Sep 30, 2010

Interview with Miss Samantha from Simple Delights!

Good day, dear readers! How good it was of you to stop by on this lovely sunny day!

To-day's interview is with a very creative young lady and is nearly always posting a new craft she is currently working on!
I do not really know how I stumbled upon Miss Samantha's blog, but I must say that I have enjoyed each of her posts ever since I started following her!:)

~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Miss Samantha: To be totally honest, the main reason I started my blog was because I loved all of the cute layouts and backgrounds bloggers were offered! Silly, I know, but that is why. Since then I have "matured" (smile) a little and have had lots of fun writing for my blog, not just changing the backgrounds. I started my blog mid-February last year.

Grace: What is the most enjoyable part about blogging?

I love meeting so many other young ladies who share similiar interests as I. Though we've never physically met each other, I feel like I've know many of these girls for a long time. Everyone is so encouraging, friendly and sweet and it has been a joy getting to "know" each and every one of my followers.

Grace: What are readers most likely to find at your blog?

My readers will find recipes, tags, pictures, articles on historic clothing, and more. I hope to soon add movie reviews from a Christian perspective, Bible memory verse of the Week, recipe contests, and more.

Grace: One word that describes your personality and why?

Miss Samantha: Definitely Creative! I am the family crafter, party planner, decorater, card maker, etc!!

Grace: Give us a little insight into your life.

Miss Samantha: Each morning I try to be up by 7:30/8:00. I read the Bible and do morning routines until 9:00 when I try to start school ( I don't always make that goal, but I am working on it!). I work on school until lunchtime, unless it is Monday or Wednesday, when I work as a piano accompanist for a few hours at a local middle school. On those days I just fit in my schoolwork wherever I can! Otherwise I usually finish up school by 2:30 and practice my piano, blog, spend time outside, etc. until dinnertime, when my sister and I usually help our mom get dinner together. After dinner we spend time as a family reading, watching movies, doing devotions, etc.

Grace: What are some of your hobbies/interests?

Miss Samantha: I love to play the piano, craft, blog, read, spend time out of doors and cook/bake.

Grace: Tell us a little about your walk with Christ.

Miss Samantha: I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I have been saved since a young age, but it wasn't until the last few year that I have really grown in my understanding of God's love and what it means to be Christian. I still have a long way to go, but I serve a mighty God who never gives up on me and will always strengthen me for the journey ahead.

Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you, Samantha!

Now, dear readers, do visit Miss Samantha's blog, for I know you will enjoy her dear posts!

Many Blessings,

Sep 29, 2010

My 130th Post and Future Plans!

Dearest Readers,

This is my 130th post!!!

Well, I was promising you a giveaway, but seeing as how SO many giveaways are being held at this time (in celebration of fall), I think I will be postponing it for a little while. And besides, I want to have a really big post for my 150th which is only 20 posts away!;) So here's what I am keeping in mind:

1. A giveaway of course:)

2. Around the beginning of December/end of November (just a little before Christmastime) I want to host a blog party called an Old Fashion Christmas, where young ladies can post their present handmade Christmas projects on their blogs (and tutorials would be amazing!), so other ladies (who are stumped when it comes to handmade presents) can get ideas of what to make! I am also thinking of hosting another giveaway at the end of that event. However, that's a long ways from now (but approaching quickly:).

3. In January, (I know it's thinking REALLY ahead) I want to do something like what Eden from 'Growing in Him' does during the autumn season, by sending hand crocheted/knit scarves and hats to children in other countries only I will be sending them to China! (Note: I want to do it after the busyness of the holidays subside)
My family is all ready connected with a group in China, and we know a girl about my age (I think a little older) over there. You, dear readers, would join me in making crochet or knit hats and scarves, and my homeschool group friends could help too. The homeschool girls who do not know how to knit or crochet could get together with the girls who knew how, and it could be like lessons, but the projects we make will be going to a good cause!!!

Anywho, I do hope that all of you are having a simply lovely day!

Many Blessings,
Grace (The girl who is seriously thinking ahead:)

Sep 26, 2010

Interview #6! Bess from Bess's Bag!!!

Dearest Readers,

I am so sorry I did not post this sooner. My little niece has been occupying my time over this weekend, and I am planning that surprise I was telling you about!:)

Today's interview is with one of my very special friends, whom has been one of my first followers. She is a very sweet, kind, tender-hearted young lady with a whole heart for the Lord. She has definitely been an amazing and encouraging sister in Christ whom I am very thankful for!

(Click the picture to go to her blog:)

Bess is a very kind girl sharing the love of the Lord and has a heart like that of a sweet sister. Bess was one of my first followers, and she interviewed me at her blog (where I obtained this idea).

~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to create a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Bess: I was inspired to start Bess’ Bag for many reasons, but - on the whole - the main reason was to provide a safe place for girls to be encouraged in their walks with their heavenly Daddy. I started the blog about 9 months after graduating from college, so I’m a big sis to most of my teenage readers, & I love that I can share my experiences with them…cause, more likely than not, as girls we’ve shared many of the same feelings, hopes, & troubles. Bess’ Bag’s been up & running since February 15, 2010. (Yes, the day after Valentine’s!)

Grace: What has been the best part about blogging?

Bess: I have a heart for writing – so I love the fact that I can pen something, put it up on the blog, & have people from all over this wide world read it! That’s amazing to me…& even more amazing is when girls leave notes saying how they’ve been encouraged by what they’ve read at Bess’ Bag! That’s the most incredible! As you can see, I love comments, too!

Grace: What will readers most likely find at your blog?

Bess: Readers can expect to find modest fashion advice, crafty tutorials, purity talks, Christian encouragement, & more at Bess’ Bag. In addition, every month there is a new Girl Talk Poll to vote on, a memory verse to memorize with me, new tunes, so turn up your speakers + new Songs of the Moment. The Prayer Line was also recently added to the sidebar, so girls can feel free to turn in their requests – I encourage my readers who feel led to do so to help pray for those on the Prayer Line with me. Perhaps the newest addition is Bess’ Bag: The Boutique, a place to shop for items especially chosen for my readers (by me=). Each purchase is through & helps support the blog!

Grace: Give us a little insight on your life.

Bess: Well, I’m a Christian 20-something girl with a college degree, who’s sort of searching for her place in the world at the moment. I truly want to walk God’s path wherever it leads, but it seems hard to find His trail sometimes. I’m one of those who came out of college with much excitement, ready for my new life to begin…& it just didn’t go as planned. This year I was able to land a temporary position in the area I went to school for. I was so thankful to God for this chance. But after a couple weeks more changes came when the budget wasn’t what was expected, & I was cut from that job to a part-time one. It feels as if I had my foot in the door, only to have it slammed on. I’m still trusting God, though some days it isn’t easy, but He’s in control & loves me & has some plan in mind (I just wish I could see it right now). I’m also a single girl who finds completion in Christ. I’m waiting patiently to see whether my story involves a dashing prince. I hope it does. God’s will be done.

Grace: One word that would describe your personality?

Bess: Winsome (I’m striving for it at least!)

Grace: Tell us a little about your walk with Christ

Bess: I grew up in a loving Christian home with godly parents (such a HUGE blessing that I don’t take for granted), but I didn’t accept Christ until I was 16. I knew I needed to accept Him to have freedom & the hope of everlasting life, but I wasn’t willing to give up control or take those steps up the center aisle at church. Finally, I saw clearly that I needed Christ in my life & I was baptized that very night. This walk with the King of Kings isn’t always easy, but this I do know for sure: walking this earthly soil without Him would be worse. He’s what gets me through it all.

So go visit BESS'S BAG for her blog is always full of fashion, fun, crafts, and so much more! Who knows what you will find in her bag!:)

To Bess, you have been an immense blessing in my life. I hope that the Lord blesses you immensely. Continue to shine your light for Him, dearest friend!

Many Blessings to you All,

Sep 23, 2010

Another Fall Giveaway!

Miss Lauren from

is hosting the most lovely giveaway!!!! So click the banner below to enter for the wonderful treats she is offering from her Etsy!

Sep 22, 2010

Fall Blog Party!!!

Below the Plateau is hosting a wonderful autumn blog party with some AWESOME giveaway prizes from Etsy shop owners!:) So go check it out HERE.

1. Ring! Ring! You receive a phone call from a national sweepstakes organization saying that you have won a life-time supply of your favorite beverage!! What would that drink be?
Hmmm...that would be hard. Um....I really like Italian soda or a chai latte every day!:)

2. If you could live in a Jane Austen novel, which book would you pick? What character would you be?

Emma!!! Most definitely! Although I would like to be in Emma's position in society, I like Miss Elizabeth Bennett the most.

3. What is your theme song, that favorite song that absolutely matches you?

Well, I suppose Amazing Grace?:) A lot of people definitely say that, probably half the time teasing me though:)

4. You are trapped on a deserted island. Your only supplies are the clothes you have on, and a box with five things in it. What are those five things?

Do you want me to be sensible? Okay here are my five sensible items:

1. a water

2. knife

3. my glasses (I just saw something on TV where the woman made a fire with someone's glasses and it was not a joke!:)

4. I guess something to make a fire with

5. Food such as protein bars and such (even though I despise them:)

Here are five insensible things that I "could not live without:)"

1. A good book

2. my lemonade

3. My bathing suit (gotta have some fun while your at it:)

4. Sunglasses and sun screen

5. One of those blow up raft thingys

5. Chocolate or Caramel?
Most definitely Chocolate! Dark Chocolate to be precise (notice I capitalized chocolate;)

6. Vacation! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would go to Europe, New Zealand, or Canada!

7. If forced to do one of the two, which would you do: sky diving or scuba diving? Why?
Totally NOT sky diving!!! I am absolutely afraid of heights (not really afraid, but afraid as in safety afraid) and especially free-falling like that. Except I like Tower of Terror at Disneyland...hmph....there's something wrong with that picture:) Anyways, I am pretty fascinated of the ocean, so scuba diving it is!

8. Favorite TV show, and why?
I HEART the Duggars! 19 Kids in Counting is so good. You all should watch it every Tues. night at 9:00 pm.
So I'll go with Below the Plateau's original answer:)

9. Are you a coffee and doughnuts sorta lady, or a tea and scones type of gal?
Um...tea and scones and sugar please! I am really old-fashion so that shouldn't be a debate. Hands down tea and cranberry scones!:)

10.The time machine has finally been created, and you are the first to be able to use it! What era would you travel too?
Victorian or Regency era. Course hopefully when I am transported I will know the proper words and ways.

11. What is the last movie you watched?
Therese' It was a Catholic film and pretty interesting...

12. Ding-dong!!! Your favorite actor/singer/celebrity is at your front door! Who would it be?
Oh, my goodness! Mother is my hair okay! Shall I open it?! Eeep!!! I cannot believe it is you.....probably the Road to Avonlea cast or the new 2009 version of Emma cast. I LOVE that movie!!!

13. What was your absolute favorite toy as a baby?

That's hard. I really do not baby doll?

14. What types of blogs do your like best? (examples: DIY, cooking, journal, ect.)
I love blogs that have simple, hand sewn project tutorials. I also like recipes and photography!

15. What is your favorite Bible verse, your "life verse?"

That's really hard to say! I really like Proverbs 31!:)

So go check out the blog party!!!

Oh, and by the way happy first day of fall!!! Can you believe it is that time all ready?!

Sep 21, 2010

Another giveaway!


Awel is having an amazing giveaway! I LOVE her designs! Click the button to visit her!

Sep 20, 2010

Giveaways Gaylor!!!

My goodness! There are SO many giveaways right now!!!! Here are a few:

Miss Eden from Growing in Him is giving away two patterns from Marie Madeline Studios and a lovely book as well to another reader. Check out her giveaway HERE!

Miss Lindsay from Content in Christ is giving away two items as well, a lovely chocolatey brown scarf (perfect for autumn), and a pair of earrings from a few different etsy shops. Her giveaway is HERE!!!
Content in Christ

Miss Amanda over at Farmgirl Writes is giving away your choice of a Da Vinci bracelet or tear-drop necklace! Check out her giveaway HERE!

AND Pioneer Beauty is giving away ONE HUNDRED dollars for Marie Madeline Studios!!!!

Click HERE for this amazing giveaway that YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS. And it's ending to-night so hurry up!!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!
Love in Christ,

Sep 19, 2010

Interview #5!!! Miss Sereina from Sereina's Photography!!!

(Photographs taken by Sereina of Sereina's Photography. Copied by permission for interview use)
Dearest Readers,
Today's interview is with a very talented young lady who has a heart for God and for capturing His nature's beauty within the lens.
Isn't her photography stunning?
These are some of my favourites (though it is really hard to chose them:)!
Miss Sereina is a very sweet young lady with a wonderful talent for capturing beauty with photography! Each of her photographs are unique and always bring cheer and happiness to one's heart just by looking at them!!!:)

~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to create a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Miss Sereina: When I started really getting into photography, I decided to make a blog to share my pictures with my friends. I have a personal blog that I started over three years ago, but Sereina Charise Photography has only been around about nine months.

Grace: What is the most enjoyable thing about blogging?

Miss Sereina: I love getting to know other young Christian ladies that blog. There are so many wonderful blogs, written by some amazing girls.

How long have you been interested in photography?

Miss Sereina: I've been interested in photography for pretty much as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I loved to use our families point-and-shoot, and would fill it up with pictures of my siblings and items around the house. I got even more interested once I started using my parents dSLR. Now I use it more than my parents do!

Grace: Other than photography, what are some of you interests/hobbies?

Miss Sereina: I have several other hobbies I enjoy. Crafting is something I really love to do. I've been known to scrapbook, make cards, do origami, sew, and do pretty much anything creative I can think of. Baking is also something I enjoy, cookies being my favorite.

Grace: One word that would describe your personality?

Miss Sereina: Hmmm... Probably creative. I'm always coming up with different and fun ways to to things. :)

Grace: Give us a little insight into your life.

Miss Sereina: Most days are spent doing school work, just about anything photography related, and doing creative things. Often times, I'll listen to Swing Music while doing my math. :) I also spend quite a bit of time taking photos, editing them, blogging them, and researching anything related to photography. I also go to to a co-op twice a week, where I'm taking several classes.

Grace: Tell us a little bit about your walk with Christ.

Miss Sereina: I've been a Christan most of my life, growing up in a Christian family. But I wasn't till this past six months or so that I've grown closer to God. Many of the blogs I started following encouraged we to grow closer to him. I'm very thankful for that. :)

I encourage you to go visit Miss Seriena's photography blog, and I can say without a doubt that you will be glad you did!!!
Sereina's Photography
Hope all are having a lovely autumn evening!
Your's in Christ,

Sep 18, 2010

Interview #4! Miss Jenna from Where the Heart Remains!!!

Today's interview is with a very special friend of mine, Miss Jenna of Where the Heart Remains. She has a very sweet blog, being such a sweet young lady that she is, and welcomes all who visits her.

Miss Jenna is a very sweet, Godly young lady who has a heart for the Lord and her family. It has been such a blessing to know such a lovely girl.

~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to create a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Miss Jenna: My dear friend Lauren, from A Corner Pillar, introduced me to blogging. She knew that I would greatly enjoy meeting other Christian girls, and becoming friends with them through the Internet. I am so thankful that she recommended me to start a blog of my own. It has been so wonderful to post about my daily life, and also to be able to encourage young ladies in Christ!
I have been blogging since November 2009, and it has been one of the greatest experiences.

Grace: What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Miss Jenna: I enjoy blogging because I am able to "meet" other like-minded young ladies. It is very encouraging to read sweet blogs, written by my sisters in Christ. I also enjoy the kind comments that my followers leave me... It warms my heart to know that other's are enjoying my blog!

Grace: What will readers most likely find at your blog?

Miss Jenna: I have a true passion for photography, and I just love capturing God's beautiful creation with my camera. So, most likely, you will find quite a few photographs! I also love posting about my family life and about my Heavenly Father!

Grace: Give us a short peek into your life.

Miss Jenna: I am blessed with two wonderful, Christian parents, who have been happily married for 20 years now. I have one older brother, Tyler (16), and one younger sister, Jessa (4), who we adopted from China. I am almost 15 years old, and am in the ninth grade. I feel beyond blessed to be home educated by my dear mother. I spend my weekdays doing school, enjoying time with my family, and pursuing my many interests...

Grace: What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Miss Jenna: Some of my hobbies and interests include photography, sewing, reading, baking, blogging, scrapbooking and learning about my Savior, Jesus!

Grace: Tell us one word that would describe your personality.
Miss Jenna: Creative! I love being creative in all that I do!

Grace: Tell us a bit of what your walk with the Lord is like.

Miss Jenna: My main goal in life is to please and serve the Lord with my whole heart. God has helped me throughout my life, and I am so thankful to Him. I try to study God's Word as often as I can, because I know that I can benefit from it greatly! Knowing Jesus has really helped me get through the rough bumps in life, and it has also given me so much joy! My family is very close with the Lord, and we continually ask for His guidance and direction!
"With God all things are possible."
~Matthew 19:26~
Miss Jenna: Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed on your lovely blog. You are such a wonderful young lady, and I am so thankful to call you my friend and sister in Christ. Continue to shine your light for him, dearest!

And thank you dear Jenna, for allowing me to interview you!
Jenna, You are a wonderful friend and sister in Christ! Know that you are a dear, dear blessing to those near you (and on the other side of the country).
May the Lord continue to shine his light upon you and your family!

And to you, dear readers, I greatly encourage you to visit Miss Jenna's sweet blog where your heart will forever remain.
With much love and many blessings to you all,
P.S. Please vote on my poll, for I am planning a little surprise here in my garden walk....:)

Sep 17, 2010

Interview #3! Miriam from Maidens of Virtue!

Dear Readers,
I am so sorry I did not post this last night! Today's interview is with one of my dear friends, and one of the first people I met through the blogging world. I feel very blessed to know this girl, and I do think you will enjoy her blog!
I really do not remember how I stumbled upon Miriam's sweet blog. All I know, is I am very glad I did:). Dearest Miriam is a very sweet, and Godly young maiden.

~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Miss Miriam: My sister,Sarah inspired me to start a blog. I have been blogging a bit over a year.

Grace: What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Miss Miriam: I just love looking at other Christian girl's blogs and being encouraged by them!

Grace: Give one word that describes your personality.

Miss Miriam: Creative.

Grace: What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Miss Miriam: I love sewing,crafting,writing articles and books,reading books and blogging.

Grace: Tell us a little bit about your daily life.

Miss Miriam: I usually get up at about eight,then read my Bible and eat breakfast. Then,my family does devotions and we do school. In the afternoon,I usually talk to friends,craft,read books,spend time with family,blog or play violin.

What will readers most likely find at your blog?

Miss Miriam: Articles,craft pictures and or tips,quotes and photos.

Grace: Give us a little insight to your walk with the Lord.

Miss Miriam: I just love the Lord will all my heart! I am really encouraged in my walk when I talk to other young ladies who are serving the Lord. I try to everyday serve the Lord more,encourage others more and grow more in my faith.

Thank you, Miriam for the interview. I had such a pleasant time!

Miriam: You are a wonderful friend with such a wonderful heart towards the Lord. You definitely are a Maiden for Virtue.
I encourage you, dear readers, to visit Miss Miriam's blog at:

Many Blessings to you this Morn,

Sep 15, 2010

Interview #2!!! Johanna from An Old Fashion Girl!

Hello again, dearest readers!!! How delightful it is that you take the time to stop by my garden walk! Today's interview is with one of my very dear friends! I do hope you enjoy!

Perhaps, many of you are acquainted with Miss Johanna of An Old Fashion Girl and have stopped by her charming blog. She is a very sweet and Godly young maiden, and it has been such a blessing to know her. I met Johanna one day as a beginner blogger: she stopped by my garden and left a sweet comment on one of my posts. I immediately followed her blog when I had first saw the title, and I knew we both shared the same interests of old-fashion things!
I find it such a pleasure to visit her lovely blog, and do encourage you to do so as well if you have not done so all ready.

~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to create a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Miss Johanna: After reading a few other lovely blogs by some other young Christian maidens, I really wanted to do the same! I wanted to encourage other Christian ladies out there, just as some blogs I had read had encouraged me. I wanted to share little clips of my life, just as I had enjoyed taking a peek into other young ladies lives! So, I asked my parents, and they said ‘Yes’! I was so excited, and then started a blog, which was then called ‘Young Maidens for Christ’. Now, after a few name changes, I have a lovely blog, ‘An Old-Fashioned Girl’ which really tells who I am! I am truly an Old fashioned-girl!! And I love sharing all of my old-fashioned delights over at my blog! Which now has proved to be a wonderful, wonderful blessing!!

Grace: What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

Miss Johanna: There are lots of things I love about blogging, one of my favorite aspects about it is hearing from like-minded young woman out there! It is SO encouraging, and it really makes me happy to know that some one is actually delighting in my blog! Each and every comment has added spectacular sunshine to my day!

Grace: What will readers most likely find at your blog?

Miss Johanna: Lots of things, some of which will include: Bible Studies, Yummy recipes, Book reviews, Giveaway notifications, Sewing projects, Tags and Award posts, Prayer requests, and of course, My Life!

Grace: Give us a little insight into your daily life.

Miss Johanna: Well, on normal days I usually get up around 7, and try to finish my morning chores, and breakfast before 8. Then from 8 to 9:15 I practice my piano pieces, and try to perfect them by the time my piano teacher comes, on Wednesday morning. Then I try to get most of my other school subjects done by lunch, meanwhile, helping my younger siblings along with there’s as well. Then, after lunch, which our whole family always attends at the table. After lunch is ‘quite time’ at our house, so I spend 2-3 hours wrapped up in a good book, and sometimes, if the weather is just right, I have a cup of tea. After a good read, I may play with my siblings or pull out one of my favorite hobbies. Then comes bath time, and I usually help mom out by bathing one of the kids. Then dinner, which I love to prepare. After dinner is family time, when my Daddy reads aloud, or we put on a piano concert, or we watch an educational movie/documentary. Bed time is around 9. And I cuddle up under my covers and spend an hour in God’s precious word, often writing down a Bible verse that I picked up on a piece of paper to either look into deeper later, or to put on my blog.

Grace: What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Miss Johanna: Oh, I have a lot! Here are a few of them: Card-Making, Scrapbooking, Writing Letters, Crafting, Reading, Making Jewelry, Studying the Bible, Exercising, Ice Skating, Painting, Cooking (preferably baking), Sewing, and much more!

Grace: Give us one word that describes your personality.

Miss Johanna: Hmmmm….You could probably already guess that from my ‘Hobbies’ above! My word would be ‘Creative’! It seems like I am always trying to make something. From making cards, to creating a new scrapbook layout, to making up a new Ice Skating trick!!

Grace: Tell us a bit of what your walk with God is like.

Miss Johanna: Lately, I really have felt God pull me close to Him! I have, recently, experienced that ever lasting joy and peace of knowing that He is at the head of my life, he is at the wheel. I have always been a Christian, being brought up in a Christian home, but just recently, I asked God to take my entire life, and make it His! I asked Him to take my life, and make something beautiful with it! I laid my desires down at his feet, asking Him to change my desires so that they would be in line with His will for my life! Oh, the joy and peace I received after talking thus with Jesus was wonderful! I truly feel I have a life purpose to represent Him! And I can't wait to see what God has planned for me in the future!

As I wrote earlier in this post, I encourage you to visit dear Johanna's blog (she is a probably all ready taking the scones out of the oven and waiting for you to stop by for tea:).

Johanna: you are a wonderful, sweet, caring Christian young maiden with a heart made of gold. I hope the Lord blesses you and your dear family in the many years to come.
Lots of Love from Your Sister in Christ,

Sep 14, 2010

Monthly Blog Interview #1 (First Interview!!!)

Welcome to my very first Monthly Blog Interview post!!!! So, since this is my very first month interviewing girls, I have decided that I will be interviewing my dear friends' blogs all week!!!! I know a lot of you want to be interviewed, so just leave your name, blog, and blog link at the page at the top of the screen titled, "Monthly Blog Interviews."

Okay, on with the interview! (Feel free to post this on your blog to spread the news! The more the merrier!:)

My very first person whom I have interviewed is a dear friend named Liz Darcy. I do not really know how we met through the blogging world, but I do know that I am very glad that we did. Lizzy has a lovely blog; visiting her is like stepping into a different century and you find yourself surrounded by Jane Austen's famous Regency era characters!

~~~~~~THE INTERVIEW~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Miss Lizzy: Well, believe it or not, I had seen Lindsay at Content in Christ's blog and loved it. On one of her posts, she had talked about her friend Taylor at Proverbs 31 in Training having a giveaway. One of the requirements was to follow her blog, and...well...I didn't have a blog. My friend Elle helped me get started and we began blogging on Isaiah 40:31. A few months later, she suggested we start our own blogs, and that's when I began Liz Darcy.I'm not for sure how I've been blogging, but I know that I started around March or April of this year. I've really enjoyed it, and I've made a lot of wonderful Christian friends, including you of course:).

Grace: What is one word that describes your personality?

Miss Lizzy: Musical. "I can't stop singing wherever I am," as Maria from The Sound of Music says.

Grace: What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Miss Lizzy: Well, I'm a sixteen-year-old Christian girl who is trying to live a life pleasing to God.I do not always succeed, but I do try. I love reading and writing. I'm a big Jane Austen fan and I love the regency period. I'm also a "friend of Narnia" so to speak. I love to sew, though I've not done too much of it lately. I DO NOT have a favorite color. I'm between pink and blue. I also love to design bookmarks.

Grace: What will readers most likely find at your blog?

Miss Lizzy: I do different kinds of posts from time to time. I'm working on some Narnia collages that I hope to post soon.I create quizzes on, and I usually post about them when I create new ones. Um,sometimes I'll show some things I've been working on, mostly sewing projects. I hope to post some tutorials in the future.

Grace: Give us an insight to your walk with God.

Miss Lizzy: Well, I'm in the process of trying to get closer to God. I've realized that some of my attitudes and actions are not very pleasing to God, and I'm trying to change them (so keep me in your prayers). I'm also trying to work on reading my Bible more.

Thank you so much, Miss Liz Darcy! I had such an enjoyable time interviewing you, and look forward to your future posts.

So go and visit my good friend, Miss Eliza Darcy at her charming blog Liz Darcy and stop by for a refreshing glass of iced tea (her favourite) in a lovely English garden. (Don't forget to tell her I sent you;)Create your own banner at!

Also, special thanks to my dear friend, Bess from "Bess's Bag," for introducing the interviewing idea to me. When I was a beginner blogger, I was interviewed by her, and I am still grateful for such a good friend!:)

With Much Love from your faithful blogger,

Sep 11, 2010

I Can Only Say One Thing....

And that is

A Huge WOW!!!!!

And a big thank you as well!!! I have now 101 followers!!!! I'm going to have to do something special for this occasion...hmm... Well, now I have a huge decision to make. I know a lot of you want to be interviewed, so I will need a little time to see whom to do first!:)

Hope you are having a lovely day!
Your Sister in Christ,

Sep 10, 2010

Decisions, decisions!!!

Well, I had a lot of comments about the interviewing, and I have made a decision....

I will be doing it!!!!!

HOWEVER, I will need your help! I would like 100 followers before I decide to do my first interview. Please spread the word about my needing 100 followers!!! I only need 8 followers!!!

Oh, and please comment on this post telling me if you would like to be interviewed. I know there are a lot of you out there who want to be interviewed ;).

Hope you are having a lovely evening!
Love from Your Sister in Christ,

Sep 9, 2010

How does this sound?

Well, I have 92 followers, and I think it is high time to spread them around to neighboring, fellow bloggers, don't you agree?. How would you like an introduction with other blogs, and gain new followers in the process?! Well, I was's still just a thought, but how would you like it if I posted a monthly interview with another girl's blog?! Each month it would be a different girl with a different blog, and then you can go check that girl's blog out! While on the other side, the girl with the blog gains new followers!!!

Tell me what your thoughts are, and if you would like to participate!

Lovingly yours,


Dear Readers,
I am so very sorry I have not been posting within the last few weeks!!! I am blogging a lot, but then I never post anything!!!:) Besides, nothing very exciting at all h
as been happening with me:).
I do so hope that you have been enjoying the last few warm days o
f summer, while autumn is pressing summer
to go:).

Johanna and Miss Anne tagged me! I am so sorry I did not post Anne's tag sooner
Here is the tag from Anne:
Here are the rules.....
1. You do not have to do the tag if you get tagged!2. You answer the questions then come up with however many of your own you want.
3. You have fun with my 50th post tag.

(1) Would you rather have a cat or dog? Not really certain on that. I rea
lly like cats (if they are sweet), but I would much prefer a dog's affection (although, what stops me is the maintenance;)

(2) Do you like to cook? I love cooking, especially with my mom! Baking I like just slightly better, just because of the super sweet results:)
(3) What would you do with 1 million dollars? Probably, give s
ome to extend my church, install a huge English knot garden (with complete maze:) filled with herbs in our back yard (with loads of lavender, build an apothecary, and buy lots of Regency dresses (with accessories of course;)
(4) Do you prefer being outside in the sunshine or inside reading? Both. In fact, reading outside would be the best of both worlds, but it seems like I have been spending much more of my time in-of-doors of late. About a year ago, I would have probably been outside much more than now.
(5) Do you read my blog often? K, is that a trick question???

(6) Do you like big houses or little houses? Hmmm.... Alt
hough, I do think it would be fun to have a huge castle-like house (complete with secret passageways) where you could get lost, I think I would be very content with a small English cottage with a serene little garden.
(7) Do you like starting your own tags or getting tagged? Getting tagged, but I have never made one;)!
(8) If I dropped $10 by accident would you (a) return it to me? (b) go to a store and by as much stuff as you can get? or (c) donate it to charity? I would return it to you. One time, my dad found ten dollars lying on the ground at the park, the same day I found a quarter and a penny as well:) Then another time, I found $5 in a bush!

(9) Do you like Janette Oke books better or Laura Ingalls Wilder? Never really been interested in either.
(10) Brownies or cupcakes? Cupcakes.

(11) Have you ever had some beverage come out of your nose? No, and I really do not want that to ever occur in my life!!!:D

Now, I am supposed to add one...
(12) How long have you been blogging?

I tag...
Lizzy from Liz Darcy
Bess fr
om Bess's Bag
Jenna from Where the Heart Remains

Johanna from "An Old Fashion Girl," kindly tagged me!
(1) Top 3 Authors:1. Julie Klassen
  • 2. Ethel Herr
  • 3. Jane Austen
(2) Top 3 m
ale characters:

Mr Darcy from the A&E production of Pride and Prejudice

Mr. Knightly from the 2009 version of Emma
And...I cannot think of anybody else at the moment:)

(3) Top 3 female characters:
  • Lilly Haswell, from the book 'The Apothecary's Daughter'. (Amazing!)

      Emma from well, Emma!:)

      Miss Harriet Smith from Emma as well!:)

(4) Top 20 fictional books:

  • The Apothecary's Daughter
  • Dr. Oma
  • A Cup of Cold Water
  • Before you Meet Prince Charming
  • So Much More
  • Beautiful Girlhood
  • 20 Duggars in Counting
  • The Golden Pavilion
  • The Lacemaker and the Princess
  • The Silent Governess
  • Duchessina
  • Mary, Bloody Mary
  • The Horse and His Boy
  • Emma
  • A Little Princess
  • Hadassah, The Girl Who Became Queen Esther
  • Mary, Queen of Scots
  • Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  • The Last Battle
  • The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
(5) Top 3 books most recently read:

  • The Silent Governess
  • Troublesome Creek
  • Masquerade
  • Willow Springs
  • Am reading, Ransome's Honor
(6) Worst 3 books ever read:

  • Fairest
  • The Lady of Milkweed Manor (for inappropriate stuff, good writing style)
  • Can't think of any other right now either:).....

(7) Top 5 scenes from any books:

  • Hmm...When Lillian (from The Apothecary's Daughter) goes to the apothecary lane.
  • When Maria from Dr. Oma, goes into her grandmother's apotheek (apothecary). When she runs to her grandmother's damp herb garden, when it is raining.
  • When Hadassah, is allowed into the Royal treasury before her audience with the King.
  • When Lucy, Edmund, Caspian, and Eustace find the lake where everything turns to gold. When Lucy reads the Wizard's book.
  • When Sarah (from a Little Princess) finds the man beyond the wall who was searching for her.
(8) The book(s) that made me cry the most:
  • Willow Springs almost made me cry, because the main characters beloved husband dies. And they were just newly married!!!
  • I sometimes cry when Lucy and Susan cry in Aslan's mane, before he goes to the Stone Table.
(9) The books that made me laugh the most:

Troublesome Creek made me laugh at a few moments, when her father teases that he will shoot the man whoever comes along that asks to court her:). Reminds me of my daddy:D.
(10) The books that made me feel good the most at the end:
  • The Apothecary's Daughter
  • Before You Meet Prince Charming
  • A Little Princess
  • Dr. Oma
(11) Contemporary or Historical?
  • Historical fiction!!!!
(12) Science fiction, Fantasy or Horror?
  • Sometimes fatasy, if it is as clean as The Chronicles of Narnia
(13) Hardback, Trade Paperback, or Mass Market Paperback?
  • Paperback preferably.
(14) Barnes and Noble or amazon?
  • Amazon because of lower prices, but I like going to the bookshop!!! I like going to B.and N. where I can get my hands on a book instantly instead of waiting...and waiting....and okay I'll stop!:P
(15) Bookmark or Dog ear?
  • Bookmark! I really do not know what a dog ear is!:)

(16) Alphabetize by Author, Alphabetize by title or no organization whatsoever?
  • Alphabetized by...probably title. Authors are sometimes really confusing because they put the first name after the comma, then the last name before. When you glance at it, you think the first name is really the last...and yes, you get the point!:)
(17) Keep, Throw Away, or Sell?
  • KEEP!!!
(18) Little Women or Anne of Green Gables?

  • Little Women. Have not read either of them though!:)
(19) Short Story or Novel?
  • Novel
(20) Stop Reading when tired or chapter breaks?
  • Depends. Usually I will TRY to stop (if I have to:) at the ending of the chapter (usually that's the worse because of the cliff hanger!!!:), but sometimes I HAVE to stop in the middle!!!
(21) "It was a dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time"?
  • "It was a dark and stormy night, not a happy, giddy once-upon-a-time kind of beginning..."
(22) buy or borrow?
  • Depends. Again...I borrowed The Apothecary's Daughter from the library, then I liked it SO much, I purchased it when a really low price arose. However, I have bought books that I have been sorely disappointed with, so, it really depends...
(23) Standalone or series?
  • Both! But if it has a firm ending...just end it there!!!
(24) Tidy Ending or Cliff Hanger?
  • Good, tidy ending!

    Thanks for tagging me, dear friend!!!

    Okay, I'm tagging....

    Jenna from Where the Heart Remains

    Lizzy from Liz Darcy

    Bess from Bess's Bag

    Maggie from Bliss

    Amanda from Farmgirl Writes

    Abby from His Sparrows

    Leah from The Narrow Path

    and any other person who wants to answer these!!!