Nov 8, 2011


well, do you have some of those days where you can't be who you wanna be...~sleep by plumb

>> for hours, i sit there. at the desk with pen in hand or fingers upon a the typewriter I tap against a white canvas. my pen tickles my chin fingers glide over the typewriter's sober black keys making a slight *click.* the sound furthers my frustration and I sigh, shaking my head ruefully. 

>> beauty in so many things. autumn. photography. words. yet they taunt me by keeping out of my grasp. my page filled to the brim with ideas but words teasingly evade me.  

>> the key to inspiration fits but the lock will not budge. I am missing something. wearily, I throw myself upon my quilted bed and close my eyes and sigh, gingerly fingering the textures stitches woven throughout my comforter. the subtle scent of lavender clinging to the cotton sheets greet me, and I welcome the rest and the relief that it brings. 

>> my dear friend, the wind, rattles my window. my curiosity pricked, I quickly don my crimson scarf and camera answering the call...a world of beauty transformed in november's cloak opens before me. the breeze whispers a secret through the boughs responding in a shower of ginger and scarlet leaves twirling around me. and I embrace it.

>> my fingers ach to click the well-known shutter. *click, click* within seconds a memory that holds a thousand words and emotions, captured for a life time.drinking in the crisp air and the golden stream of sunshine I breath out happily singing to myself, "oh, happy autumn day!"


>> autumn is fleeting. time is fleeting. soon thanksgiving shall be upon us and then christmas. the thought is unbelievable. what a beautiful world unfolds outside my window waiting to be explored and experienced. time in front of this computer will not give me that experience.

I need to reflect upon my life. the words, "I am fifteen," keep whispering in my ear. where is my life going? the question often enters my mind. tending my garden has become somewhat of a chore. I do so love writing for you, dear readers, to inspire and to express my creativity through writing, but inspiration is coming slowly  to me, and I feel that blogging is a bit dry at the moment. I had my season filled with many posts flowing from my typewriter, but it's slowly coming to a trickle.

and so I am saying farewell to my garden but for awhile. I shall be returning soon. my garden shall be in the process of preparing for the colder months. designs shall be put up for the yuletide. when january's icy grip settles in, straw must be laid down as beds must be prepared for springtime...a thought so far away. the last of the summer weeds {blogs that I do not often visit} shall be pulled. a giveaway shall be posted when my current one end later this week. my writings shall be recorded in my faithful journal when inspiration dawns on me and will be posted at a later date.

what time is devoted to my blog, will be focused more on my handmade christmas endeavors and my yearly old-fashion handmade christmas event {hosted at my crafting parlor} everyone must join! starting next week {a week earlier than planned} I shall be posting handmade tutorials and gift ideas, recipes, etsy treasuries, and link up's to inspire your christmas gift making!

until then, my dear readers! how I shall miss you!

sealed with love,
the keeper of the garden.
be sure to join my...

 starting next week!


  1. I shall miss you, dear friend. But you have a lovely time taking a rest. We all need it.

  2. Well my dear, I shall miss you sorely. Tis' sad to see you off but you will come back of course. I can understand needing that little *rest*... in fact I was considered leaving my dear little blog for a month or 2 while- just to reevaluate who I am a bit and what exactly my blog is :-)
    Fare thee well dear heart!

  3. Farewell, dear girl! I hope you are able to get your much- needed rest. I will miss seeing you on this blog but will be sure to check out your crafting blog in your absence here. I have yet to visit there before and am excited to see what little sweet & simple treasures it is sure to hold!
    I love you & shall anxiously await your return!


  4. So is your Handmade Christmas going to be on your crafting blog or this blog?

    I do follow both, by the way. ;)

    And your letter is next to be responded to on my stack!

  5. I will miss reading your lovely posts so much! But I understand. :)
    I am very excited to hear that your Christmas event is starting a week earlier than planned! I can't wait. :)

  6. yep... Ieither feel really creative where I could work & work for hours & hours...or I got nothing ... lol. Enjoy your break~!