Jan 16, 2012

just a few happy thoughts // and first vlog.

happy are the people who are in such a state; happy are the people whose God is Lord!!! 
{psalms 144:15}

// buttered corn bread and green tea // 
// the scent of oranges that evoke thoughts of summer // 
// simple moments that bring so much joy for years to come //
// cabinets and cubbies brimming with yarn //
// chocolate woolen socks that go up my knee // 
// music and photographs that make my heart sing // 
// dear friends I am blessed [and honored] to call sisters //
// a suit case ready for adventure // 

introducing my first vlog! despite the imperfections {I can't believe after the third attempts of being IN focus this came OUT of focus and ugh, I repeated myself a lot} I still hope you enjoy...

{and yes, this is my first ever Youtube Video. can you tell? *sheepish grin*}

{oh, please excuse the close up at the end. XP} 

have a question you would like to be included in a vlog? leave a note! 

happy monday, dear friends!

the keeper of the garden. 
[images via pinterest]


  1. I loved watching your vlog!! :) I'm in the process of making a vlog but like you said its not easy! :D

    Your blog is so beautiful and I always enjoy reading it!! Keep up the good work!! :D


  2. Hello Grace,
    I've been desperatly searching your blog because I happened to remember that, didn't you and Johanna (aka Old-Fashioned Girl) meet, and didn't one or both of you do a post about it?

    Has it ever happend where you remember something and then want to see exactly what it was you remember? Haha, well, anyways... if you did write that post and could find it easily, would you mind telling me the name of it or giving me the link?

    You have quite a large blog to search through, wow! =)

    Yours &c.,

    P.S. Sorry that this comment is totally off-topic. :-/

  3. I awarded you the Kreativ Blog Award!
    You can retrieve it here:


  4. Lovely vlog, deary. I loved your necklace. *wink*

  5. You have such a sweet voice! And I LOVE your room! It's so pretty! <3
    I really wish we lived in one neighborhood, because I'd love to sit down and have a talk with you! I have a feeling we'd have much to share! :)
    Have a very pleasant day!


  6. Grace! You don't know how wonderful it was to hear your voice for the first time! Your video was awesome and I loved being able to see your room and desk and books. Eep!

    Thanks ever so much dear for mentioning my little letter and blog in your vlog- it was so sweet of you. I'm wanting to do a vlog now...

    Love you so!

    p.s. has anyone ever told you that you are simply beautiful? Well, now you can say someone has ;-)

  7. Hey, loved the vlog!
    your desk is really cute! I wish I could have a desk in my room, but it's rather cramped with two sets of bunk beds!

  8. Great job on your first vlog, Miss Grace! I think the out-of-focus look is kinda cool! I would love to sponsor a giveaway if you would like me to! I am doing one for Miss Lauren at Spinning Barefoot and I would be honored to do one for you! Just let me know! You continue to write beautiful posts that make my day, so keep at it:)

    Miss Rachel aka The Hook in Hand Girl

  9. Thanks for doing this! It was really great to "meet" you. I'll be looking forward to more (?) in the future. I thought you did a great job. Hope you and your family have a lovely trip.


  10. oh, this was totally wonderful, Miss Grace! It was so lovely to hear your voice, and your room is lovely, especially your desk...
    I would love to have more vlogs from you! :)
    In Christ,

    p.s. I love your sidebangs :)

  11. Sweet. :) BTW, your voice sounds really nice on video! :)

    God bless,

    Proverbs 16:3

  12. Lovely vlog, Grace!! I loved seeing you and hearing your lovely voice and seeing your "blogging corner". I just love your room and your inspiration board is SO cool!

    Keep up the great work on your blog!!! It is so inspiring and refreshing!


  13. loved your vlog! it was soo neat, for a new follower, to 'meet' the wonderful, inspiring girl behind your writings through a video. maybe we'll be blessed with a few more..?
    keep up the posting!
    p.s. you are very beatiful! i love your hair. :)

  14. Thank you, girls, so SO much!!! I appreciate all your sweet words very much. ;)

    Yes, I will film another vlog soon.


  15. Hi Grace,
    I enjoyed watching your vlog. You have a sweet voice. :) Looking forward to your next vlog. :)

    P.S. I sent you a letter today. :)

  16. I know all about awkward videos and hating the way my voice sounds on recording, but yours is absolutely lovely! This was such a pleasure to watch, and I think you did a fantastic job! I love love love your room - are those ribbons twisted around the bed posts? It looks so cool!
    also. I think I maybe might have missed the post you were talking about? definitely going to click on the link now. oops. :)

  17. Hi Grace!

    Lovely vlog! It was lovely to hear your voice. ;). I thought it was a really sweet video. Don't be too hard on yourself, it was your first try.

    P.S Your voice doesn't sound bad at all! It sounds normal and soft:D

  18. Lovely photos, Grace. =) Just lovely.

  19. Your vlog was really cool :) It's interesting to hear the voice behind all the blog posts...

  20. Aww! I liked watching your vlog--it was so much fun to hear your voice/see your little "behind the scenes" corner. :) Your room is SO SO cute--wow, I love your desk/bed/everything. :) <3 Haha, aren't D3100's so hard to film with?? That's okay about the odd focus..I would have loved to see you more clearly, but I know personally how hard it is. ;) I have been thinking of doing a vlog..but I am just nervous. o.O Haha :) I'm..weird in front of the camera. :D




  21. I love your thoughts and writing! I am so happy you stopped by my blog so i could be blessed by yours!!! Your comment the other day was so sweet, or maybe it was last week. But it was so uplifting and I was so happy to hear from you. So thank you for that. Oh it was the post I wrote about talking to strangers etc..reaching out more, etc...accepting people etc..that's right , now i remember.
    So nice to meet you!

  22. Oh i love that bible verse too!