Nov 28, 2010

It's a Wrap~

I have been doing A LOT of browsing through some great tutorials! (Yes, I have a great site that I will be sharing with you soon!*wink*) Special thanks to Miriam, Bess, Darby, and Johanna for linking up your posts! For those who are joining, again, you may link up as many tutorials as you like, but do it during this week.

Okay, on to the other tutorials:

~~~~Wrapping it up~~~~
Wrapping is of the essence during Christmastime; it's what makes gifts...well, gifts!!!:D
When it comes to wrapping, I really like the Eco-friendly recyclable materials (not because I am a radical environmentalist, and do not assume that I seek to destroy the world with litter either, but) but because, materials such as these can easily be found among common household items: cardboard boxes from the garage, brown paper bags from the grocer, newspaper, can either have a modern appeal or old-fashion flare depending on the way you dress it up with ribbons and such. You can go traditional, modern, or do something really creative!
(It really is amazing how many paper ideas are out there! Before the event, my mind was inside the box when it came to paper projects and wrapping, but tutorials proved me wrong!!!)

Here's a great video tutorial filled with tips for wrapping gifts of all sizes~

This is a bit more challenging then the average wrapping, but very clever all the same~

Here is a great tutorial for making paper tags. So clever!~

Here is a creative way to store the tags~
Stayed tuned because more are coming soon!!!:D

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  1. I wish I could see these Grace! Our internet here in Egypt won't load videos, I'm so sorry! But I will look at the blogs in the last post! :D