Jan 22, 2012

stichin' sunday // a giveaway.

to-day, I have the wonderful pleasure of introducing to you one of the most darling shops that has been a favorite of mine for a very long while....

Mollie's sweet little shop is brimming with the sweetest patterns and printables all made from her own designs. let's take a little peek, shall we?

such a cute, colorful array of darling embroidery patterns which will keep your hands busy during the wintry months and add a touch of sweetness to any craft project. 

// the giveaway //  
sweet Mollie has most generously agreed to contribute a few of her lovelies from her shop to be enjoyed by one of my dearest readers! 

>> please note. 
the prizes below are in PDF form, meaning the winner shall be receiving patterns through e-mail. 
{one of my absolute favorites!!! :) } 

{ just in time for Valentine's Day! } 

{Mollie generously sent me a pattern of this as well and I cannot wait to settled down by a cozy fireside to embroider. :)} 

{ perfect to spread the word about your business or blog! } 
>> to note. 
{please read the following carefully} 
  • you must complete the mandatory entry before acquiring extra entries. 
  • you must leave separate comments per entry. {example :: three entries = three comments}  
  • when following this blog, you must be a public follower {via Google Friends Connect}. 
  • giveaway will close on the 31st of the month and winner shall be announced shortly thereafter.
  • giveaway is open to international readers. 
  • keep in mind, winner of this giveaway will not be allowed to enter my next two upcoming giveaways. 
>> to enter. 
// mandatory entry // 
tell me what you would embroider with these sweet patterns 
visit Mollie's lovely shop and tell me what catches your eye 

{one} heart Mollie's shop, add her to your etsy circle, follow her on twitter, and follow her blog. 
{leave separate comments per entry you complete} 
{two} be or become a follower of my garden walk. {3 entries, 3 comments} 
{three} tell me something that has been particularly inspiring or enjoyable from my past archives. 
{four} purchase something from Mollie's shop. 

special thanks to Mollie for making this giveaway possible. I really appreciate her support and pray that Mollie and her shop be blessed immensely!

you may begin writing me promptly, dearies! 

with love,
the keeper of the garden.  


  1. I would probably frame what I embroider!
    I L.O.V.E. this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/90383808/baked-with-love-valentines-treats-pdf
    alison of sendasong.etsy.com

  2. she is in my circle!
    alison of sendasong.etsy.com

  3. her shop is in my favorites!
    alison of sendasong.etsy.com

  4. I follow Mollie's blog!
    alison of sendasong.etsy.com

  5. i follow you,Grace!
    alison of sendasong.etsy.com

  6. i follow you,Grace!
    alison of sendasong.etsy.com

  7. i follow you,Grace!
    alison of sendasong.etsy.com

  8. Oh these are so cute, it makes me want to get my embroidery out and make some cute designs. I love the simple yet sweet look this gives. thanks for sharing
    Rachel Hope

  9. I would probably give them to my mom so she could embroider pillows and such :) this one caught my eye: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62687914/sweet-otter-animal-embroidery-pattern
    Its so adorable!

  10. I like this from your archives!: http://gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com/2011/02/valentines-day.html
    Alison of sendasong.etsy.com

  11. To the first question, I would just love to embroider some wall hangings. My room could use some adorable embroidered cheer! As to the second requirement, I absolutely fell in love with the Snowdomes of the World patterns. Oh my goodness, those are darling! Who can resist smiling pyramids?

  12. She has a lovely shop!
    I love the Sweet Treats embroidery pattern... :)

  13. Gosh.. you've done it again, Grace. Another one of my favorites... I really can't wait to embroider some paper... I used to do that all the time! The valentines treats would make a great valentine for my parents and sister. My favorite thing is the spring rain pattern.

  14. I'd embroider some little bookmarks! I love "The Wedding Party" pattern, especially the link below because this could be used for things for pen pals!


  15. I love the article, "An Old Friend" (here -- http://gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com/2011/12/old-friend.html) and the recent post about popularity.

  16. This is my favorite post- http://gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com/2012/01/stroll-by-winter-ocean.html