Nov 16, 2011

the One who's knitting my life together.

it starts with a simple strand of yarn. perhaps, one may call it pretty but they would agree to call it insignificant by itself. yet when two simple needles, made of metal or wood, meet with the simple strand of yarn something beautiful happens.


*click, click, click* the captivating needles go. meticulously the hands of the knitter weaves the strand together, magically creating the yarn to dance across the needles. *click, click* with every stitch, with every skimming loop the artist places a bit of their soul into it. soon thereafter a skein, an insignificant strand of yarn is turned into a masterpiece. 

life is busy and most often time chaotic. when I can find a quiet moment to spare, I steal myself away to knit. there is something alluring about the way the needles repeatedly go back and forth creating a row; something comforting as the needles slip through the loops and click to the rhythm of my heart. 

and then, as I was weaving a bit of cotton yarn into a scarflette, I realized that knitting is like my life. it starts with a strand of yarn that the Maker takes and weaves, knowing that every strand - every insignificant strand - serves a purpose in His design.    

over the years, He knits and weaves a complex design by adding different strands to the ultimate masterpiece. perhaps, he adds a color we normally would not have chosen, soon seeing as time progresses the beauty of it and what we call an every-day, "blessing." He adds a new color that lasts perhaps but for a season that we would have normally kept. 

perhaps even sometimes we tend to think we can take the project into our own hands and mimic the design on our own, adding what we think is best. then realizing, what a tangled mess we knit together, we shamefully take it back to the Master once again allowing Him to knit our lives together. so goes our life. 

I often think to myself, I have knit so much....but He's only begun.
and only then when He breaths, "well done," we will know when the project is complete.

postscript :: I have returned from my blogging break! :) oh, and if you're stumped on handmade Christmas presents, be sure to visit my crafting blog.
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  1. goose! That was such a gorgeous post! I'm afraid I get unraveled easily and stitches drop all the time and then sometimes the there are way too many decreases in me... But King Jesus knows how to knit us back 2tog!
    love you!

  2. Grace, how can I tell you in mere words how you touched my soul tonight?

    I can try.

    This post was simply stunning.

    You have a talent with words dear, which I am afraid I can only hope to possess. A talent which gives a glimpse into your very heart. Thank you for sharing this small, treasured thought. I will remember it every time I hear the 'click' of my knitting needles.

    in Jesus,
    ~ Your Old-Fashioned Girl

  3. I really need to learn how to knit!

  4. I just found your blog via Old Fashioned Girl. This is a beautiful post! It touched my heart. Being a knitter, I'm sure I'll remember your words each time I pick up a pattern and knit.

  5. Miss Grace, this is a simply lovely post! I just love the analogy. :)

  6. This is such a well written post... What a lovely analogy. It'll be something to think about every time I knit now. I love knitting, and this thought just makes it better!