Apr 21, 2013

with grace in her heart and flowers in her hair... {eshkati dress review}

march and april do not seem very eager to bring much with them with the exception of the constant planning of the future months - constantly scribbling down dates and times on the calendar only to blot them out the next day. SAT's, college, graduating, weddings, plays, dances, birthdays - it seems odd that my world at  present is standing still while there's so much in the future.
we've been experiencing deliciously warm weather of late - the type of weather that feels like you're practically sipping summertime with all the exhilarating anticipation that comes with every dainty breath. may has not even graced the calendar, and the weather is already determined to turn into summer while the rest of the states contend with snow storms and tornadoes - typical californian weather: always flying ahead of the seasons. like life and time: always determined to swiftly pass by without notice, and perhaps, without any reason at all.
 photo FebruarysOverture-20.jpg photo FebruarysOverture-14-2.jpg photo Collide.jpg photo FebruarysOverture-11-3.jpg photo FebruarysOverture-2-4.jpg  photo FebruarysOverture-2-5.jpg  photo FebruarysOverture-15.jpg photo FebruarysOverture-18.jpg photo FebruarysOverture-6-3.jpg  photo FebruarysOverture-21.jpg photo growyourowngarden.jpg
to my delight, the darling clothing company eShakti generously sent me another dress from their spring line. the dress was shipped within two weeks after submitting my order {yes, this review is a bit late...but I was waiting for a nice warm spell for a photoshoot}, custom made for this product review. the fabric is absolutely lovely - the color took my breath away when my eyes first laid upon the dress and the lightness of the cotton is absolute perfection for the HOT summer months in cali. the beautiful thing with eShakti is being presented the option of submitting your measurements for a perfect fit. after my first fantastic experience with eShakti, my hopes were a bit dashed as this particular dress fit a bit snug in the bust area and arrived without the sash promised in the photo. however for such a darling style and lovely color, there truly isn't any room for complaint; and it shall most definitely be worn many times over this summertime. 

special thanks to jennifer for contacting me and for connecting me with this darling dress!

have you sifted through your spring wardrobe yet? 

The Girl in Her Garden

postscript: yay for 540 garden entries!


  1. This dress is so beautiful! Love the color , it looks so good on you! Beautiful pictures as well. :)

  2. Oh my gosh. Grace. You are so stunningly beautiful in that dress! Girl, c'mon! That color... and your natural tan... so gorgeous. And I love you to pieces.
    Girl... you're lovely.

  3. such a pretty dress.
    and beautiful pictures. :
    xo || haley

  4. What a simply lovely dress, dear Grace. The colors are like a cheerful beckoning to welcome the summer months... and your blooming garden must send a delightful aroma about your home as well. The Lord has made you ever beautiful and gracious... lovely photos!


  5. I bought a dress recently from eshakti. However my experience was not the best as the waist was a couple of inches to large. I got a friend to fix it for me though and I love it :) I can’t wait to wear it for the first time!

    The dress looks amazing on you. At the moment I’m kind of wishing I was back in CA enjoying nice weather. Tennessee is being very unpredictable, as usual.

  6. Beautiful photos, lovely dress, and perfect post title! :)

  7. Ahhh! This is such a lovely setting, dress and model (your hair is perfect!)! The color o the dress is so soft and feminine.
    Also, your writing is stunning.

  8. You are just so pretty. and the pictures are the best too. and the flowers. and the camera. and the dress, of course. ;)

  9. Oohh, that was one of my favorite dresses. That is one of my favorite colors. The color is perfect for you lucky girl.
    I love the way you describe things. The only way I can think to describe my feelings of the weather is that I am literally physically thirsty for fresh air since I have been cooped up in a dirty old college for the first time ever. When it got warm enough to sit outside, I chose to do so even though I could probably study better in the library and suddenly my haven of sorts seemed unbearably oppressive.

  10. Life sometimes seems to go by so steadily slow and then I blink and time has just goes flown by. So much is coming and so much in the future...but it will be here all too soon. I think I'm finally starting to grasp the idea of how small our lives are in comparison to eternity.

    And goodness, Grace! That dress is just...lovely. There is no other word for it. And my awesomely lovely anglophile you make it even more so.

    Enjoy your splendid California weather...we are just starting to get leaves here and the enormous cheery tree is the front yard *just* bloomed making me think it's finally spring. Not your gorgeous CA weather but in Maryland we take our small victories :)

    Lots of love.

    your ever awesome anglophile

  11. ah that dress is adorable and you are gorgeous!

  12. the color of the dress is gorgeous and you are even more gorgeous.
    Enjoy the weather, today it just dumped another two inches of snow. haha, just when I thought spring was almost here.
    oh, well. I must say the snow is lovely.
    and your vintage camera is so so perfect with the dress.

  13. This is beyond beautiful!! Can I steal the dress for the day? (Seriously.)
    ps Why, yes! - I have sifted through my spring wardrobe and, to my delight, have come across a few lovely articles of clothing. ;)

  14. So pretty! I've been getting some more dresses this year :) Summery/Springy dress are just so much fun!
    -mal :)

  15. whoa. love the dress, the photos, and the mumford & sons reference. there's a lot of love going on here. xx

  16. this is simply lovelyyyyy, Grace! i saw the purple dress, and i thought "THAT'S GRACE!" seriously, though. :)
    you are gorgeous. so elegant and lovely, and graceful... i love eshkati (although i can never remember how to spell that word. *ahem*) their dresses are so lovely, feminine and just springy/summery! and you have improved it 100%. ;)

    love ya!

  17. Cute dress! I'm liking a lot of the spring trends, especially the softer shades and this abundance of mint green.

    P.S. New follower here, I like your blog!

  18. ahhh these are such dreamy, romantic pictures! and i LOVE that dress.I like the full skirt and those dainty stripes on the bottom.so cute.

    and you have so much planned coming up soon! i think you should enjoy the calmness for now, you'll miss it ;)

    xo Marlen
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