Jan 15, 2012

a little piece of magic.

the world is thick with ice and dreary. my life is quiet, and in between moments, I ponder. my thoughts turning to dreaming of the future and of the memories in the past. and if I close my eyes and dream hard enough, I am there. 

*listen* I am surrounded by voices excited by the sights they encounter...perhaps for the 100th time or for the first in their life. I hear the train whistle in the background; the familiar classic tunes such as Hello, Dolly's "Put on your Sunday Shoes" and the Happiest Millionaire's toe-tapping "Fortuasity."                 
*blink* I see a blur made up of a million faces - young and old - their eyes lit with amazement and their lips curved into grins, beaming with delight....

I see balloons floating up and down the red-brick lane, bobbing gracefully on their colorful ribbons in the breeze. but there, in the distance is the sight that takes one's breath away...
the castle.  

and that's when it hits you that you have just entered into 'the happiest place on earth.' {okay, so maybe not the happiest place on earth because of all the screams and crying babies in the background but let's just move on okay? :D} 

too many things to do and sights to see, where do we start? 

// having tea at a mad party //
 // a mansion haunted with ghosts // 
// stepping into a world of stars // 
// the smell of cotton candy and coffee // 

// exploring a pirate's lair // 
// going on a jungle cruise // 
// watching the fireworks // 
// the sweetest taste of cotton candy // 
// sipping hot chocolate or eating an ice cream bar // 

// touring the stars // 
// fighting darth vador or jack sparrow // 
// hugging princess rapunzel // 
// diving under the sea to ariel's world // 
// watching alladin live // 
// beholding the world of color // 
// screamin' at california disney // 

a place of smiles and laughs and oohing. a place where memories truly did begin even from my mother's childhood to mine. a little piece of magic very close to my heart. 

where do your dreams take you? 

love as always,
the keeper of the garden.

// on my 2012 bucket list // 

[images via pinterest and weheartit.com]


  1. how lovely, grace! this is on my bucket list, as well. I've never been to disney world and it's always made me feel deprived...
    last night, I had a dream that I hiked across Canada :)

  2. What a lovely post.... and I have a slight {very slight, mind you} suspicion that your dreams are about to come true. *smile*

  3. @ Mary Ann, someday I should like to very much go to Disney World but since we live in California, the next best thing is Disneyland, right? :)

    @ Johanna...shhhh! yes, I do believe -er feel- something very magical is about to happen soon. *wink*

  4. ah...fun! I think if would be fun to go to Disney land someday...but not without you{and another special friend}. ;) are you two planning on meeting again soon? ;)

  5. We went to Disney World 4 1/2 years ago and we're planning on going in Dec 2012. I'm so excited about going again because I wasn't really into photography last time and Disney has sooo many photographic opportunities! Hopefully you can go soon. :)

  6. I never grew up with Disney, but right now, I have this love of Disney...ever since I watched Tangled...and would love to go to Disney World/Disney Land.

    p.s make sure to take pictures if you check off your bucket list. :)

  7. OOOHHH!! I wanna go to disneyland too! Always have. Probably won't go very soon though.

  8. that sounds fun! i've never been to disneyland, but i sure hope you can go!(: