Jul 22, 2011

when july gets hot...

the fair comes to town...

full of colors and deafening sounds...

screams of thrilling excitement...

When the fair came to town on Wednesday, Mother, my aunt, and my cousins and I went yesterday. We spent the morning looking at the animals, finding out that most of them were not coming until Saturday. :) We returned home for luncheon, and late afternoon took my eldest cousin to ride the fair attractions... 

I was really excited to go, just to snap a few photographs. I am not very partial to the fair...too many sounds, too much inappropriateness and drunkeness, too much bad stuff going on there, but 't was fun to watch my little cousin ride her first rides!:) 

{my favorite ride...'course, I didn't ride it, since we're going to Disneyland next month. :)}

{carousels are so photogenic. :)} 

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend and keep out of the heat! :)
Love always,


  1. Lovely pictures, Miss Grace. I enjoy riding those rides. :)


  2. Very intriguing pictures!!

  3. Hello Grace!

    You have such a lovely garden! It's beautiful! It is very well-kept and all the flowers are so bright and cheerful! *wink, wink* This is my first time to comment...but I have been here many times before {my younger sister, Carissa, won one of your give-aways, recently}.

    Wonderful pictures! They are all so pretty and I like the last one the most....so nice. Ahh...Thanks for sharing them with us!

    Don't worry, I'll be back soon to visit you and your lovely garden again. And I will be sure to leave you some comments =)

    Blessings! May you have a wonderful day!
    Bethany Joy

    P.S. Feel free to come over and visit my little place:) rejoicing-evermore.blogspot.com

  4. Dear Grace,
    I do so love looking at the animals at the fair! I do not ride the rides anymore because of motion sickness! On Sunday, my family and my best friends family will go to the fair and see all of the sites and then on Monday my friend and I will stay home and hang out while her mom and my mom take her brother and my sister to do the rides!


  5. Beautiful pictures Grace! Glad your cousin had a good time! Have a blessed day,