Mar 29, 2013

Refocus|a spring haitus.

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i. inspiration {or lack thereof}

I have learned that the month of march has a clever skill in stowing inspiration away with her frequent icy mornings, dull happenings, flighty weather fits, and empty calendar events. 'tis an in between month. after spring's parade has made her announcement in february, the earth holds her breath in march awaiting for something vivacious and new. and then april alights. the air heavy with rain stimulates inspiration so much so that one can't help but hold onto it until another "uninspired state" comes in the future. 

ii. a return to simplicity

the other afternoon, I had a lovely long chat with a good friend of mine. in fresh air thick with spring sunshine, we were dreaming of how lovely it would be to someday own a plot of land which would allow a jersey cow for raw milk and rabbits for spinning yarn and an all year garden and simply living a simple old-fashioned life. a return to simplicity. but these past few days I have been reflecting upon our conversation {and the main basis thereof}, and thought that a return to simplicity doesn't have to be a future reverie but an outlook of life in the present. indeed, we don't have the land for a milk cow and although my rabbit sheds like crazy homemade yarn isn't going to be spun anytime soon, but we have so much that God has given us; and we make so little time to savor each simple moment. and of course keeping dreams alive is part of living, true living, but living in the clouds {at least for me} leaves me restless and doesn't allow me to appreciate present beauty.       

iii. real living

lemme be honest for a moment {run now while you still can to avoid the following lengthy lecture that makes little to no sense}: blogging and I have been a bit at odds of late. really life itself is screaming to me to be shifted. to be viewed differently. to be lived differently. I want to try my hand at a variety of intricate beautiful things that I want to apply to my blogging but at the same time, the time it takes to blog hasn't allowed me to do {make up your mind silly blog!!!}. gardening. fashion. living a full and healthy life. the value of documenting for myself and truly myself. - the hill of opportunity has been scaled but what view on top remains to be discovered. and sometimes, in the midst of the din of determining whether or not to climb that hill, it feels like I don't know if I am either trying to impress or express. I want to appreciate art for myself and not to impress peers, and truly find the style{s} I'm most comfortable with. maybe blurry will be my style. or sharp as a tack. clean and organized vs. insanely messy? old-fashioned or modern? heaven knows right now. but I want to change all that. I want to change being so unsure of myself and where I want to go and what I want to be. I want to be inspired and go adventuring in my own backyard and store a myriad of stories to tell when I return. I want to refocus. 

so I will bid adieu for a time in hopes that all of you have a lovely spring and easter. 
xx, m'lovlies.  

The Girl in her Garden

postscript :: don't be shy to leave a question or two while I'm gone as I hope to film a Q & A vlog pretty soon. ;) 


  1. Your paragraph on a return to simplicity is so true! I think it is important to try and do to your life now what you dream of doing to it in the future (Even though I'm an epic failure at it myself :P)

    I'll also give you two questions :)

    What is a random day in your life like?
    How do you keep up with crafting supplies? How/ where do you organize them (if you organize them at all)?

  2. Oh, Grace. This is pure beauty. I loved the way this post was so neatly organized, with words tucked happily into beautiful, flowing sentences. The photos? They're flooded with sunlight and make my heart ache (in a good - very good - nostalgic way).


    + What is your favourite colour and why?
    + If you could eat one thing at this very moment, what would it be?
    + Would you rather live in a cottage by the sea or in a bustling little town?

    Acacia xxx

  3. Thank you so much for this, dear. I have been feeling a bit like this recently. I agree about March, except for here it is full of dirt-covered-not-quite-melted snow. I hope you have grand adventures while you figure some things out. I will be eagerly awaiting your return to blogging.


  4. this is so beautiful, Grace. as usual. can i just say, your last paragraph? TWINS. YES. i've been feeling the exact same way. i want to appreciate art for what it is; because i love it, and because what we loves describes us, in a way. my style (twins again.) is blurry. hah. ;) perfectly organized, or wind-blown lived in. i feel the same way. (once again. hehe.) i want to know my "style", and lifestyle. to live fully, refocus, and know--truly know--what my priorities are.

    your writing is beautiful, Grace, and so is your heart. :) enjoy your break, and looking forward to that vlog! ;)

    1. if you could travel anywhere in the world, where you would go, and what would you do?
    2. favorite book to read? (one you've read over and over.)
    3. favorite quote and why.

    if that hasn't overwhelmed you, good. ;)

    ::hugs & Easter blessings::
    Mikailah // xxx

  5. Ehem. Unfortunately... I don't foresee that jersey cow coming anytime soon for me either :P BUT! We are going to get a smaller scaled animal instead: pygmy goats. They are just like goats... but miniature! Come visit me soon and I'll probably have two to show you! Actually, I was thinking of naming the two of them Hazel and Grace. Yes, I am naming our goat after you :)

    Sorry for rambling on about goats (facesmack)

    It gets so dreadfully hard to keep cranking posts out on a steady basis with inspiration to boot. It's so hard. Somehow, though, for me it's easier if I just remove myself emotionally from what I'm doing. Just write standing apart from it, writing for my sake not my blogs.

    But really darling, you're always so wonderful at blogging.
    I love you to the moon and back a hundred times!