Nov 24, 2010

A Merry Thanksgiving to You!

Dearest Readers,

May the Lord Bless you all this Thanksgiving!
Thank you Lord for your provisions, thank you for salvation, thank you that we can come to you and that you are always there beside us.
Thank you for friends and family. Thank you for the Pilgrim's courage to come to the New World to worship you freely, so that we may have the freedoms of worship we have to-day.

May we not only sing praises unto him on this specific day, but let us have a day full of thanksgiving everyday!

Lord of all to Thee we raise,
This our hymn of grateful praise...

Happy Thanksgiving, dearest readers!!!

Love always,
P.S. My old-fashion Christmas event starts to-morrow!!!


  1. That top picture is like my absolutely top favorite Pilgrim/Thanksgiving picture ever. I have a post card of it that I bought in Plymouth and I just love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    ~ Hanne-col

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Grace! I hope you have a lovely day!!!
    Many Blessings and Love,