Nov 24, 2010

Colony Days (A Little Overdue)

Hello, dear readers!!! I apologize for not posting this sooner! Time just sneaks up on you!:)
It has been quite chilly here; winter is upon us right in time for Thanksgiving. In fact, we are to be travelling during Thanksgiving and will not return until a few days, but I have my Old-Fashion, Handmade Christmas Event post scheduled to be posted the day after Thanksgiving in the morn.
Until then, I thought I would share with you the photos of the Colony Days reenactment held this past October:

I absolutely adore this dress, and the shoes were given to me by a dear friend's grandmother. (They are so Victorian, no?) The dress, Mother and I found at a garage sale and purchased for only a dollar, a deal we could positively not pass!

Here is a "tour," of Tent City's main street. Tent City was a town made of tents established for the residents who were waiting for their homes to be built. It is a big reenactment in our local area. There were a lot of people looking at the booths which included: the (real) ice cream parlor, Barber Shop (where people can purchase real haircuts:), land seller, church, schoolhouse, and so much more! It truly is like a little town! Enjoy the videos! (Be sure to turn off my music player)

(Mr. E.G. Lewis {the founder of Tent City} is in the video above. The man with the straw hat and glasses:)
Tour continues down the main street...
This is the Smithy down the smaller lane...

Me playing at O'Malley's Ice Cream Parlor!

It was such great fun!
Hope you enjoyed!
Love always,


  1. Oh, what a sweet event! I love your dress, dearest! You are so very talented as well, and you most definitely have a gift for music!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  2. Lovely! It looks like such fun! Your dress is so very pretty and the color look amazing on you!
    Your playing is just wonderful! You have such talent and I love that song!!! I am learning it now...:)
    Have a charming day!

  3. You play the violin beautifully, Grace! That must have been loads of fun to participate in such an "old fashion" =) event! I'm so excited about your current Old Fashion event! Those paper goods you made are such cute things! I'm definitely entering! And, of course (as always), thanks for your note on my blog! Yes, I would love if you would help me with the button tech! That is so nice to offer to fix it! Thanks! Congrats on your new camera, amazing is that?! Well goodbye for now + winks. =)
    Love to you,
    P.S.: If you need to e-mail me the code or whatever you can at (& you may publish this comment because I'm using that e-mail for my blog now). *wink*