Nov 3, 2010


Dearest Readers~
Happy November, Readers!

I have been browsing a bit with my favourite blogs, and have found SO many tutorials that I know you are going to LOVE including-well, perhaps, I should keep it a secret:)!!! I absolutely cannot wait for my "Old-Fashion Christmas Event," to start.

I was wondering who will be joining me! It's going to be so much fun!

I was also wondering if any of you know a tutorial of how to make a blog button. I really need to find a place to make MY OWN buttons without having to download anything. I would very much appreciate it! Thank you!

Hope you are having a lovely autumn day!
Love always,


  1. I am greatly looking forward to your "Old-Fashion Christmas" event! Oh, what a lovely event it will be!
    May the Lord bless you, sweet friend!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  2. Here is how to make a blog button:

    1.: An image. Find a picture, fix it up, or leave it as it is. Load it up on to a photo holding site, or just upload it on to a blogger post.

    Next, use this code(this is a link to an image, just copy what is on the image):

    Next, url's.
    To get the url, just copy the site's address, or the page's address. This should be where you usually type in a site's address.

    To get the picture's url, right click, select properties, then copy the url. You may have to put the code on a blog post and do one code at a time, and save it until your finished.

    Then place the url's where they belong. I put where they should be. Also, where it says alt="", place what you want the button to say when someone places the cursor over it between the quotation marks.

    Finally, put it together, save the code where you can copy it. Do not delete the picture, or it will not show up. If you save the picture on a blog post, do not delete the blog post.

    Then put the code in a scroll bar, and add a preview image above it, and you should be done.

    Perhaps this will be helpful.

    I was hoping that you would not post this comment. Also, thank you for giving me your opinion about the Falcon and the Sparrow,


  3. Grace,
    I will be joining. . . . .

  4. Grace~
    I can send ideas when i write to you!

  5. I'm definitely joining the event (cause I'm planning some special "crafting" fun for the Christmas season, too=)!
    Love ya,

  6. Dear Grace,

    I am really looking to the Old Fashioned Christmas event you are planning! I'm collecting tutorials/ideas for my items.

    This is the link to the tutorial I used for making my buttons:

    Hope it helps! I haven't read much more on this woman's blog, so I don't know about her other content... I was searching for instructions on making a blog button and found it.