Apr 13, 2013

out of memory and time.

 photo AprilBlossoms-2.jpg
there is a hard place to describe
there is pushed into the depth of my heart into the far corner of my memory  
but as the first notes falling gingerly upon my ear
the gateway swings open
and  instantly I am transported
a memory caught within time's net
never to be set free
never to be forgotten
always to be cherished and twice poured o'er
out of the music
out of memory and time
I am there
 photo AprilBlossoms-3.jpg
 photo AprilBlossoms-7.jpg
Hope fades Into the world of night Through shadows falling Out of memory and time Don't say: We have come now to the end White shores are calling You and I will meet again And you'll be here in my arms Just sleeping And all will turn To silver glass A light on the water Grey ships pass Into the West
I had not been aware how deeply it would move me. it was the first night I had ever heard that trill of beauty. and my heartstrings quivered as it imprinted itself upon my mind, filling the depths of my soul with honey-sweet warmth, sewing the summer evening into my skin...into my memory. suppose, it was not so much the words or the melody but the nostalgia knitted into each crescendo and gentle dwindling of notes - all the summer memories of catching shooting stars with our eyes, drinking intoxicating laughter, singing around the piano forte, and loving the rejuvenating sensation of being fully alive. the memory of my eyes splitting at the westward horizon and being there.
summer can't come soon enough.

what song throws you into the depths of nostalgia?

  je te'aime

The Girl in the Garden 

postscript :: 'tis good to return to my garden. 
p.s.s. I built a spanish cottage where tea and biscuits are waiting. ;) 


  1. These pictures are so beautiful, Grace! I love apple blossoms. :) What did you use to edit them?

    1. Thanks, doll! I edited them with Lightroom 4 with a few new presets I stumbled upon yesterday + one I developed myself. ;) xx

  2. Your photos are simply gorgeous, my dear! I enjoyed seeing the lovely blossoms since we still do not have any up here in Maine...*sigh*


  3. Your photos are breathtaking! I am quite envious of both your ability and your blossoms since it is still pretty bleak up here in Maine. *sigh*


  4. It' so good to have you back, dearest! You were missed lots by a turkey in Louisiana- who has news that ought to tickle you: we got some turkeys! They are little ones and they follow me like I'm their mum. So now I think of you and smile because I've got my own brood of turkeys :)

    Love you and your blog and your pictures and everything you do to the moon and back a thousand times over.

  5. Yaayy! You're back!

    These photos took my breath away; they are heart-warming and incredibly gorgeous.

    Nostalgic songs? Oh, just ANY classical music. But let's just say I really like Schumann's Kinderszen, (which means 'childhood') LISTEN TO IT, PLEASE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9VkIP2bXcU *sigh* I always get a wave of nostalgia while and after listening to it.

    xx, Acacia

    PS your comment kind of (really) made my day. love you, dear. :)

  6. Into the West is a gorgeous song. One of my favorites!! :)

  7. oh, Grace. this post sums up the word beauty in a few paragraphs and photos. darling, this is absolutely beautiful. i love your words, your photos, your heart and just you. :)

    nostalgia is a feeling that has become my best friend (although i didn't invite it to come--it just did.). pretty much any music inspires nostalgia for me; perhaps that is just because i love music so much. mostly Brian Crain, probably. :) this is absolutely beautiful, Grace. nostalgia is such a feeling that is usually exposed by a song, for me. :)


  8. Oh, I love that song! So beautiful. And you photos are just lovely, m'dear! :)