Jul 21, 2011

To wish Johanna a happy birthday~

Hello, dear readers!

Everyone knows Miss Johanna at An Old Fashion Girl, do you not? If you have never visited her blog, first of all, *gasp,* and second of all YOU SHOULD!!! =D Johanna is one of the sweetest young ladies around this corner of the blogging world, and one of my first friends I gained through my blog. 

Well, to-day, is a very special day for her, for she is celebrating her birthday!

Help me wish her a happy birthday at her lovely, little blog {and follow if you get the chance...I'm sure she would love new followers :)}. Click here to post a little, birthday comment.

To My Sweet Old-Fashion Girl~

 Before I had met you, I had always wished, prayed, and hoped for a maiden with just the same interests as me, but the Lord blessed me instead with a wonderful sister in Christ. How grateful I am that we were connected through this little garden o' mine, and I pray that our friendship shall continue to grow as time goes on. 

You are the sweetest, most encouraging, most loving, young lady, and I am overwhelmingly blessed to call you my friend and sister in Christ. Keep shining your light for Him and encouraging other young maidens to follow the path heavenward. 

Working on your birthday presents, and cannot wait to give them to you next month...when I can give you a real hug! ;) 

I pray that you have a very, very happy birthday to-day!
Love you always, dearest friend!
Your Lavender Girl

So visit Miss Johanna's lovely blog and send her a birthday note! I'm sure that she will appreciate it so much.