Sep 17, 2010

Interview #3! Miriam from Maidens of Virtue!

Dear Readers,
I am so sorry I did not post this last night! Today's interview is with one of my dear friends, and one of the first people I met through the blogging world. I feel very blessed to know this girl, and I do think you will enjoy her blog!
I really do not remember how I stumbled upon Miriam's sweet blog. All I know, is I am very glad I did:). Dearest Miriam is a very sweet, and Godly young maiden.

~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Miss Miriam: My sister,Sarah inspired me to start a blog. I have been blogging a bit over a year.

Grace: What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Miss Miriam: I just love looking at other Christian girl's blogs and being encouraged by them!

Grace: Give one word that describes your personality.

Miss Miriam: Creative.

Grace: What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Miss Miriam: I love sewing,crafting,writing articles and books,reading books and blogging.

Grace: Tell us a little bit about your daily life.

Miss Miriam: I usually get up at about eight,then read my Bible and eat breakfast. Then,my family does devotions and we do school. In the afternoon,I usually talk to friends,craft,read books,spend time with family,blog or play violin.

What will readers most likely find at your blog?

Miss Miriam: Articles,craft pictures and or tips,quotes and photos.

Grace: Give us a little insight to your walk with the Lord.

Miss Miriam: I just love the Lord will all my heart! I am really encouraged in my walk when I talk to other young ladies who are serving the Lord. I try to everyday serve the Lord more,encourage others more and grow more in my faith.

Thank you, Miriam for the interview. I had such a pleasant time!

Miriam: You are a wonderful friend with such a wonderful heart towards the Lord. You definitely are a Maiden for Virtue.
I encourage you, dear readers, to visit Miss Miriam's blog at:

Many Blessings to you this Morn,


  1. Miriam is a beautiful young woman, and I know that I am richly blessed to know her!

  2. Hi dear Grace! Hope you're having a great day! Sure, I'd love to be interviewed if you want to! =) Well, I gotta go...know you're my fav little sis that I love!
    P.S.: Congrats on 110 followers!

  3. My sister (Abby) once did something like this on her blog. You can read all of the posts by clicking on the following links:

    Enjoy! Oh, one of the people interviewed is me. These interviews are a year old!


  4. Thanks for interviewing me,Grace!!!

  5. Grace,
    You are invited to join my reading challenge. For all the information go to