Nov 18, 2010

For Your Health

The art of medicine consists of amusing the patients while Nature cures the disease.~Voltair

Thank you so much for your dear comments from the last post! I really do appreciate the sweetness and warmth held in each one of them from my dearest readers!

As I told you in yesterday's post, our home has come under the flu and cold sicknesses (I have not been influenced at all, but my parents are still fighting something.)
Thank the Lord, that He has created different medicines to relieve the symptoms. Our family tries to buy good, 100% natural and wholesome products made from 100% natural plants and herbs. I thought I might share some of the products we buy from online natural food stores, so that you may use them during the flu season.
~Berry, berry Well for a Beeyoutiful you~
Berry Well from Beeyoutiful works wonders (thought currently out of stock at the time; it's that good!) It only contains perhaps, five ingredients (organic honey, echinacea, elderberry, apple cider vinager, and something else...) Take about one tablespoon every hour or so, and it really helps! Besides, it is completely natural. The taste is not terrible, and really sweet because of the organic honey, but it takes a bit getting used to.
Some reviews have said that it has completely cleared their allergies as well as soothe colds.
Must warn you that it is very expensive, but I highly recommend purchasing this!:)

~Throat Coat~
Throat Coat works wonders as well! It soothes a sore throat with a yummy taste (if you add a nice quantity of honey;). I really dislike the taste of black licorice, and even though this has licorice root in it, I love the taste of it. It is a nice homey, herbal tea that you might like so much, you will be drinking it even when you are not sick!
~Yummy Ruby Goodness~
Of course, you really cannot buy pomegranate's goodness from an online shop, but you can buy it at the store. Our neighbors down the street graciously allow us to pick as much as we like from their tree. Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to eat a pomegranate a day to keep the cold away! Pomegranates are so yummy not to mention filled with antioxidants for a strong immune system!

~Lovely Lavender~
Lavender oil is not only heavenly to smell, but also strong enough to clear out your lungs to soothe coughs. When Father becomes ill with a cough, I always take out the lavender oil from the shelf, with some thyme and sage, boil some water, and have him take a relaxing steam to clear out his irritated lungs.

What are some of your family remedies? I would love to hear from you!

This really has nothing to do with herbal remedies, but because I do not have a camera at the moment, I thought I would share with you the yarn of which I am making a lovely scarf out of!

May the Lord keep you and your family well this year!
Thank you again for all your prayers for my parents as well.

Many Blessings from Your Sister in Christ,


  1. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend! May the Lord bless you!

  2. I am going to show this post to my mother! :) We have been looking for more natural medicine to take when we are sick. We found something that works wonders on cuts though! It's called Colodial Silver, it comes in a little bottle like the first medicine you posted. Once my mother had a horrible, horrible, infection on her leg, and she only took Colodial Silver and some Hydrogene Peroxide, and it was gone in maybe a week!! That stuff is awesome! :)

  3. Dear Grace,
    I hope your parents feel better. I sure hope you don't end up catching it.
    YUM pomegranates. They are so yummy. In fact I JUST ate one a few minutes ago.

    Have a lovely day,

  4. Grace,

    Lavender for irritated lungs?!?! COOL!! I have had a bad cough that I can't seem to recover from. So, you just put a few drops of lavender oil with some sage and thyme (oil or the herb?) as a steam? Do you put a towel over it so you can stick your head under and really get the good stuff inhaled? I would definitely like to know how you do it!! I have a choir concert coming up and I really don't want to be coughing the whole time up on stage!
    Thanks for commenting on my new blog, BTW!!
    Much love, Sarah