Nov 2, 2011

a simply old-fashion heart.

i dream of an era filled with elegance and all sorts of  whimsiness filled with...

porcelain tea cups adorning a silver tray...

lacy gloves and straw hats tied with ribbons...

lavender silk ball gown with mother-of-pearl buttons...                                                                                                               

lace dripping down a gown made of blue...     

pearls and feminine trinkets that tell stories of the past...

handkerchiefs hand-embroidered with silk ribbon and french knots...   

letters in calligraphy script, the scent of lavender and roses sticking to the aged parchment... 

garden parties being hosted below a canopy of spring blossoms...

cream colored collars...

trinkets, letters, and objects hold secrets and tell of the fascinating lifestyle of the past. young ladies just like you and I who dreamed the same dreams, love the same feminine objects, aspired to be the best they could be.
 whenever I step into a small antique shop, my heart sighs aloud as I gingerly finger the little trinkets that have survived the past. each holds a secret. each tells a story. 

do you stop to listen? 

with sincere love,
a simply old-fashioned heart. 

{all photographs via pinterest}


  1. Lovely photos! I really like the third one! :)

  2. Ah yes, you are much more old-fashioned than me, I'm afraid. As much as I love Vintage things and history, I am also quite in love with many modern things... :)

  3. "another reminder that we're here [the 21st century] and not there..."
    *groans* why oh why couldn't I have been born in the Edwardian period? But I am nearly convinced that heaven will be very close to the Jane Austen period- except better! {May I have the first dance with you there dear}?
    A kindred old fashioned heart

  4. As the daughter of an antique dealer, I've grown up trying to imagine the stories behind the things I've seen. It's a fascinating thing to think about.

    Also makes you think about how our left over possessions will be viewed in the future.

  5. I think I should've been born a couple hundred years ago. Life was much simpler, and I prefer the beauty of the simplicity. People were far more relaxed, less stress.
    Those pictures are gorgeous, I want that blue gown =)

  6. Grace, I simply love the photos in this post! And what you said about everything holding its own secret and having a story to tell of its own is so true. I'm always finding myself imagining what the history behind different old things are.