Sep 29, 2010

My 130th Post and Future Plans!

Dearest Readers,

This is my 130th post!!!

Well, I was promising you a giveaway, but seeing as how SO many giveaways are being held at this time (in celebration of fall), I think I will be postponing it for a little while. And besides, I want to have a really big post for my 150th which is only 20 posts away!;) So here's what I am keeping in mind:

1. A giveaway of course:)

2. Around the beginning of December/end of November (just a little before Christmastime) I want to host a blog party called an Old Fashion Christmas, where young ladies can post their present handmade Christmas projects on their blogs (and tutorials would be amazing!), so other ladies (who are stumped when it comes to handmade presents) can get ideas of what to make! I am also thinking of hosting another giveaway at the end of that event. However, that's a long ways from now (but approaching quickly:).

3. In January, (I know it's thinking REALLY ahead) I want to do something like what Eden from 'Growing in Him' does during the autumn season, by sending hand crocheted/knit scarves and hats to children in other countries only I will be sending them to China! (Note: I want to do it after the busyness of the holidays subside)
My family is all ready connected with a group in China, and we know a girl about my age (I think a little older) over there. You, dear readers, would join me in making crochet or knit hats and scarves, and my homeschool group friends could help too. The homeschool girls who do not know how to knit or crochet could get together with the girls who knew how, and it could be like lessons, but the projects we make will be going to a good cause!!!

Anywho, I do hope that all of you are having a simply lovely day!

Many Blessings,
Grace (The girl who is seriously thinking ahead:)


  1. Hello Dearest Friend!
    It is always good to think ahead! I love all of your special plans that will be taking place in the near future. The idea of a blog party is wonderful, and I especially like the idea of sending hats and scarves over to China! :)
    Have a blessed evening, dearest!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  2. Congratulations on 130 posts! I love your ideas! Would love to partner with you on the project of knitted hats/scarves for China. That would be so amazing! Please email or Skype me so we can sort out the details together. :) Blessings!

  3. Congrats!! You have such great ideas!!! I love the blog party idea and the other one too. :D
    Have a great day!!!!

  4. Hey, thinking ahead never hurt anyone, right?
    I would be honored to participate, maybe after i think about it! Just give some info. when you think of it and i will definitely consider it! How i love knitting!
    Love, as always,

  5. Dear Grace,
    I visit your blog often, but seldom have time to leave a comment... Sorry about that :( but I /really/ enjoy my visits!
    I think you are smart for thinking ahead, and your ideas sound /so/ exciting, fun, and creative! I am seriously looking forward to them!! :)



  6. Georgiana,
    That sounds wonderful! I can't wait to join in!
    Your sister in Christ,
    Lizzy Darcy

  7. What beautiful plans! They sound like much delight and full of encouragement.

    In Christ,