Jul 18, 2011

happy summer days

Dear Diary :: 
You know when you experience one of those special, happy, wonderful, perfect days? 
Well, to-day was one of them.

I woke up to-day to find the sun shining brightly and the birds singing sweetly. Mom gave me the options of what we could do to-day, as Daddy was off of work for the day and 't was such a beautiful day. 

After checking the weather reports online, we decided 't was too cold at the coast, to prepare for a day at the beach, and so we decided upon going to lunch at a yummy seaside fish stand that we had been wanting to go to for awhile. And so we packed up the car, and headed for a 45 min. drive to Morro Bay. 

By 11:30 we reached Giovanni's fish market, and we decided to eat before the crowds came in as this fish stand was a local favorite. 

A favorite place for people and birds to hang out. ;) 

And it's no wonder because they serve the best fish and chips! So fresh and crispy - yummy! 

One of my favorites is ordering their garlic fries. Oh my! So delicious.  

After luncheon, we went for a walk and Mom and I browsed in a few shops.

Barrels of salt water taffy - so colorful! 

I always enjoy going to the Garden Gallery. They sell the neatest things!

'T was a very fun day, indeed, and I was blessed to enjoy it with my dear family. 

What did you do on this lovely, summer day? 

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  1. Those pictures are flippin amazing!

    P.S. I'm hungry...