Nov 28, 2010

An Old Fashion Christmas Paper Links!!!

Good afternoon, dear readers! Thank you so much for stopping by my garden walk on this lovely autumn day. Can you not feel that winter is steadily approaching us? *Sigh* I do so love the holidays, and am so excited to be hosting this Christmas event. One more thing about the tutorials for this week...YOU CAN LINK UP AS MANY TUTORIALS AS YOU LIKE!!! Please link up your tutorials, whether it be your original tutorial, or a link you like, just post it on your blog, and link it up!!! Since this week is Paper, I would really like to see some paper projects out there as well! Thank you, Johanna, for being the first person to link up!

This week's inspiration is paper, so I found some tutorials including paper. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of paper during Christmastime is wrapping. Wrapping really is a main component during Christmastime, but let's not just have the original tape and paper this year. Last year, instead of ribbon, I tied my packages lace!!! So sweet and old-fashion, but this year, I am going beyond just an old-fashion touch!:)
Here are a few tips when it comes to wrapping a project:

Be neat~Sometimes packages are not neatly wrapped which can give a bad image to the receiver. I know, I would like nicely wrapped (including neat) presents under the tree.

Be green! *wink*~Let's not waste too much tape

Be Unique~My aunt from back East sends the most lovely gifts! I do not know if she wraps them herself, or takes them to the store to be wrapped, but I know that her presents are showcased under the tree!:D She has tied ribbons, and ornaments, and so many pretty t

~~~~The Tutorials~~~~
Since I am a day behind on my links I will be posting two to-day. Here are some lovely tutorials when it comes to wrapping (Note: These blogs I do not follow, and have not looked over them thoroughly; therefore, do not know the content that they may post on their blogs)~

I absolutely LOVE brown paper 'brown paper packages tied up with strings,' are so sweetly old-fashion. Mother says that we are going to buy a huge spool of brown paper, so that I may wrap my presents in such sweetness! Something so simple can be so sweet and special!
Cannot purchase brown paper? This tutorial turns those grocery bags into wrapping paper for shipping or for the tree:

For those who want a perfectly wrapped gift here are the steps to wrap a gift to appear as though featured in a magazine:
Step one:

Step 2:

Step 3:

And finally, my fav. of them all:
Handmade envelopes! They appear much more challenging to make then they really are. I can whip some up within a few minutes! Instead of adding another piece of paper on the inside of the envelope, I just used my nifty, two-sided scrap-booking paper instead.

Keep tuning in because, more tutorials are coming soon!!!


  1. Lovely!!! It is funny that you mentioned brown paper,I love using it and I wrap my gifts in it almost every year!!

  2. What great inspiration, Grace!