Jan 1, 2012

journal entry {no. 1}

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>>----> sunday, january 1st, 2012
5:52, evening.
dear journal, 

all is quiet as I write {besides the washing machine running a load in the kitchen}, but a comforting contentment bursts forth from within my heart; the kind of happiness to which cannot easily be confined. a new year. the words whisper within my ears, and an exciting thrill runs down my spine. with such a lovely sunday, this new chapter of life has proven to be already quite delightful. 
>>-----------------------> * <-----------------------<< 
i woke up to a misty morning, to-day. my hopes were a bit dashed to not see the sun shining brightly through the pines, but making our way to church service, I realized that the Lord was washing the world, purifying every twig on the bare branches, every blade of grass, every car and home and roof, with dew from the heavens for a new beginning, or "new slate," as one may say. how wonderful 'tis, that the Lord blesses us with such beautiful gift...a new year!
>>-----------------------> * <-----------------------<<
bittersweet is the precise word for entering into 2012. time goes by so quickly, and soon this year shall become another chapter of my life closed, a mere archive to which I hope to say that will store invaluable memories and be fondly looked back on instead of the contrary. 2011 was indeed a wonderful year, but there were definitely heartaches with relationships and alarming "growing up" confusion which {thankfully} many lessons have been learned to build up character instead of tearing it down. 
>>-----------------------> * <-----------------------<<
i thought it only proper to write down fond memories of this past year, but i live in the present now. it is like the little closing that pastor pat had told the church to-day {he closed the Daddy's message}, "it's good to make mistakes in the past and learn from them, but if we keep staring in the rear-view mirror in the car instead of ahead on the road, we are going to crash into something."
>>-----------------------> * <-----------------------<<
so here's to a new slate, dear journal, and a resolution I hope to keep. confine in you more often. 



6 : 21, evening.  


  1. That's a great quote your pastor said!!!

  2. it was very neat seeing your journal entry from today! thank you for sharing it, dear friend! ;)

  3. Bittersweet- Sometimes I feel this way too. Time goes by so fast- it's so precious... But still, I'm excited for 2012.

    And I like your pastor's quote. :)

    Thank you for sharing, and happy new year!

    - thinkgreen

  4. cheers! To a new year, a clean slate, and the chance to begin again.

    2011 has been perfectly bittersweet.

    Love you goose!

  5. Lovely post deary! I loved reading this sweet journal entry, I hope to see more of them soon. *smile*

    Love Always,

  6. how lovely! a new journal is always exciting :)

  7. This is simply lovely. I wrote down that quote. :)

  8. I really enjoyed reading an entry from your journal. I too love journaling. I try to write at least 3 times a week. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. I love journaling, but I never cqan find time to do so... Happy (belated) New Year, Grace!