Nov 29, 2011

life as of late.

sometimes words are longed to be typed on a blank white canvas. sometimes photographs beckon to be taken. and it's at those right moments, I sit and write and snap and click "publish," sharing with the world my simple story that I claim as my own. 

>> life. has been quiet. sometimes there are points in life when one simply sits back and rests. life has been good. quiet. simple. perhaps, not a flow of inspiration but my hands have been busying themselves with gifts instead of words, but I thank the Lord everyday that there are those sweet, blissful moments when one can simply and peacefully rest in Him. 

>> a season of thanksgiving. thanksgiving festivities have settled down, and life has returned to normal with it's steady rhythm. thanksgiving was a quiet affair, filled with good food, crimson starbuck cups, car trips, and a breath-taking ocean views. for you see, our Californian holidays are spent a little differently than that of the lovely concepts of frost-bitten afternoons as a turkey roasts in the oven. 

the next day was spent shopping for clothing and gifts. after leaving our beloved thanksgiving retreat, we returned home with parcels of grey cozy cowls for the winter months, hot chocolate kits for neighbors, chocolates for extra sweet treats in packages, etc. indeed, 'twas refreshing to get away and smell the salt-spray of the sea, and a treat to rest from school.

>> change. holidays are wonderful but albeit too short. thanksgiving break is now a distant memory, but 'tis a comfort to know that a cheerful days filled with warmth and family and traditions loom on the horizon filled with scents of cinnamon and anise, warmth from the oven, and flames dancing cheerfully in the hearth. bidding farewell to beautiful autumn, we now slip into a season of celebration.

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>> to craft. baker's twine. striped brown paper. ribbon. cardstock. and of course listening to celtic women's heavenly voices in the background.
spare time has been devoted to wrapping christmas presents, hand-knit earlier this october. honestly readers, if you can get a head leap on christmas gifts next year, do! 'tis so rewarding!    

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soon traditional decorations will be put up on the tree along with garlands and lights, and presents wrapped in brown paper and twine will be tucked neatly under the tree. vine street {annual community get-together} is quickly approaching, along with visits from family up north - all the the beat of celtic woman's O Holy Night. the countdown to christmas has begun, and 'tis most definitely starting to feel a lot like christmas.

{^^can you not tell I love pomegranates?^^} 

what are you looking forward to these up coming weeks?

the keeper of the garden.
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  1. I love seeing your photos!
    I am looking forward to finishing and wrapping Christmas gifts and spending more time baking. With Christmas music as a never-ending soundtrack, of course. :)

  2. I love the post you posted! Also your new blog design! Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. I guess I'm most looking forward to Christmas shopping! Usually, by December I would have bought/made and wrapped all my gifts, but coming up with ideas proved to be a bit tricky this year.
    I love your photos, by the way! :)

  4. I LOVE pomegranates too!
    Cute blog!