Apr 15, 2013

le petites choses {the little things} vol. i

every tear is answered with a blossom; every sigh with songs and laughter blent. april blooms upon the breezes toss them. april knows her own and is content. -susan collidge
 photo AprilOranges-12.jpg photo OhnowthatsjustPoppy.jpg
 photo AprilOranges-4.jpg
 photo AprilOranges-5.jpg
 photo AprilOranges-14.jpg>> relishing the taste of spring sunshine in the form of vibrant citrus. 
>> yellow poppies peeping up to say hullo. 
>> new LR presets {seriously, people, I'm smitten with these polaroid/vintagy presets}
>> this pretty lady's post {her blog is solid eye-candy + warm nostalgic soul food}.
>> cello music {it vigorously stimulates the creative juices}
>> sweet potato crisps + carrot juice = happy tummy. 
>> april walks on breezy afternoons. 
>> prepping my garden for springtide planting
>> cuppa + bubble bath {seriously, though if you have never sipped a cuppa tea in a steamy/warm/dreamy/bubbly bath, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED!}. 
>> sifting through the rudiments of my summer wardrobe.
>> clean damp braids.   
>> ponder // listen // cry // heart melting/squealing           
x | the girl in her garden


  1. Love this! What LR presets did you get? :)
    And the links. But really the last one... <3


  2. Your pictures are so pretty.
    Tea and and a bubble bath. I've had both but never together. I know what I'm doing tonight!


    P.S Love that OneRepublic song :)

  3. This is so beautiful, lovey. I love the idea of using a step ladder as a prop, by the way! I'll need to remember that :)
    Love you!

  4. Mhmmm...sounds charming, all of it! :)

  5. such creative and beautiful pictures.

  6. Beautiful photos, Grace :)

  7. Wow, your blog is so wonderfully lovely and sweet. I love all of you pictures so much, glad I found you Grace! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  8. You made me cry, Grace - I can't even - you, ohhh, you're so dear to my heart!! I got extremely giddy when I saw you mentioned ME!

    By the way, those pictures you took are breath-taking. Seriously, I was expecting to see a link from pinterest at the bottom at the post - but no, they were YOURS!

    xx, Acacia

    ps clean damp braids = YES

  9. I awarded you with the Brilliant Blog Bouquet Award...http://jnwaldvogel.blogspot.com/2013/04/brilliant-blog-bouquet-award.html. You're blog looks beautiful..loved this post.