Jul 7, 2011

a photography post :: summer beauty

I had the pleasure of staying with my aunt, uncle, and cousins who are visiting from Oregon {and the latter from Virginia} for the night this past week, and whilst my wee cousins {who are but four and two} were settled in their "quiet time" I decided upon exploring the gardens in search of some good photographic finds. ;)  

Behind the house and shed, I found a clump of nasturtiums which I dearly love. Of course, I happened to get a tick whilst capturing this clump basking in the lovely lighting, but I think it was all worth while. *smile* And yes, I shall be going back there again to capture some more of the nasturtiums, knowing the fact there are ticks back their. *wink*

I have always been fond of nasturtiums. Perhaps, because of the fun, challenging name it holds but also the vibrant orange and yellows pop against the green, circular leaves fanning like vines appeal to me. 

{I love to photograph geraniums}. 

The lighting was absolutely perfect on the daisies that grew nearby...

Hope you have a lovely, summer day!


  1. Such lovely pictures! I love geraniums. Don't let the ticks discourage you! I lay down on the grass to take pictures even though we have a lot of ticks where I live. Thank you for posting your pictures!

  2. I absolutely love love love the photographs!!! Have you received my letter yet? I was wondering, the blue flower ring giveaway, when will u announce the winner? Hope your summer is fairing well.

    With Love,

  3. Hi, Rachel~

    I already announced the winner of the flower ring. *wink* Oh, and yes, thank you for your sweet letter. Unfortunately, I have been so busy as of late I haven't been able to write to anyone. I shall try to write back to you soon, dear!:)


  4. Lovely pictures, Grace! So many gorgeous flowers. Don't you just love their vivid colors??

    Love you,

  5. Grace! Please post. I miss you. <33 Perhaps you could do a post about you family? A vlog? A story? Your favorite candy?