Apr 17, 2013

a note to you brilliant shooting star you.

When the sun goes down and the lights burn out then it's time for you to shine brighter than a shooting star so shine no matter where you are fill the darkest night with a brilliant light 'caus it's time for you to shine brighter than a shooting star so shine no matter where you are tonight.                                                   >> shooting star, owl city << 
 photo AprilOranges-2-1.jpg
simply put, you are brilliant. well, you are. don't argue. just listen:
do you know what brilliant really truly means? we go around shouting it on the rooftops because 1). it is ever so wonderfully british {to us anglophiles obviously and popularized by this fantastic man} 2) because 'tis quite fun to say and 4) no wait - 3) no ... -- but have you ever stopped to read the real definition?
(of light) Very bright and radiant.
A diamond of brilliant cut.
adjective.  bright - shining - splendid - shiny - resplendent
noun.  diamond
resplendent. I like that. you are resplendent, m'dear. quite brilliant indeed.
and whether or not you feel it at the moment, really this describes you perfectly. not because of what you do or where you go or how you dress or what you write or say or don't say or share {although that too} but because He made you brilliant. absolutely brilliant.
 photo AprilOranges-1.jpg
and all I really wanted to say is that the talent and encouragement you share in this blogging world is absolutely amazing. perhaps, you don't receive a thirty comments or likes or hearts or reblogs; but always know that this whole entire world {especially outside of this tiny box called the internet} would be a lonelier, darker place without you, love. and your story is the one I'm absolutely dying to read.

stay lovely, you brilliant shooting star you!
xx | the girl in her garden.
postscript : there are so many more of you I haven't come to know "personally" {as personally as a screen allows me to anyhow}, nor perhaps, have I visited your blog yet. in case, I haven't "officially" met you and you've visited my little garden here, I'd be delighted if you left your link to I can pick you a bouquet of lilacs and pop by to say a proper 'ello in a rather british accent.  


  1. these pictures are amazing. love them. xx.

  2. You are just so sweet. Your words are encouraging :) I love your pictures too. Very pretty.

  3. This is amazing, and much needed on a day like today
    I don't know if you've visited my blog yet... anyway, it's www.mercymiracle.blogspot.com

  4. Lovely, lovely. And it's awesome how this includes lines from Owl City...bonus points :)

  5. This is so sweetly written, Grace love. YOU are brilliant, you know that don't ya?
    I love you, darling.

  6. Love these pictures and your blog look.

  7. Oh my dear Grace, how I love you so, and YOU are brilliant as well.

  8. Oh I love lilacs so much! Your photography is stunning and so happy.

  9. resplendent. i love that way that sounds.

  10. Wow! This is such a lovely post! I,m fascinated by your writing and these gorgeous pictures :)

  11. you are such an encouragement.! thank you, my fellow Sherlockian:D
    oh and girrrlll your pictures are always sooo beautiful!

  12. Pretty lovely, this. You are a dear. <3

  13. Yesss!! This is SO good, Grace!


  14. Your photos are stunning, m'dear! You lucky duck with your flowers already bloomed...