Sep 15, 2010

Interview #2!!! Johanna from An Old Fashion Girl!

Hello again, dearest readers!!! How delightful it is that you take the time to stop by my garden walk! Today's interview is with one of my very dear friends! I do hope you enjoy!

Perhaps, many of you are acquainted with Miss Johanna of An Old Fashion Girl and have stopped by her charming blog. She is a very sweet and Godly young maiden, and it has been such a blessing to know her. I met Johanna one day as a beginner blogger: she stopped by my garden and left a sweet comment on one of my posts. I immediately followed her blog when I had first saw the title, and I knew we both shared the same interests of old-fashion things!
I find it such a pleasure to visit her lovely blog, and do encourage you to do so as well if you have not done so all ready.

~~~~~~The Interview~~~~~~

Grace: What inspired you to create a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Miss Johanna: After reading a few other lovely blogs by some other young Christian maidens, I really wanted to do the same! I wanted to encourage other Christian ladies out there, just as some blogs I had read had encouraged me. I wanted to share little clips of my life, just as I had enjoyed taking a peek into other young ladies lives! So, I asked my parents, and they said ‘Yes’! I was so excited, and then started a blog, which was then called ‘Young Maidens for Christ’. Now, after a few name changes, I have a lovely blog, ‘An Old-Fashioned Girl’ which really tells who I am! I am truly an Old fashioned-girl!! And I love sharing all of my old-fashioned delights over at my blog! Which now has proved to be a wonderful, wonderful blessing!!

Grace: What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

Miss Johanna: There are lots of things I love about blogging, one of my favorite aspects about it is hearing from like-minded young woman out there! It is SO encouraging, and it really makes me happy to know that some one is actually delighting in my blog! Each and every comment has added spectacular sunshine to my day!

Grace: What will readers most likely find at your blog?

Miss Johanna: Lots of things, some of which will include: Bible Studies, Yummy recipes, Book reviews, Giveaway notifications, Sewing projects, Tags and Award posts, Prayer requests, and of course, My Life!

Grace: Give us a little insight into your daily life.

Miss Johanna: Well, on normal days I usually get up around 7, and try to finish my morning chores, and breakfast before 8. Then from 8 to 9:15 I practice my piano pieces, and try to perfect them by the time my piano teacher comes, on Wednesday morning. Then I try to get most of my other school subjects done by lunch, meanwhile, helping my younger siblings along with there’s as well. Then, after lunch, which our whole family always attends at the table. After lunch is ‘quite time’ at our house, so I spend 2-3 hours wrapped up in a good book, and sometimes, if the weather is just right, I have a cup of tea. After a good read, I may play with my siblings or pull out one of my favorite hobbies. Then comes bath time, and I usually help mom out by bathing one of the kids. Then dinner, which I love to prepare. After dinner is family time, when my Daddy reads aloud, or we put on a piano concert, or we watch an educational movie/documentary. Bed time is around 9. And I cuddle up under my covers and spend an hour in God’s precious word, often writing down a Bible verse that I picked up on a piece of paper to either look into deeper later, or to put on my blog.

Grace: What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Miss Johanna: Oh, I have a lot! Here are a few of them: Card-Making, Scrapbooking, Writing Letters, Crafting, Reading, Making Jewelry, Studying the Bible, Exercising, Ice Skating, Painting, Cooking (preferably baking), Sewing, and much more!

Grace: Give us one word that describes your personality.

Miss Johanna: Hmmmm….You could probably already guess that from my ‘Hobbies’ above! My word would be ‘Creative’! It seems like I am always trying to make something. From making cards, to creating a new scrapbook layout, to making up a new Ice Skating trick!!

Grace: Tell us a bit of what your walk with God is like.

Miss Johanna: Lately, I really have felt God pull me close to Him! I have, recently, experienced that ever lasting joy and peace of knowing that He is at the head of my life, he is at the wheel. I have always been a Christian, being brought up in a Christian home, but just recently, I asked God to take my entire life, and make it His! I asked Him to take my life, and make something beautiful with it! I laid my desires down at his feet, asking Him to change my desires so that they would be in line with His will for my life! Oh, the joy and peace I received after talking thus with Jesus was wonderful! I truly feel I have a life purpose to represent Him! And I can't wait to see what God has planned for me in the future!

As I wrote earlier in this post, I encourage you to visit dear Johanna's blog (she is a probably all ready taking the scones out of the oven and waiting for you to stop by for tea:).

Johanna: you are a wonderful, sweet, caring Christian young maiden with a heart made of gold. I hope the Lord blesses you and your dear family in the many years to come.
Lots of Love from Your Sister in Christ,


  1. Great interview! I've been following Johanna for several months now, and really enjoy her posts.

  2. Dear Grace,
    Hello! I'm new to your blog, but I love it already! I think it's a great idea to do these interviews----could you do me?

    My name is Lily, my blog is Snatched From the Wind, and my link is

    Thank you!
    In Christ,

  3. Dear Georgiana,
    I really enjoyed the interview. I love reading her inspiring posts.
    Lots of love from your sister in Christ,
    ~Lizzy Darcy~

  4. Lovely interview! Johanna is a wonderful young lady, and her blog is warmly inviting!


  5. Woohoo!! Hurray for Johanna! I LOVE her blog. SO encouraging, fun, and creative! She is so full of life, laughter, and all sorts of things. Do stop by and follow!!

    In Christ,