Jul 26, 2011

a day by the sea...

the pulse of waves crash against the sandy beach...

water, sand = enchanting beauty 

the sound of waves, mesmerizing and soothing...

gulls flying across the foamy sea...

the waves tickling my toes...

the beautiful treasures left behind on the sandy shore...

the tangled mess of seaweed strewn across the shore...

This past Saturday, we were invited to spend the afternoon by the sea with our family who was renting a beach house. It felt so good to finally be able to dash into the crisp, cold water and let the waves pull you back to shore. The weather was perfect...a bit foggy and chilly when we first arrived but began to warm up. How lovely it was to splash with cousins and giggle with the little girls and collect shells by the sea... 


Jul 25, 2011

lavender dreams.

i step outside and see the purple blooms drenched in streams of whimsical light...

the lavender sways in the gentle evenin' breeze...

the bees hum as they busily flit from bloom to bloom...

lavender bokeh = pure, sweet bliss.

lavender brings joy to my heart. 
it's scent transports you to an era gone by and a place across the sea... 

What is your favorite scent?

Love from your lavender friend,
Miss Grace

the great Pride and Prejudice debate

Well, I'm in for a bit of sport 'round here, as it has been quiet with sweet comments and the comment, pleasant niceties {not that I am quite fond of sweet, pleasant comments}, but why do we not have a bit of a debate here, in which I hope this post receives a lot of comments, because it involves something very close to all of our fanciful, romantic hearts...
{^Good heavens! This must be the longest run-on in history! ^:D} 

two words :: Pride and Prejudice 

The well-known, passionate love story between one beautiful, young woman who is quite prejudice towards the prideful and one, wealthy, handsomely-dashing young man who is quite prideful in his mannerisms. Indeed, this is the tale that has controversially made a difference in the way we view English romances. 
This the love trials between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. 

I have grown up watching English romances, as Mother was quite fond of them herself. Whenever she borrowed a VHS period drama of Jane Austen's novels or Charles Dickens from the library when I was younger, I always groaned saying, "Oh, yes, you got one of those boring movies again." *smile* Yes, that was my opinion when I was young. Little did I know what intricate, wonderful plots were woven into a period drama movie. Soon, when I was a bit older, Mother introduced Sense and Sensibility {explaining the plot to me along the way ;)} which I fell so in love with, I needed to find more! 
I am not quite sure whence I watched the beloved Pride and Prejudice...a little before my thirteenth birthday, for I had received the 1995 version from my kind aunt.

{Disclaimer :: none of the photos below are mine.}

Pride and Prejudice 1995

Miss Elizabeth Benet :: Jennifer Ehle
Mr. Darcy :: Colin Firth 

Pride and Prejudice 2005
Miss Elizabeth Benet :: Keira Knightley
Mr. Darcy :: Matthew Macfayden 

For me there is really no question between these movies that the 1995 version is better. The acting is just superb and the plot goes closely along the original storyline. It is what I imagine Pride and Prejudice to be. 

The 2005 version to me was...off. It was too modern for me is what I make of it. After being so used to the 1995 version, the two are incomparable.  Curious of what the 2005 version was like, I decided upon looking up a few Youtube videos, but after watching the first five minutes of it, I skipped through the scenes. The costumes were not historically correct and Elizabeth acted quite ill, being somewhat childish throughout the movie. The one thing I did like was the color, and the movie held a sort of magical enchantment with colors and scenery and lighting.  

Miss Elizabeth Bennet 

Colin Firth and Matthew Macfayden! Oh, what to do?! Matthew Macfayden is a handsomely-dashing man, but when Mr. Darcy comes to mind, Colin Firth fits the part :: perfectly. 


So the question still stands....what is your favorite Pride and Prejudice version? Share your thoughts!

With Fondest Regards,

Jul 22, 2011

when july gets hot...

the fair comes to town...

full of colors and deafening sounds...

screams of thrilling excitement...

When the fair came to town on Wednesday, Mother, my aunt, and my cousins and I went yesterday. We spent the morning looking at the animals, finding out that most of them were not coming until Saturday. :) We returned home for luncheon, and late afternoon took my eldest cousin to ride the fair attractions... 

I was really excited to go, just to snap a few photographs. I am not very partial to the fair...too many sounds, too much inappropriateness and drunkeness, too much bad stuff going on there, but 't was fun to watch my little cousin ride her first rides!:) 

{my favorite ride...'course, I didn't ride it, since we're going to Disneyland next month. :)}

{carousels are so photogenic. :)} 

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend and keep out of the heat! :)
Love always,

Jul 21, 2011

To wish Johanna a happy birthday~

Hello, dear readers!

Everyone knows Miss Johanna at An Old Fashion Girl, do you not? If you have never visited her blog, first of all, *gasp,* and second of all YOU SHOULD!!! =D Johanna is one of the sweetest young ladies around this corner of the blogging world, and one of my first friends I gained through my blog. 

Well, to-day, is a very special day for her, for she is celebrating her birthday!

Help me wish her a happy birthday at her lovely, little blog {and follow if you get the chance...I'm sure she would love new followers :)}. Click here to post a little, birthday comment.

To My Sweet Old-Fashion Girl~

 Before I had met you, I had always wished, prayed, and hoped for a maiden with just the same interests as me, but the Lord blessed me instead with a wonderful sister in Christ. How grateful I am that we were connected through this little garden o' mine, and I pray that our friendship shall continue to grow as time goes on. 

You are the sweetest, most encouraging, most loving, young lady, and I am overwhelmingly blessed to call you my friend and sister in Christ. Keep shining your light for Him and encouraging other young maidens to follow the path heavenward. 

Working on your birthday presents, and cannot wait to give them to you next month...when I can give you a real hug! ;) 

I pray that you have a very, very happy birthday to-day!
Love you always, dearest friend!
Your Lavender Girl

So visit Miss Johanna's lovely blog and send her a birthday note! I'm sure that she will appreciate it so much. 

Jul 20, 2011

look what I found in the mail! {product review}

I know I promised that I wouldn't be posting as of late, but something in the mail changed my plans. :P
 {Seems like life does that to you once you make up your mind to accomplish something good. ;)} 

I am so excited to be doing a product review on my blog! It is so fun to receive little treasures in the mail from your favorite Etsy shops.

Ya'll remember Melissa, owner of the lovely shop Whimsy Pics, do you not? Well, a few months back when she generously sponsored my May Garden Party, she also agreed to sponsor a product review as well, allowing me to choose something of my liking from her shop. 

 After a difficult decision and a few weeks of anticipation, look what I found in the mail this afternoon :: 

It was a hot walk down to the mailbox and back, but it was worth it to see a parcel, buried under all the other mail, addressed to me. :)

The tags came in a pretty parcel tied with strings...

...and a sweet note tucked inside.

Melissa kindly sent me a set of five lovely tags...

Are these not the sweetest tags that you have ever laid your eyes on???

Each tag has a pretty rose glued to it...

 ...as well as a tiny sparkly in the corner. :)  

I am so excited to use these on little, handmade presents for friends...I'm afraid, though, I do not want to use any of them because they are so pretty! :) 

Thank you so much, Melissa, for allowing me to do this!!! I pray that your business flourishes this year and that you are blessed for your generosity. 

Now, readers, go purchase something from the lovely shop Whimsy Pics to add a little whimsy to your life. 

Love always,

All thoughts, writings, and photographs are of my own. Photographs were taken and edited by me. 
I was not paid or requested to write up this product review, but was blessed to have the opportunity to do so.