Apr 24, 2013

"sometimes winning, winning is no fun at all."

 photo AprilBlossoms.jpg
truth of the matter is:
I wanted to be missed - 
I wanted you to miss me. 
like really miss me. 
because I had always been there for you. 
and then there came the day 
that I always knew would always come,
when I would tell you,
I was leaving. 
not forever, 
just for awhile. 
and you startled me
with your eyes filling with foreign
perhaps, of realization
that I wasn't always going to silently be there
for you like
I always had been in the past

truth of the matter is, 
I expected
to be missed 
but I didn't think
I would miss
you more already.
postscript: brownie points to whoever can tell me where the quote came from. *wink*


  1. How'd you know how I was feeling? Seriously, this applies to my life right now. Beautifully written, Grace dear! And lavender flowers? The best!

  2. Oh Grace, your posts are always so inspiring! I love this picture so much (what do you edit with?) and your words are very true!
    Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog!

  3. Awwwwwwhasdfghjkl too much Gracie girl too much.

  4. ahhh, Grace. these words just resound in my heart; bounce around in my head and speak to my soul. so so so beautiful.
    and that picture? i'm a little jealous. ;) i wish we had more color and spring beauty in Arizona in the spring.
    this is just altogether absolutely stunningly beautiful. you described some of my recent feelings perfectly, dear.

    love ya bunches!
    xx, M

    p.s. Doctor Who. ;) Season 5... episode... 10? I think. ;) i'm coming over for those brownies, and a niiiiice long chat. <3 <3

  5. and quicky question, darling... do you shoot your pictures in RAW, or JPEG? :) i've been going back and forth between the 2, and can't make up my mind. :)
    okay, going to swoon over your lovely writing and photo again. ;) xx

    1. I shoot with JPEG...I haven't tried out RAW yet, but as I would like to actually know how my camera works, I hope to experiment with RAW this summer. ;) p.s. I'll be expecting you for tea. *smiles*

    2. okay! thank you! ;) i haven't decided which i like best yet. having to convert raw is rather frustrating (and time consuming!). :) {yay! i'll start walking! ;) hehe. *grin*}

  6. love this, Grace. your writing is so beautiful!

  7. AHHHH. Grace, stoppppp it. This is too gorgeous.