Nov 27, 2011

wylde ivy product review.

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it's amazing how scents can transport you to a place or pull a memory from your mind. wylde ivy esty shop is filled with the most wonderful scents to transport you to beautiful places.  

remember the lovely sponsor I had during the autumn event last month? well, ashlee, the shop owner kindly allowed me to do a review on a few of her products from her shop, and most generously sent two of the loveliest products as well as two heavenly samples which make me swoon whenever I catch a subtle scent from them. :) 

the day the package arrived, I was just about to go out the door to join my neighbor's birthday party celebrations, when my neighbor and her friends came up my path and handed me a package addressed to me. excitement washed over me and I quickly ripped through the packaging. in an instant, a lovely aroma surrounded me as if packaging itself was saturated in a beautiful perfume.

inside I found two big treasures nestled in the white paper packaging. one of which was...

this lovely bella vanilla perfume!!!

now, I am not one who wheres perfumes that often, as my mother cannot handle strong artificial scents {and I have grown to be the same}, but this perfume was different. when I sprayed a bit it permeated the room with warmth and a tingly, sugary aroma filled with a most beautiful vanilla scent. it took a lot of self-control to NOT use a great amount of it. :) 

this perfume is made of extremely fine quality and is long-lasting. sometimes I steal a drop in the morning and can still smell the wonderful aroma by the end of the evening. 

if this one perfume smells this good, I hope to purchase a few of her others someday for gifts or perhaps, for myself. ;) 

to my complete surprise, ashlee also included one of her body scrubs in my favorite scent : lavender. 

mama and I are very fond of soaking our feet in the bathtub on cold winter's nights, thus 'twas a treat to try this in our soaks...

the sugar scrub is for the whole body, thus I tried a bit on my face one evening, and my skin felt so soft. the scent is alluring, filled with both a creamy vanilla and a lovely lavender scent. 

to top it off, she also sent me two samples of her "forgotten rose" and "she walked delicately" oils and perfume. the rose is amazing, and ashlee beautifully accomplished the art of bottling the scent of roses, for whenever I open the petite bottle I am transported back to summer days filled with sunshine and lots of dew covered roses. 

and lastly, but certainly not the least, "she walked delicately" was a simply wonderful aroma. dark and a bit alluring it reminded me of a twilight evening walking in the forest infused with a hint of jassmine. 

from the bottom of my heart I give my thanks to you ashlee, for generously sending the loveliest products. 
I will definitely be saving up a bit of money to purchase from you soon. :) 

:: why you need to purchase from wylde ivy :: 

{one} the shipping was incredibly fast {only two days!} thus it's perfect for last minute Christmas gifts. 
{two} her products are made of extremely fine quality and are long lasting. 
Wylde Ivy perfumes are super concentrated perfume oils dispersed in professional perfumer’s alcohol. These alcohol-based sprays are concentrated and very long lasting.{from a product listing} 
{three} her scents are so enchanting that you and your friends will love her products, making the perfect Christmas gifts for friends! 
{four} she is having a sale right now, so you would be saving money!!! :) 

be sure to add her shop to your favorites!

happy sunday, friends!
the keeper of the garden. 


  1. Oh...I just looked at her shop and it looks perfectly delightful! I am going to save up so that I can buy a bottle or two soon. ;)
    Thank you for sharing your review!

    Lots of love,

  2. Thank you so much, dear! I really enjoy your blog. It was actually the second blog that I ever followed. :) My e-mail is knittingphotography (at) gmail (dot) com.