Apr 27, 2013

she collected memories like seashells and always remembered.

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 photo AprilOranges-4-1.jpg she's nothing but a book of hodgepodge who sits eagerly to catch my trailing thoughts and broken tears. how she manages to remain patiently silent while I go about my ranting - I shall always wonder. yes indeed, she's nothing other than a book of nonsense - but she's a storybook chalk full of memories that will escape me one day. yet how it warms me to trust that she will never forget. she will always care to remember my story. 

do you keep a journal?

xx | the girl writing in her emma in her garden.
postscript: is it a bit odd that I name my journals? yes? oh, well...
p.s.s. post title inspired by a line written in this girls journal.
p.s.s.s. any name suggestions for my next journal? 


  1. YES. I almost always have my moleskin with me. (The few times I've left it at home, I ended up kicking myself.) Inspiration is very in-the-moment for me, so it's important that I have somewhere to write when it strikes. Your journal is lovely, Grace. :)

  2. I loved seeing your some of your journal entries...so pretty! Yes, I also keep a journal, and try to write in it as often as possible. I name a lot of things, but have not come up with a name for the one I am currently using. It has birds all over it, so maybe birdy? :) As far as names go for your next one, what about something French or Italian?

  3. I'm sure you'll always be thankful you kept a journal for your memories later! That will be so cool to go and look back on :) I've tried to keep a journal a couple times, but it didn't really work out.
    -mal :)

  4. Aw... I've heard so much about "Emma!" She is such a darling in the pictures- and I know you keep her up just as wonderfully as you do your garden, dear.
    I do keep a journal... but it is only for when I have something I have to say. It's definitely not a diary or an art production (I wish it was.)

    I love you, goosey!

  5. I'm going to start keeping a journal soon, but this gave me an extra push of inspiration. ;) Your writing is perfect and your journal WAY too cute! Where did you get it?

  6. YESyesyes, I most certainly keep a journal! And, m'dear, I must say I admire your sweet journal SO much. Goodness, I basically love you and everything you do to pieces.


  7. It's not odd, I name my journal too! You have lovely handwriting.

  8. this journal is simply beautiful, grace! emma is bursting with what i am sure is incredible stories and love.
    i have something which is quite similar to a journal myself. you see, instead of writing in prose, i chronicle how my day has been in a series of lists. it's all there, but arranged differently. i call this 'life in a list'.

  9. Love your journal! It's so... perfect! <3
    Also, as far as name suggestions go... John, Sherly, Molly, Melody, River, & Rory. ;) <3

  10. ahh, it's darling! and your handwriting is so lovely, and this is just all pretty and happy.

  11. this is so cool + BEAUTIFUL! seriously, you're so creative! I love this!
    I do have a journal (which has been sadly neglected for the past couple weeks:\) you have inspired me to pick mine back up and get back at journaling again:)