Jul 26, 2011

a day by the sea...

the pulse of waves crash against the sandy beach...

water, sand = enchanting beauty 

the sound of waves, mesmerizing and soothing...

gulls flying across the foamy sea...

the waves tickling my toes...

the beautiful treasures left behind on the sandy shore...

the tangled mess of seaweed strewn across the shore...

This past Saturday, we were invited to spend the afternoon by the sea with our family who was renting a beach house. It felt so good to finally be able to dash into the crisp, cold water and let the waves pull you back to shore. The weather was perfect...a bit foggy and chilly when we first arrived but began to warm up. How lovely it was to splash with cousins and giggle with the little girls and collect shells by the sea... 



  1. Sounds very lovely! I adore the beach, and collecting shells. Have a lovely day,

    In Christ

  2. Sounds so fun. I've never seen the ocean but it sounds so fun to see.

    Carissa Rose

  3. Ooh, Grace, these pictures are SO gorgeous!
    I went to the beach with my family for vacation not that long ago and wrote the 'rough draft' of my first guest post on the topic of: the seaside. It will be published the day after tomorrow. It's neat how we both had the idea to write about the same topic, but the posts are unique and yet the same. :)


  4. Beautiful pictures, Grace! But I do sometimes wonder what they would look like if they weren't edited! :)