Nov 13, 2010

It's a Winter Wonderland!

It's a Winter Wonderland,
Unusual but Grand!

Thank you so much for your help for the blog design!!! I will be temporarily using the Back Ground Fairy's Blue Winter Snowflake background. I think that the blue gives our eyes a break from all that pink! So what do you think?
I still wanted something light, but feminine, and not too dark, as some backgrounds are too busy and too dark. Again, this is just a temporary background unless I find a really great one!!!
Also, I will not be adding my Christmas playlist until after Thanksgiving, because I think we all get really sick of hearing the same Christmas jingles until comes Christmas, we do not want to listen to them again!:)
Hope you all like my new Winter Wonderland!!!


  1. It adds a nice, wintery touch to your lovely blog! I really like it! :)

  2. Very nice and pretty Grace! It's a soothing difference from the bright pink (not that pink's bad, I just like this one :) )!

    I'm on pins and needles about the Old-Fashioned Christmas event! Any sneek peeks you can give us? :)

    Soli Deo Gloria!


  3. I love your background! I really enjoy reading your blog. I found it though An Old-Fashioned Girl. My blog is:
    Currently I am doing a Handel's Messiah countdown till Christmas.