Jan 5, 2012

let's start a revolution.

the one thing I love about blogging is that someone can draw inspiration from another, and can encourage them to do another thing which in return starts a chain reaction and starts a revolution...
this was inspired by you. every single one of you, my dearest friends.

yesterday, I published about a topic that has been on my heart for weeks, sitting in my drafts for a very long time. it wasn't until yesterday evening that it truly 'clicked' with me why I was writing about this specific topic, and although I personally do not think the post was completely my best way of broaching the subject, I am overwhelmed by your encouraging reactions but in fact the better word to describe it is : 
>>---- h u m b l e d ----> 
humbled and grateful, that 28 beautiful young women seeking God's best took time out of your busy day to voice their hearts and leave encouragement. that's how I want to view comments and stats and followers from now on, as "oh, look a lovely young lady has taken a piece of her time to specially stop and share their heart and to join my garden walk." not place the expectation that readers should because as dear Miss Elizabeth described the blogging world as a community of friends, and that is truly what I wanted {what started} this little garden o' mine. to be a safe haven for young ladies to connect.

darlings, reading all of your heart musings and struggles that I could exactly relate to, I was inspired. inspired to make this little "petition" I suppose you could name it, because as you link up to your blog to mine, you are saying, "I will strive to be an authentic blogger." not minding so much for the comments or followers as long as you can be true to yourself...true to what God made you to be.

after you enter your blog's link into the linky tool below, please comment to tell me you have done so and tell a little bit about yourself, for I do so want to know a little more about you.

blogging is to encourage, inspire, connect, and share with the world the true beautiful young lady that the Lord designed you to be. by encouraging this revolution, I'm saying that I'm not perfect {AT ALL}, but by God's beautiful, awing grace, I can freely and authentically blog for you. 

so, dear one, will you join the revolution?

with sincere love,
the keeper of the garden.

postscript :: a special thank you to Miss Elizabeth and Miss Guinevere for spreading the word about my previous post. you two are the ones you really inspired me to do this.
side note :: I am most definitely going to visit all of your lovely blogs and leave a comment. oh, and the warmest of welcomes to dear new visitors!!!
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  1. Grace, this is fantastic. Thank you for the little shout-out, it made me smile. I surely hope all of us are about to start a revolution.
    I meant to add this into my last comment but forgot: whenever I comment on your blog (which is not very often, I'm afraid) I always do so in a more old-fashioned manner than normal, because your blog is so. Old-fashioned, that is.:) I'm not sure why I feel compelled to tell you this, but I do. :)
    A little bit about me? I'm so zealous for life but not enough so for God. I'm quite artsy, and I love photography, drawing, crafting, and writing dearly. As I grow older, I'm seeing lower and lower self esteem in myself, which I battle by reminding myself it's an insult to God. I love black and white movies, white chocolate, and blogging.

  2. So glad you are doing this, Grace! I think it will be lovely to see who links up. Great way to find more lovely, encouraging blogs! :)

  3. Yay! I will join; and strive to blog as I am and not pretend to be something I'm not.
    To write about what I believe in and be honest with my readers.

  4. This is a lovely revolution my dear!

    As I have been searching my heart since your last post to discern whether or not I was really being my true self in the blogger world I have come to the conclusion that while I wasn't being NOT myself, I definitely could be MORE of myself :) Did that make since?

    I linked my blog up. I love writing, reading (To Have and to Hold and The Scarlet Pimpernel are two of my favorites), drawing, photography, fashion, baking/ cooking, blogging :), my wonderful family, and most importantly my LORD and Savior.

  5. Love this! Thank you for being such an encouragement!
    Alright, a little bit about me. :)
    I'm Delaney. First and foremost, I'm a lover and follower of Jesus Christ. I have crazy messy red hair, but I've learned to love it. I love cooking and baking all things healthy, pretty fonts, hot tea of every variety, fall weather, and little kids. I'm shy and observant at first, but open up much more once I get to know you. I absolutely despise math. I've been caught up in numbers, stats, and popularity recently, but that's stopping now.
    I can't wait to read about you guys!

  6. Hi Grace. Waking up to this lovely post was so nice. I added my blog, Sunny Side Up, to your linky list. :)

    I truly like bloggers who post about perhaps not entirely random nothings on their blog, but about whatever means something to them at that specific time, and lets us get to know them a little better.

    I have been a follower of your blog for some time, and have been a pretty diligent reader over the last couple of months, though I rarely left you comments. Sometimes I just didn't have time. But I do want to try and leave more little notes on posts I like on various blogs, just to bless the writers' hearts, because I know comments bless my heart.

    A little about me:
    hi, i'm liz b. i'm a catholic, homeschooled, seventeen-year-old, striving to live a life in the fullness of my faith, while still having fun along the way. i tend to be random, and definitely different. i am part avid reader, budding writer, passionate musician, and dreamer. i love experiences which open my eyes to the world, because i think the best part about living is enjoying god's creations. i'm a romantic girl of the past -- sometimes i think i was born in the wrong century. i seek the beauty in life. laughter is best, and friendship is precious.

    Some of my favorite things:
    Old-fashioned dresses, books, hot chocolate, flowers in my hair, pearls, red shoes, music, singing, birds, cats, writing... (and I'm horrible with lists.) If you want to read more about me, you can hop on to my blog. I haven't posted too much over the last couple of months, but I've invested too much to give it up completely. Here's to a new 2012!

    God bless you!

    --Liz B

  7. I linked up my blog! I am trying to do the same thing you are! Try to write what is on my heart, and not just what I think people want to hear. Not saying that I don't post fun stuff either :)
    I just started blogging and I really enjoy some of your blog posts. In fact last year you were my second favorite blog (lucia etc. was first. You should really check out her blog. It is really good and I think you would like it)
    Anyway! I hope you find my blog enjoyable! And please tell me what you think I should improve in, I am new and am open to suggestions.


  8. I love, LOVE the fact that you started this! I hope tons of bloggers join in!
    So, about the 'tell me a little bit about yourself' part, I don't know where to start. It usually gets so awkward for some reason when I have to write down 'about mes'. That's why I copy my profile bio EVERYWHERE! :D You can go look at that if you want, but I guess to describe me in one simple sentence: I'm just a girl who loves God, photography, graphic design, reading... and swords (LOVE swords! I'd give almost anything for one... except, I guess my camera). :)

  9. Wonderful idea, dear Grace! I'm getting very excited about this! It's like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And I also realized that my favorite blogs -- yours included -- are the ones that are distinctly different. I love when I read a blog and get a sense of the authoress behind it. That's when I know they're *really* being genuine, and not just saying "I want to be real" because 6 other bloggers with 800+ followers said it.

    Love you!
    ~Elizabeth Rose

  10. Dear Grace,

    What a beautiful revolution!

    This is the reason why I joined:
    I think as a blogger, it is easy to get wrapped up in how many comments or followers we have {as you have mentioned}. In doing so, we lose sight of the real reason we started blogging. For me, that was to share my life with others, as well as have it be a shining light for the Lord.

    Thank you for this revolution. It helped me catch a fresh glimpse of how I should see my blog. *smiles* I truly want my blog to glorify Jesus. If a post blesses even one person I will consider it a joy!

    Much <3 in Christ,

  11. Hi Grace,

    This is a great idea! I'm about to link up.... I wasn't quite sure what to comment on your previous post without sounding awkward (I did read it.)


  12. There it is, a complete revolution in the making dearest! You've gone and done it :-) I'm so happy you've posted this... It really cheers me up and gives one more confidence in who she is. You are amazing and I love you!


  13. I really love this idea♥ I think that often we forget just how much it matters to be ourselves, and not get swept up in the current of caring how many followers we gain or how much people comment. I strive to be me, and only me, through my writing. I also take a little time to share what I believe with people, no matter what i think their reactions will be. That's why I am signing your petition to be an authentic blogger... that, and it's just SUCH a cute button!!


  14. I'm so glad you started this (well actually God did, in your heart). :) I can see this becoming an encouraging community that builds each other up in Christ. I most definitely want to be a part!

    About me: I enjoy music immensely - listening to it, playing it, singing it, breathing it. I also love searching for and creating beauty, whether through words, pictures, art, or music. God has put a call on my heart to encourage and build up other believers. I struggle with staying deep and knowing that my identity is in Christ. I'm a sinner, saved by grace - and I want to proclaim God's glory through my story.

    I can't wait to get to know all of you better, too. :)


  15. My name is Sophie. I try as much as I can to be a daughter and sister, spiritually and physically. I love photography and writing, and music. Vintage things stand out to me, like cameras and typewriters, dresses and shoes, journals and books. The 1950's and 40's time eras are lovely, and I Love Lucy makes me crack up. I am good with computers and blog designing is a habit :). I love my family, friends, and my church. Cold weather + red knitting = makes me happy! I love sewing, and lists. My blog name, "Capturing It" has a meaning. I am capturing life as it comes, by blogging, writing, and taking pictures. Capturing It, photo moments, life memories.

  16. Hi Grace! Great idea!

    I'm Jaime, and I love the Lord with all my heart and strive to serve Him with my life. I love sewing, reading, writing, singing, playing the piano, taking pictures, blogging....I also love flowers, clouds, pizza, and chocolate. I hope you visit my blog!

    His Princess,

  17. Wonderful idea, Grace!!! I joined!

    May we all strive to be original, authentic bloggers!!! ;)


  18. Wonderful idea, Grace! Your posts are always so inspiring!

    I'm a lover of art, an adorer of nature, and a passionate follower of Christ! I enjoy reading, writing, photography, and a multitude of other things... I'm an exceptionally shy person if I don't know you, and an exceptionally bubbly and outgoing person if I do. I absolutely love being unique (and believe me, I am!). I have an obsession with history and fantasy. There are few things which bring me more joy than a sparkling waterfall, a moonlit meadow, a shady forest, or a store full of beads.

    God bless...

  19. Truly splendid, Grace. I love this. I definitely fall prey to blogger trends, and I need to change that. You have inspired me--thank you! :)


  20. Oops, this was to go with that last comment. Oh dear...

    Hello there, my name is Bree. :) I won't try to be original here, by saying that I love beauty. Dancing makes me ecstatic. Pointe shoes, though painful, are probably the prettiest things I have ever worn. I'm a bit of a techie - I design blogs for fun. :) My resolution for this year is to smile more often. I'm intent on keeping it. come stop by my blog - I would love to get to know you better. :)

  21. I LOVE this Grace! For real, I'm ecstatic! I can't believe you've just said EVERYTHING I've wanted to say for, well, forever. I think we should be friends as well, very much so. (:

    I'm Katie- or Katie Jo if you like. I'm absolutely head over heels for all things photography, writing, blogging (a basic combination of the two), my family and friends, designing, chats over cups of coffee or tea, letter writing, laughing, and the beautiful, heart warming things in life. Sweet moments when you get that warm fuzzy feeling inspire me the most. My favorite sounds are the rain, the shutter on my camera, and the voices of my loved ones. I love God, and he loves me; and I think that's all that matters. <3

  22. Thank you for having the courage to say this, Grace! I too believe blogging should not be a popularity contest, but rather, a way to express your ideas and faith to others, and to read and encourage those who are like minded.

    About me: I am a teenage girl who loves to read, write, crochet, bake, and much more! I love music and my family, and anything beautiful. My greatest desire is to become more like Christ, and grow into the *feminine* woman I know he wants me to be. Also, I am a die-hard Jane Austen fan who drinks a scandalous amount of tea. (:

    Your sister in Christ~


    P.S~ Your blog is beautiful and so are your thoughts, with or without the extra mile. (:

  23. Thanks for this encouragement! Trying to be myself instead of some super-rockstar blogger (Nothing could be farther from the truth!), is something I struggle with frequently. I think that this will be a great reminder to myself to try not to bend over backwards to copy everybody else.

    As for myself, I am a stay-at-home daughter who loves reading, knitting, watching period drama movies.

  24. I really liked this post of yours & i thought that it was really worth linking up, cos this is what even i'm fighting to be: An authentic blogger.I just want to be who my Creator wants me to be like & like no one else.
    And yes, there may have been times when i may haven fallen into the trap of trying to do things for the sake of getting popular.But i'm hoping that with God's Grace, i will blog & write about what God wants me to write about!
    And regarding myself, well......you can check it out in my blog, i guess, cos I have anyway written something really short there & so I don't want to be repeating the same thing=)

  25. Authentic blogging, I like it! :)

    I always wished that I could blog pretty things, talk about how I was some sort of fascinating person...but that'd be going against the whole reason I started blogging in the first place...to just share my heart! Wonderful idea, Grace!

    I'm Beth, soon to be a college-grad, and a lover of Jesus Christ. I like sunshine, warm days, reading, singing, lilacs, milkshakes, and coffee. :D

  26. Beautifully put, dear one. You already know so much about me, so I won't even attempt in describing myself. *wink* Yet, I want you to know that you have inspired me SO very much with these past two posts... thank you for being who you truly are, for, to me -- your dear, dear friend -- I love you just the way you are.


  27. What a beautiful idea! I stopped by from Katie's blog and I absolutely love this idea. I linked up and I am putting your button on my blog.

    Have a lovely day!

    --Abi :)

  28. This is such a lovely idea! My post says a lot about me, but basically I am a young woman who messes up a lot but is trying to follow Jesus, my Savior.

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  30. Thank you so much for sharing! I would be delighted if you enjoyed my inspiration off of this idea...


    Gott Segne,


  31. Hello dear Grace,
    I'll try to keep this slightly short.. :)

    Marcia, in awe of my Savior, photographer-wanna-bee, huge dreamer and hopeful romantic, lover of vintage things,and whimsy, die hard Anne of Green Gables fan (seriously, I'm obsessed), reader, blogger, lover of rain, and snow, and an obsessed collector of quotes. :)

    Well, that is me in a nutshell...

  32. This is a great idea, Grace! If I had a blog I would definitely join! You know what, I am still going to join the revolution in my own way. I will strive to be an authentic person and live a genuine life, not live under the pretence of popularity!!!


  33. Hello Grace! Thank you for your encouraging words. I really think you hit the nail on the head. I have noticed much blog trendiness of late, and I confess that reading blogs that are obviously unauthentic copy-cats has become more and more unappealing.

    That said... My name is Lauren Brittany. I'm a 23-year-old Florida girl and (more importantly) a daughter of the Most-High God. I work with my family in our homeschool book business and am blessed beyond measure. I love working and spending time with my family, I love blogging, and I also enjoy writing in my spare time. I suppose I could go on, but my blog would probably do a better job of expounding.

    May the Lord bless your new year, Grace!

    In Christ,


  34. Miss Grace, it is an *immense* joy to see your desire to stand up in the Lord, and to encourage us to put down the desires of our flesh, so that we be true to who the Lord has made us, not someone else. Not to blog or write or do anything for vain and selfish reasons, but to do it to bring glory and joy to our Creator. What a blessed reminder you have given me, as well as those who have read your sweet words. {Truly some wonderful thoughts to ponder and apply!} Blogging has been such a joy in my life, showing me that I am not alone in my walk with the Lord as a young lady who desires to embrace femininity, and to shine for His glory.... just the way I am. The way He has made me.
    He has made me to be...

    A 16 year old young lady who loves the Lord with her whole heart...being washed white as snow in His blood and mercy. I am found with blue eyes, blond curly hair, and a flowy long skirt about me... twirling with joy in the way He has made me. I delight in many hobbies, mostly photography, sewing, reading, and violin/piano. Each day is a gift from the Lord, and I strive to cherish each blessing seen throughout.

    May our God richly bless you as you do all things for His glory, and may He fill you with His everlasting joy.

    In Christ,

  35. Dearest Grace~~

    I read your first post, and am sincerely sorry to say I didn't comment on it..I was about to, but was pulled away by some thing or another.

    BUT, I want to say that this is a wonderful idea. <3 AND a wonderful message. I strive to be ME in all that I write and do through my blog...though sometimes, when I look at HUGE, HUGE blogs with tons of inspiring posts, photos, unique things, etc., I get a little discouraged. I find myself thinking, "How do they come up with all this great stuff? Why am I always so boring and plain?"

    ..but it has taken a little time + experience to realize that, just as we are all unique personages, we all have unique blogs that are special and lovely just the way they are..just like their authors or authoresses. Thank you for showing this to so many, and for stepping out.


    -lucia @ lucia, etc.


  36. Wow just reading all the comments above I am happy so many young ladies feel the same way you do, it always interests me to see how alike we all are in this world. Dear grace I am so glad you called this a revolution I have added my blog because I agree with you completely, I have always striven to be my self and most of the time have failed miserably, I will try and be my self with every post, with every click publish I will know that is truly and completely me,
    I am a very different person than most girls today. I am number 9 in a family of 10 children 5 boys 5 girls, I am always looking for some bit of paper to scribble on words or faces, I love to draw and write, I have constant stories running through my brain and I talk often to my self I love to read and often get in trouble for doing so at wrong times, I am very young at heart even though 19 isn't old, I have a habit of being a little sarcastic, its something I'm working on, and I seem to be a little to quick witted, which is often my down fall. I love to cook I love green things like plants and plan to have a green house someday, I love history and old movies crocheting and knitting which I am just now really learning. Its lovely to meet you miss Grace.
    have a blessed day
    Rachel Hope

  37. Hi, I found this post through Grace Like Rain and I completely agree with you! I always want to be authentic and 'me' when I blog, not some fake shadow (I've actually already been complimented from some readers for being myself--so I know that people do notice when you're real and when you're not). I thought I'd leave you a note saying thanks for the button (which I'll be sticking to my site) and for being an encourager!

    You asked for us to say a little about ourselves: I'm a seventeen year old stay at home Daughter of the Lord; I'm homeschooled. I enjoy spending time with new kitten, helping around the house and I really love Star Wars. :)


  38. Don't really know what to say because I'm literally bubbling over with excitement about this revolution.

    I joined, by the way.


  39. Hey i just wanted to let you know that i've joined your Revolution.I've put up the button on my sidebar=)

  40. I think your blog is very inspiring and lovely. I have joined your revolution.

  41. I'm so glad I decided to click on that button. I saw the "Striving to be an Authentic Blogger" button appear on many blogs throughout the past week, but I never clicked on it till today, till this moment. And I'm blessed to have ever come across it.

    The revolution you created for authenticity is inspiring! I want to be a part of it because I see a dire need for bloggers to be true to themselves, to the world, and to God. And that includes me.

    I don't want to be driven by the want of followers and comments. Yes, I love those two! They can be utterly wonderful sometimes. But more wonderful is the ability and the courage to truthfully speak one's heart out, whether or not people will read it. Whether or not people will understand. When I made my blog, I made it with the goal to glorify God and bring His name to renown. And I want to live up to that forever.

    Also, I have been keeping my identity under "secrecy." That's partly for privacy reasons, but I feel like I've partly been hiding the truth on who I really am, simply because I'm afraid people won't accept me for that. But now I see it shouldn't be that way. God made me to be who I am. Everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made. We were made to be authentic.

    Thank you for this encouragement, this challenge, this reminder, Grace dear!

    Something about myself? Oh no! That'll be long! Maybe you can stop by my blog sometime and read about a little bit about me. But just a nutshell of who I am... My name is Jemimah. I love books, words, writing, period dramas, music, acting, theatre, traveling. I dream a lot. I imagine too much. I'm am imperfect as well, but I thrive and live by the grace of Jesus Christ.

    Jemimah C.

  42. Hi Grace, I've actually seen this button on many different blogs and never really gave it a thought, but I'm very glad I did!
    I love how your inspiring others to be inspiring and keep it real, it's refreshing!
    It's also nice to see someone who isn't afraid to say God in posts!
    A little about myself, eh?
    Well, I'm a writer and photographer, I'm trying to find God and also except myself for who I am.
    I don't want to go into a whole life story, and honestly I would, because I'm a bit of a rambler!!
    Thank you so very much for starting this and I hope so many more girls put their names up and keep it real!!

    ~Jimmy~ Other wise known as Gretchen G.

  43. I'm Lexie I'm a 23 something young woman majoring in social work. I am a lover of all EDM music and you can usually find me plugged into my ipod listening to skrillex, above and beyond, bassnectar, or countless other EDM artists I have. I am also a Catholic convert and I'm trying to learn what it truly means to love like Jesus does. I also love tattoos and piercings. That's me in a nutshell I may be out of the box, but feel free o step inside my world.

  44. Hey! I'm Sarah Michelle, and I'm a theater, reading, writing, Narnia, lover. I spend everyday amazed at the grace of my Savior, and His love for me. :)

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  46. Hello. My names Faith, I love books, coffee, art, blogging, fashion, and the Glory of God.

  47. Hey! I wasn't sure if the link worked or not. I did a post about this, and here it is!


  48. Hi Grace, I added my link. Thanks for such an inspiring post.

    This truly is a different perspective on blogging, but a something i think everyone should keep in mind. Reading some of these comments it seems as if this revolution also encourages bloggers to take a step back at look at their blogs in a different way (Myself included) It makes them ask themselves if they are the same self in the blog world that they are in the real world. To me that meant that i needed to blog the same way i live, and include God as a part of my blog. So thanks, and now this button is not only a part of my side bar, but also a part of my About Me page :)


  49. Hi Grace, I just added my blog to your linky. This post was so inspiring to me; thank you SO much for posting it. Now, a little bit about me...I’m Auburn - blogger, photographer, Christian, sister, daughter and friend. I love all things vintage, pink, traveling, books, sweet tea, photography, autumn and early mornings.

  50. Hi, Grace! I have discovered about your blog and this revolution through the blogs I follow. When I found it out, I made a papered draft of my petition and posted it to my blog with this button.

    It was an encouraging one and inspiring to be what you really are. How God make us different and special.

    About me..well, my name is Chistela 'living' under name of Ella Oddstar. You could stop by my blog and see more about me. But I'm a lover of books and writings, photography, classics, dancing along with music, hopeless romantic and a dreamer.

  51. Dearest Grace~
    What an inspiring idea, this revolution. I love the way you encourage us all to just be ourselves and let that shine through our blogs, whatever the circumstances. I have always thought this blog of yours was very lovely, and I always walk away feeling that you shared your true heart and thoughts! Thank you for being you!<3

    So, a little about me: Those who know me tell me that I'm always laughing and smiling, that I adore little children, and love life to the fullest. I lovelovelove to sing, play my violin, paint, and photograph the bright world around me. But most of all, it is my great desire to honor and please Our Great and Mighty King~ to love Him with my whole heart! :)

    In many of your posts about yourself, I see myself~ that's why I love your blog so much! <3 Yes lovely, I would adore to be your friend! :)


  52. This is great. I'm going to take this button and remember authenticity is beautiful. :)

  53. Hello, dear Grace! :)
    First of all, I want to say that I love your blog. It's such an inspiring place.
    You have a great and inpiring idea. I love to blog and I always want to be honest to my readers and to me when I write something in my blog. It's a way to express ourselfs and maybe inspire others.
    So, God bless you for your idea and I will grab your button into my blog. :)


  54. Hi! I linked up. :)

    My name is Emma and I am 10 years old. I live in Texas and love it here! I enjoy blogging and currently own...um...17 blogs.


  55. This is wonderful! I've posted your icon on my sidebar. This site is so encouraging, as is this petition. I stumbled onto your blog via Kellie Falconer's post about your blog party! :)

    Have a fantastic day :)

    -Anne Marie {at} adefinedpurpose.blogspot.com

  56. Hi Grace! I found you and your lovely blog through Eve's blog (Chronicle's of His Swordmaiden.) And I'm so very glad that I did! I think it's such a wonderful and very much so brilliant idea to start a revolution of banded together transparent/authentic Christian bloggers! Really, I do. So I'm joining in and posting your button on my blog too!

    About me? Well, I’m a twenty-two almost twenty-three year old who loves to write and blog over at Oh, Restless Bird. I’m a pianist, closet poet, avid reader, lover of anything with a bird on it, car-and-shower-singer, seeker of peace and a restless bird who’s learning day by day to live more restlessly for God and His Word.

    Here's the link to my lovely little blog:

    It's nice to "meet" you!

  57. I love this idea. I'm 54 to join!

  58. amazing website Hope everything works out for you.

  59. This is so great! I love how you can be yourself.
    I am a baker at heart. I love to make things! But lately it's just been about making my blog better and getting more people to see it. This is great because I need to remember who I blog for. For me!
    This is so uplifting!

  60. Joined the revolution! :) This is a wonderful idea. Just started blogging a couple of weeks ago and absolutely enjoyed it!

    You can read my about me page here: http://stealanadventure.blogspot.com/p/i-believe-in.html
    (it kind of sums up who I am)

    More power to you! :)

  61. i just found your blog somehow and am so encouraged by your heart. so happy to find other like minded young women :) i look forward to reading more.



  62. I posted the button on my blog! This made me feel happier about blogging. I have been pretty active in blogger this week and determined to blog responsibly. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  63. Thank you for your inspiration Grace! I love the idea of a revolutions. And I love the idea of banding together as sisters in Christ blogging for the same cause. I will put your button on my blog "The Sweetest Charm". I got that title from the Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary's description of modesty.

    A little bit about me; My name is Leah Nicolette, I'm homeschooled and I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, ages ranging from 1 to 23 (I'm number 3 in the line). I really want to make a difference and stand out from the normal flow of the youth that today's culture screams to conform to.

    Thank you for the encouragement and your godly stand.

    Leah Nicolette

  64. Hello Grace, Keeper of the Garden,
    Thank you for your wonderful inspiration. I would very much like to join your petition. To tell you a little bit about myself: I write a blog over at somersaultingthroughlife.wordpress.com. I love reading, writing and watching films. My favourite flower is lavender. It's great to remember that the person I am blogging for is myself. Thank you for this reminder.

  65. Hello Grace! I just found your blog a while ago, and saw this post. I love the idea of it! We need more bloggers like you who encourage this type of writing and authenticity. What you're doing is so inspirational to me and I'm sure to a lot of people. This is exactly what we need to expand our creativity and and strengthen our faith. I'm definitely signing this petition! :)

  66. Hello Grace! (you share a name with my sister!) I just found your blog, and this post and signed up immediately. I have struggled with blogging in my own voice, not just the voice that fits in with the blogs I idolize, but at the same time being a part of a community. I hope this is a way I can join one, and enter a new circle of friends as you wrote! The fact that you are a believer, and I have the opportunity to meet other blogger/believers is exciting! Thank you for doing this, and have a lovely day!


  67. I put the above button on my blog, Grace!

    Thank you for making it! I too struggle at times with wanting more viewers and comments - but that's not what it's really about anyways!

    I created my blog at the beginning of April this year, so it is still pretty new - I hope you'll stop by!

    ~ Mandie

  68. Hi Grace!

    You have such a lovely blog! It is very inspiring!

    A little bit about myself:

    I'm a Catholic homeschooled girl. I have many different hobbies: reading, writing, sewing, singing, swing dancing, tap dancing, ballet, baking, archery... the list goes on and on.

    I started my blog in February, and have greatly enjoyed my experience in the blogger world and meeting so many like-minded girls!

    ~Rose M.

  69. This is a wonderful initiative. I started blogging more regularly about a year ago, and sort of lost interest when I saw more of the big crowd of bloggers out there, and saw that all most people cared about was the number of followers, a number of people who just clicked a button. I also felt very disappointed by seeing that most blogs were just like one big commercial ad.
    My first blog was brilliant and I wrote about anything that was on my heart and mind. After a while I started getting sucked into the feelings of not being good enough, my blog isn't good enough, I don't fit in, yada, yada. I've done all sort of changes with my blog but was never satisfied. Now I have a brand new site with a music blog and a photo & lifestyle blog where I'll be real and write about what I want and in the way that I want. I love blogs where I can get to know the blogger a little and take a peek into her/his world.
    I'm also a believer but have let troubles overwhelm me lately, also have been very discouraged by certain things/people but I'm slowly crawling back to Christ. My blog is about life generally but a lot about living with coeliac disease, about my garden, my photos and cancer care, and my job generally, mixed with thoughts about different things. I look forward to reading more of your very inspiring blog!

  70. I have joined the revolution! I pray the Lord uses this to draw us together in community.

    I blog about faith, life & love. I'm a photographer working in the fashion industry, living in the Caribbean and striving to be a godly woman.

  71. Such a lovely, sweet, incredible revolution to begin. This is encouraging and uplifting and I'm SO thankful for it!

    A little bit about me. Hmmm. Well, I'm the youngest child of two of my amazing parents who are going to be missionaries in China next summer. I am newly married and have just recently (about a year ago) moved from western PA to southern California. It's been tough, especially with my health issues I've been struggling day in and day out with, but God has shown Himself faithful infinitely. It's unbelievable. He is pursuing me daily and I love him Love him Love him!!!

    I love Hello Kitty. I love blogging. Fellowship with sweet ladies, and men of God. I love my husband, I love learning and being sanctified through wife-hood. I love the ocean, soy vanilla chai lattes, I am obsessed with babies, I love my iPhone, and am learning to make God my God above all else. I love old movies, indie music, the symphony, dancing while doing dishes, and a clean home. YAY!


  72. Great idea! (I just found out about it). I'm joining for sure! :)

    About me... I'm sister to six brothers, have never had a sister (but then, I shouldn't say that, 'cause aren't all you ladies my sisters? *grin*). I love singing, reading, writing, and a bazillion other things. {including cooking and eating} I'd love to be a missionary some day, and in the meantime I enjoy my life around me through my camera lens {even though you wouldn't be able to guess that by my blog! *smile*}. Most of all, I desire that Christ be first and foremost in my life, and I'm continually grateful to Him for saving someone like me. :)

    God Bless!

  73. Hello Grace! I think you are right on, we can use this medium for building up and edification. thanks for bringing this to light! I can't wait to explore yours and everyone else's blogs to see what I can learn too :)


  74. I love your blog and blogger revolution! I want to with all my heart not only to be "an authentic blogger", but also use my blog to help point others to Jesus. Helping to inspire, encourage, share things worth sharing and hopefully make the world just a little bit better. Keep up the good work :~)

  75. Hi,
    I posted my blog link. Here is a short paragraph about myself.

    I love Jesus and I strive to have a better relationship with Him. I am a Bible believing Christian. I have 5 siblings and soon to be 7. I love fashion, crafts, hair, and all things beautiful. :)


  76. What an awesome idea and one that I'll gladly climb aboard. I am all about authenticity and boldness and tell it like it is. I've entered two of my blogs. I'll enter my third. I hope that you find them acceptable. I'm a women's fiction author, a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, neighbor, friend, a sister in Christ and I live with many chronic illnesses and several mental illnesses. I share everything about my life in my blogs. I wish all the blessings of a happy and healthy home and family.

  77. Dear Grace,

    I am absolutely in love with this project. I struggle frequently with fake identities around my friends. This revolution with certainly help me start my goal towards being authentic everywhere. This will certainly help me in growing my relationship with God.

    Thank you so very much,

  78. Hi Grace!

    I love your blog, and I love the inspiration around your "revolution." That's exactly why I blog--to encourage, inspire, connect, and share. I am an author as well as a blogger. My debut novel was published in August: Murder & Mayhem In Goose Pimple Junction, is a humorous southern mystery with a little bit of romance. As an Indie author, I know how hard it is to promote and market a book. I hope to help my fellow authors get the word out about their work with author or character interviews, guest posts, and book excerpts on my blog.

    Thanks so much!
    Amy Metz

  79. Hello, new follower here and I’d like to invite you to join me at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop: http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2012/12/clever-chicks-blog-hop-15-vetericyn.html

    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  80. Hi. :) I'm Mariella and I just found this and thought it was wonderful. I love to write, draw, read, and pretend I'm a philosopher! :D

  81. Not sure if my first comment went through.
    This is simply wonderful.
    My name is Mariella. I love art, reading, writing, and daydreaming. :)

  82. My dear Miss Grace,
    As usual you are a inspiration to me. :) I couldn't wait to join your revolution.
    Thank you for doing it.
    ~Elizabeth @ Little Bit of Heaven

  83. This is just beautiful Grace! I didn't hesitate in joining the revolution upon reading this. It reminded me that the real aim of blogging is to express oneself and not for perfection or competition. Thanks again! :)
    Secret Obsession