Nov 4, 2011

no rain // no rainbows.

 //scene one//
{curtain rises. girl enters from stage right [[audience's left]], rushing to the stage left window}.

>>  as I type, grey clouds huddle together. their own heads like grey umbrellas waiting for the downpour. the sky bends low. dark and looming they quiver in the icy wind.

>> between storms sun rays dance only but for a moment. the wind shakes the glass pane beside me. the spicy pines bend in reverence of the strong gusts. 

>> a torrent of drops cascade from the heavens. I curl up onto my quilted bed beside a purring cat embracing the scene. how small i feel as the drops dances before my eyes. outside my window.  

>> the sun shines through. the drops glimmer like diamonds. softly the rain begins again. how quickly then it begins to fall! 

>> low! it stops. silence overtakes. not a quiver nor a drop. beyond in the distance a pale speck of blue peeps through. stark contrast against the sober grey. sun once again makes her presence, more vibrant than before. clouds once again attempt to end her stream of gold.

>> again she falls! softly, gently she falls. kissing everything in her path, cleansing every tree, blade of grass, rooftop, road, and flower. a feeling of excitement bubbles within my heart as I watch Him wash the world.  

>> oh, rain! how I love your sound! your soft patter on cat's feet upon the roof. the gentle *ping* *tink* of your drops upon metal. like a perfectly harmonized symphony you fall. 

>> oh, rain! how I love your scent! the sweet dew upon the spicy pine. upon the broken street. upon the newly sprung grass. a world cleansed and brand new. if I could preserve your scent, spring I would name it. heavenly spring indeed.  

>> a chill hangs in the air. mama calls me away from the window and I must bid your the brilliant spectacle taking place outside my window, my very own window, a "fair thee well." the sun triumphantly conquers the clouds, reflecting ones as pure white as cotton. and I glance longingly out the window, whispering to myself before shutting the door, "come again rain! come again soon." 
{girl exits from stage right, closing door. curtain closes} 

// end of scene // 

| i like the smell. i like the sound. i like the breeze howling as it pours. i like to see the way the drops swirl and dance in sheets, creating a veil of beauty. i <3 rain. i not only like the mere sight of it, but what it symbolizes as well. 

have you ever noticed how radiant the sun shines after a dark storm? how so much more beautifully it looks to your eyes then when the storm first began? that is because we appreciate the sunshine more. so goes the troubles in this life. 

life is going to be filled with tears. whether of joy or sorrow they are going to fall. there are going to be days filled with turbulent drops of rain, and clouds blocking out the sunshine. there are going to be sheets of rain pouring down on you, and you will think you have lost sight of the light. and then, just when hope is lost the sun beams down more radiantly than before, revealing a band of vibrant colors against a bluer sky, and you are at peace. 

for without rain we would not grow. and without raindrops there would be no brilliant rainbows in this life.   

sealed with love from a girl enjoying the rain,

postscript :: yes, miss johanna wrote a post on the rain as well before me this morning, but I promise that these writings are my own ideas. we both have been experiencing huge storms {mine has subsided} of rain on the west coast, and we both love the blessing of rain that it brings. then again, I suppose great minds think alike? :)
{pictures via pinterest}


  1. ohh.. Grace. This was so beautifully written that I let out a dreamy sigh at the end... I adore rain!

    p.s I love the painted clouds and raindrops over the bed..

  2. Lovely post Miss Grace.
    Rachel Hope

  3. a beautiful written post as always, Grace! I was wondering, I haven't seen many pictures around here, are you still using your camera? just wondering - I <3 seeing your stunning photos.

  4. Lovely post, Miss Grace! I too love the rain...
    p.s. I thought I noticed a theme with you and Miss Johanna. :)

  5. Oh dear... I'm afraid I quite envy you for all the rain you're getting :-) Would you believe, here, that we didn't get even an INCH of rain until it reached August! God did bless Texas however, the day after Governor Perry asked the people of TX to pray for rain. God's hand is a might thing to behold...
    love you!

  6. Ah, I too love the rain! Where I live in Texas we have finally been enjoying some rain since this blessed season of autumn began!!!


  7. Grace...

    How did you get that scrolling to top button?