Jul 11, 2011

july's simple life

Ah, summertime - oh, so sweet summertime! When one stretches to find outside the shades a breath-taking sunrise, birds beautifully singing their song, the sound and feel of water splashing against your skin during the heat of the day, the cricket's chirping in the evening, the cool breeze murmuring whispers in your ear - it's times like these that that you find...
bliss in the simple things.

{one} summertime is for making memories...
The first meeting with my sweet, little cousins from Virginia was on the fourth. I was still recovering from a little cold I had, and my spirits had been in a state of lowness for being cooped up in the house for a few days. ;) What joy the sweet little smiles have brought, and I know that when July comes to an end and I must bid them farewell, I shall miss Elizabeth's cute, silly poses in the camera, her playful little tugs at my braid, the sibling's little giggles together and squeals of delight.

{Elizabeth is such a sweetie pie!}

We celebrated the fourth in a very old-fashion, patriotic way. My parents and I met with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in a neighboring town that was throwing a parade through the main streets. It was so sweet to watch the excitement and anticipation come over the little ones as they awaited for the homemade floats to pass by... 

{Sweet cuteness!}

After the parade, my parents and I joined our family in San Luis {a neighboring town 45 min. away} where my aunt and uncle are renting a place for the month. Feels so nice to have family near us for once, for we are all scattered about. These are the times that truly are very special and one must cherish. 

{Julia is my two year old little cousin}

{I love this photograph of her}

I look forward to spending more time with them, and do wish they lived closer. *wink*

{two} Avila barn
This past Thursday, Mama and I joined our family at Avila Barn which is a sweet little fruit stand complete with gift shop, ice cream parlor, pens to feed the animals, and orchards for fruit picking. 

I'm not sure why I like this photograph {above} so much. The texture of wooden crates just appeal to me for some reason...

They sell the loveliest selection of flowers...

Fruits and veggies in the summer are the best - so crisp and fresh and yummy!

{three} celebrating julia's party 
This past Saturday, we celebrated my niece Julia's sixth birthday by hosting a party here! We had a wonderful time, and everything went quite well {better than expected really ;)}.

My "ma petite" is growing up! *sniff, sniff* I hope that when Julia grows up and looks back at her childhood, she will remember her sixth birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Grace's house.  

{four} over, under, and back again

As of late, I have been interested in a little bit of how cat's cradle works, and picked up a bit of yarn, and did my research. Surprisingly 't is very addictive.  
Grab some yarn, and give it a try! Believe me, you will not be able to stop!

{five} inspiration {or lack thereof}
I do not believe you can image how many times I have attempted to write this post. Who could believe that writing one post, could be this difficult?! During the end of June/beginning of July posts were streaming in smoothly, but now I must be suffering from major writer's block or lack of inspiration. 

I haven't been inspired to photograph, write, knit, crochet, sew, and yet in the back of my head I want to do all of it! Summer's a wasting, and time is soon to be short with work in August calling me away once again. 

So please bear with me, dear readers! I am planning to do a blog party in August {write me with some ideas}  and if you would like to partner up, I would be more than delighted! 

Love always,


  1. The picture of the corn on the stand is really good. ;) Your cousin is pretty cute.

    I would love for you to host a blog party in August! And I understand about lack of inspiration, blogging can be a dread sometimes. Which is why we all need a little break. ;)

  2. Lovely post, as always, Grace! I enjoyed hearing your ramblings... miss those!

    Oh and were you still wanting me to do an interview???

  3. I am so excited to hear that you are having another party here on your blog! What kinds of things will be happening at the party? I'd love to see some more giveaways! I always enjoy your garden parties my dear! :)