Nov 15, 2011

add a little whimsy | make life a fairytale.

it's in the little things. in our thoughts. in our dreams. in our fancies. in our memories. 

perhaps, sometimes it's the way the sun gleams upon a bit of grass or draping across the treetops. 

sometimes it's the rustling of the breeze brushing through the willow's quivering branches. 

sometimes it's a blossom or two of early spring adorning a bare branch...

...or a myriad of blossoms in a meadow. 

sometimes it's the reflection in the water. 

sometimes it's a bit of lace or ribbon flitting, twirling about.

sometimes it's the feeling when you listen to the ocean thunder....

...or the silence that overcomes the evening. 

sometimes it's the way the water ripples.

sometimes it's in the gentle rain...

...or on a quiet sunny day. 

sometimes it's the way the lights flicker when eventide falls...

sometimes it's in color.

sometimes it's in black and white.

no matter where it is found or what it might be, it's the little things found in our busy, confusing life that make us stop and sigh, connecting us to a world past our own, a world of vivid imagination. 
it's the little things that make life beautiful. 

add a little whimsy | make life a beautiful fairy tale. 

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  1. this post was so relaxing for me to read. Thanks for being who you are Grace!

  2. Goregous pictures =) I love the dresses

  3. That was beautiful! Thank you so much!

  4. I know some of these photographers on Flickr. Wonderful selection.