May 1, 2013

in which I tell you the story of the girl who waited & fell in love...

we are all stories in the end - just make it a good one, eh? - eleven
once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love... 
with the handsomest of the handsome, the most dashing of the dashing, and the last of his kind. the first time she laid eyes upon his docile face, she knew within her heart he was the one. and although he was a bit quirky and ran into quite a bit of trouble {there was a lot of running involved}, he hummed one of the most delicious tunes in the whole world over - a melody no one in the whole entire universe could ever mimic. 
once upon a time there was a girl who waited...
and fell head over heels in love and ran away with someone - one of the very last of his kind - and they've been running ever since.   
 photo RorytheRoyalMayDay-23.jpg
 photo RorytheRoyalMayDay-11.jpg
 photo RorytheRoyalMayDay-17.jpg photo RorytheRoyalMayDay-22.jpg
 photo RorytheRoyalMayDay-12.jpg
 photo RorytheRoyalMayDay-15.jpg
say 'ello in your best british accent, m'dears, to my dearest sweetest little fellow:
Mr. Rory Williams Pond: Rory the ROYAL typewriter.

happy may day, dearies! 

I think i just may have perhaps fallen slightly in love,

The Girl typing away in Her Garden

postscript: i've been watching a lot of doctor who of late. but isn't that obvious?


  1. Oh wow love this :,D I thought it was a person

  2. How lovely! Your pictures capture your new love very splendidly... ;)


  3. Oh, a typewriter...OH MY WORD that DRESS! Dying of envy here.

  4. Wow. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Have I mentioned how lovely you are? Inside and out? Cause girl you sure are.

  5. Now that's a nice typewriter. o.o Keep enjoying it!

  6. I love this so much, sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. Insanely jealous here. I mean, your dress, your perfect hair, RORY. ~sigh~


  8. Rory the Royal Typewriter.

    There are too many cool things about this post. ^_^

  9. I absolutely love my typewriter!!! :) It's so fun. Perhaps I should name it...ooh, and my telephone! ;)

    I love your dress, too! It's beautiful.

    Ah, it's been a while since I've been to your garden. It is so lovely to be back. :)

  10. ugh this is perfection.
    your dress.
    the pictures.
    the edit.
    the words.
    the suspense.
    the flowers.

  11. Ahh, this is gorgeous! I love your dress - and that typewriter! *sigh*.

  12. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... jealousy. But, of course, happiness for you!! :D

  13. Grace. Wow. This is amazing. And vintage. And lovely. And so soft. And wonderful. Wow.

  14. *giggles* Loved this post. I've always wanted a typewriter. And of course, its name is perfect :D

  15. i love the typewriter! we have one, but... we don't have ink for it. and i have to admit. i might be falling for him, too. :P

    be genuine :)

  16. GRACE. your pictures are absolutely stunning; you always have that charming undertone of whimsy and gracefulness. you are oh-so lovely, darling, and i'm afraid i'm in love with your type writer too. ;) (ALSO, THE NAME. PERFECTION.) always wanted one. *happy sigh* this is lovely. so so so so so so beautiful. asdlkfjsdlfkj. you look like a lady who stepped right out of the Victorian culture, and is having tea on the lawn while typing a letter to a friend. la, me. :) this is exquisite, Grace.

    love ya lots! <3

  17. Grace Grace Grace. how do you always remain so elegant??

  18. Doctor who for the win. Ah, this post made me smile....over and over and over. 'Ello Rory the royal typewriter.
    Love the pictures. They are perfect.

  19. Grace!!! Oh my goodness!!! What a find! I am seriously this jealous of your little guy. I think a trip to California is mandatory. Pretty please? I do so want to meet your little Rory who is, without a doubt, the handsomest typewriter ever.

    Love you duck!

  20. I love your dress! Where did you get it?
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, doll! I purchased the dress at a local consignment shop by the seaside. It is a vintage Gunne Sax dress, in case you should like to keep an eye out for the brand. ;) I do a bit of reenacting n' such during the early 1900's era, so it was a perfect find. Have a lovely day, dear. xx

  21. your typewriter is perfection. i love mine so much! (:

  22. Oh, you darling girl with a dashing Mr. Rory Pond. I may be falling for him, though. And to remedy that, I should prolly get one of my own. But seriously, you are so lovely and this whole photoshoot+post+everything is sublime.

  23. Oh, I love it. You are Rory look so great together! *grin*


    P.S. I LOVE Doctor Who! =)

  24. Oh my gosh! I love that typewriter just as much as your beautiful dress.
    These photos are the epitome of lovely and perfect.

    ---->> Kate