at the pool party! Those are always fun.. we have tons of 'swimming pools' around here.. if you call stock tanks swimming pools! LOL!! We have been swimming in the them before, though! lol

    Can't wait for tomorrow!

    Love from your sister in Christ,

  4. I didn't know you wear pants! I do too, but to church and all I wear a skirt. I have been meaning to ask you, would you like to become my penpal in the 'slow mail'?

  5. Dear Kendra,
    Yes, I do wear pants and wear skirts and dresses to church, but I hope to one day wear skirts all the time. I really like skirts and wish I had or could make more. Sure I would love to become penpals. Just leave your email address at my blog (and I will not publish it) and we can start arranging something, k?
    Love always,

  6. I love the fabric that your shirt is made out of! I love pretty patterns like that for shirts.

    Very pretty outfit! I can't wait to see what you wear tomorrow!