Apr 20, 2013

oh, hodgepodge.

 photo AprilOranges-15.jpg

of late //
+ overnight my family and I have become british...not that I'm complaining. the words "lift, flat, mobile, telly, cuppa, obviously, fantastic, brilliant, smashing, biscuit," and so forth and so on have been mused many times o'er - because british accents are cool [and so are bow-ties. and yes, eleven is my doctor]. so from here on out, read everything I post here with a british accent. can you do that for me? just one more miracle...for me. deary. *ahem* with that said, scold me as harshly as you will [my best friends are going to kill me when they finds out] but I think I just might have become a whovian. by contingency that is. thank you steven moffat for leaving us to die until season three comes out. 
+ following that statement: sherlock is my obsession. obviously. repeat after me: sherlock is marvelous!  
+ for some reason, I really can't remember actors/singers' names to save my life [and if I do, you can rightly be assured that I hold them in a high regard...like that's ever so important] - however I do speak fluently in movie/telly quotes.
+ I take pride in myself that I can pronounce "sorry" like a true canadian [apparently, I don't have much to take pride in...].
+ I attempt to speak stumble over spanish conversations to my parents [and to the wall...but you didn't really need to know that]. 
+ book me a plane ticket to london or paris, and I will be your best friend forever.
+ playing sherlock music on the violin is easier said than done.
+ I miss disneyland. [yay, october!] 
+ I forgot how cheery the sight is of the first summer roses saying 'ello
+ I like music, but I love soundtracks from tv/movies more.
+ I really want this and a typewriter. always a typewriter [so I can name it pond]
+ it's kind of hard to swallow the idea that I'm going to college in a year [not that you swallow an idea - come to think of it, yes it would be rather difficult to swallow and idea].
+ when the pantry is newly stocked with black tea, I kind of do a happy dance.

everyday it seems like I am inspired to go out of my way to capture that perfect still, listen to the enchanting music, or write down that perfect word. every day I realize how good april has been to me.

postscript: I'm running out of DW episodes. somebody help me! and don't say the van buren supernova. 


  1. I've never seen Doctor Who before! What season did you start on? My BBC obsession is the Robin Hood TV show :) It's a little cheesy at times, but I love it so much ;)

    1. Yeah...I really didn't start on it until a few months ago. The first seasons of the new Doctor Who are not that great. They're actually super cheesy, but it's british telly so it's going to be addicting. *smile* Season 5 - 6 are when things really get interesting, and that's when I really got hooked onto the show. I've heard of Robin Hood...I'll have to look into it. xx

  2. so, i totally read all of this in a british accent. #score
    gorgeous photo, dear! xx

  3. Me and my off-grid nerd self- no telly for me :) When I want to see a tv series I've got to go and buy them :P But hey, if I come see you, I'll allow you to introduce me to Doctor Who and Sherlock and all that. And get me doubtlessly hooked.

    Love you, darling, and have a beautiful Saturday.

  4. I love these little posts. They are always hilarious :) especially being able to say sorry in a Canadian accent. I will also be going to college in a year. I agree it is a strange thought.

  5. THE VAN BUREN SUPERNOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry but not really)
    And don't apologize for being a Whovian because WHO IS AWESOME (<<---- bowties are cool. you know that's right).
    Let's go to London sometime soon, kay? ;)


    1. I kind of just maybe a little bit LOVE how you tied like three of our fav. telly shows into one short comment. you're amazing, my dear MP. London is always a good idea. put a date on the calendar, and we'll go. ;) loved chatting with you, dearheart. xx

  6. April is indeed a beautiful month... a little taste of the summer to come for us down South. It was delightful to read through your thoughts, and to take joy with you in the simple gifts of life. ♥

  7. This is a fantastic assortment of lovely things. Sherlock really does seem to apply to everything, does it not? It seems to go along with everything in my life. Either that, or my life is Sherlock. I really don't know which statement is more accurate. *wink* Anyway, I had a splendid time chatting with you this afternoon. I am so glad that we could.


  8. Sherlock omg I get giddy when I think about season three aheehaha I really can't waaaaaaait.

  9. haha My sister has been getting her English accent on too. It's funny how some can find their accent so amusing.

    And, I really wish we had such lovely roses and lilacs to photograph and to look so pretty around a journal! We still have a half a foot of snow!

    Lastly, if you get a typewriter, send me one too! :)


  10. canadians do say sorry a lot though eh ;) #truenorthstrongandpolite

  11. haha me and my boyfriend sometimes bust out into english accents from the blue, and it sounds HORRIBLE. like we're total crap with it. the only thing i can properly pronounce is "waaatah" (water haha).

    also, i on the other hand can't quote a movie to save my life. so you have that one point over me ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. Oh, all your pictures have such a wonderfully soft and ethereal feel, I love reading your blog posts!

  13. welcome to the crazy. being a fan of british drama is not easy at times, but with sherlock you already know that. But with doctor who its even harder, when you lose a companion.
    my family totally talks in random british, so its not wierd at all. or maybe its not wierd to those of us who do is and is to those who don't. what ever.
    this post made me happy, I don't know if it was your 11 is my doctor decloration or being reminded that bowtes are cool. BTW 11 is my doctor too.
    your photography is stunning. what is your idea of enchanting music ?