Jan 12, 2012

an in-between moment.

uninspired. that word haunts me, and unfortunately, describes my life as of late. a few posts line my draft inbox, but words...they just don't fit together to my satisfaction.

I feel like I'm caught in an in-between measure of time. an overwhelming whirlwind of studies, letters, writing, journaling, crafting, devotions - and I find myself often saying, "there just isn't enough time in the day." and then when I have a quiet moment {which are rare these days, as you know ;)}, my mind goes blank and word escape my grasp.  

{rather random picture ^^} 

busyness has a tight grasp on a person's life. my semester is ending in my studies with it a load of tests to study for following close behind, whilst my family and I are preparing to take a little trip somewhere that I hold very dear to my heart. waiting makes the adventure all the more exciting, but this upcoming week cannot pass by any faster. 

so life has been, well, life. an in-between moment. always waiting for the next sun to rise in hopes of a brighter day. 

love from your dull writer,
the keeper of the garden. 
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  1. Oh, goodness, Grace. I've been feeling exactly the same way. I'm in that in-between time. I've been busy with studies, chores, family, and just life in general, but I've been having trouble finding the words.

    Beautiful post.

    Have a lovely evening!

    In Christ,

  2. I'm going through the same sort of thing...not near enough time in the day to do all that you want to do, and those few spare moments we get are "dry" moments. Drives me nuts!

  3. I feel your pain my dear. Feeling un-inspired is the worst feeling ever. I always use those times to soak every feeling, surrounding, and moment up; that always helps. hoping you feel inspired very soon! (:

  4. Seriously, I know that myself and a lot of other people i know are having this problem right now. So much business we feel overwhelmed, and when free time makes itself available... totally blank.


  5. I can understand what you're going through my fiend.I'm on the same plane at the moment-the reason why i've taken so long to post.
    Trust me, it takes an effort to be an authentic blogger.But i'm trying to be one=)
    Your sis in Christ,
    Adeline Ashok

  6. Hey Grace, when I hit this block wall every once in a while... I find a project to do. Like, design some ones blog, make a journal,just go outside and do SOMETHING, go antique peeking. (it's too expensive to buy anything ;) ha) Knit, get inspired with a photo shoot. Hoped this helped :)

    Sophie :D

  7. that trip sounds lovely. maybe it'll be just what you need to be refreshed and get your inspiration back to a high. (:

    thank you for your dear words on my blog. i loved them. <3


  8. Don't worry goose! You're not the only one who has winter blues :-) When I do get the blues, I find that staying as busy as possible helps. Being more available to Mama for housework, making breakfast and supper for the whole family, babysitting, anything BUT my interests. If I consume myself too much in what I like to do, it gets lonely. After all, too much of a good thing can be bad :-)

    Hope you feel better soon!
    think of your,

  9. I am a new follower and i love what i have seen on your blog!
    you must be from the South, because of your dear Southern hospitality! oh, i love that part of my South. :)
    i have so many times been there too! i am so busy, and try to take note of everything (for a later time) but it seems it vanishes when i do have that time.
    beauttiful post.
    oh! i ADORE Paris and love that second picture sooo much!

  10. I think everyone feels this way... that's me right now.

    But thank goodness, I am going on a big international trip on Monday! Lots of pics & news to tell then. ;)

  11. I had to laugh and say, "wow, even her so called uninspired' posts are interesting and fun to read!" ;)
    I think we are given times like this, times when we feel utterly useless and non-creative so that we appreciate those other moments of creativity, etc, all the more. :)
    Make some of that apple cider, dear! ;)

    With love and prayers, The Lilac Bud Gal

  12. For everything there is a season... even a time to write, and a time to refrain from writing. I understand what you feel, and as the busy days pass, it makes us more content for the simple home days...

    May the Lord bless you this week, and fill you with peace.

    In Christ,


  13. Thank you so much, ladies, for the encouragement. You are all such a wonderful blessing!!!


  14. Its strange you are feeling this way too, I wrote a post about this just the day before yesterday, you said it beautifully. I haven't been able to describe how I have been feeling to my satisfaction. I hope you get your creative juice back soon, and I hope your week is peaceful as you plan your trip.
    rachel hope
    you can read my post here