Jan 31, 2011

Ask Me!

Hello, dear readers! I am SO excited about February's Giveaways, celebrating my Blogoversary!!! 
{Ahhhhhhh, SO excited!} And special thanks to my dear sponsors!

All right, since it is a new month, new blogging year, and new blog posts, I would like to hear your thoughts! 
What would you like to see on this blog?  
How can I improve my blog? 
Do you like what you see here? 
How often do you visit my garden?
And on this post ask any question {random or practical} that you would like to ask me. For example, what's your favorite colors, what is your favorite blog, what is your favorite meal? Anything! I would love to answer your questions! 

Can't wait to hear from you! Oh, and thank you SO much to my 140 followers!!! I cannot believe I have come up to the mark!:) Thank you SO much! My new goal now is 200 followers, which I hope to receive by the end of February's giveaways.

Lots of Love {to the one hundred and forty of you!:)}, 

Jan 29, 2011

Let's Talk Etsy~Interview with Winsome Bess

{Click on her shop's banner to visit!:)}

Hello, dear friends! {Sorry I did not post this earlier}. If you have not already read my 'Advertising' page, I have decided to take up the idea of featuring a young ladies Etsy shop by interviewing them on my blog. So, I decided to first interview my dear friend Bess who has been one of my earliest followers {and Sister in Christ}. I shall not continue to do my Monthly Interviews as of for right now; however, do not despair; I think you will like what I have in store in the month of February even better!

 Miss Bess {new Etsy shop owner:)} and I had a little "cyber chat," and I that that ya'll would like to see what goodies she is selling at her new Etsy shop 
Winsome Bess
{Do you not love the name???}:) 

Grace: Hello, Bess! Glad you could join us to-day in my blooming garden. Tell me, Miss Bess, what inspired you to start an Etsy shop? 

Miss Bess: Well… First off I love to create ~er craft~ plus I had quite a few blogging pals who had Etsy shops. Those two things, along with jewelry designs & other crafty inventions that kept popping into my head, made me want to give it a try, so I did. 

Grace: Very neat, Miss Bess! Do tell my readers, what special products might one find in the lovely shop of yours? 

Miss Bess: Visitors to my little cyber Etsy shop {Winsome Bess} will find, currently, one of a kind jewelry pieces. I’ve got a plethora of earrings (pierced) ready to be shipped & one necklace. Some of my handmade/designed creations are heart themed or otherwise crafted with Valentine’s in mind, so be sure to check that out if you’re looking for a gift for a friend or for you! Soon I hope to add more items, including some vintage. I’ll go ahead & tell your readers a secret, Grace… I’ve got a vintage designer top that I’m planning to add (that is if I can part with it=), some handmade clutches I’m working on, & new jewelry. As a new Etsy girl, I sometimes wonder if my refreshingly money-smart prices make shoppers wonder if what I’m creating/selling is worth it, but my prices are reasonable so that many {not few} girls can enjoy cute uniqueness – I am dedicated to quality craftiness.

Grace: Very good! How exciting that you have some clutches in mind! Cannot wait to see them; might have to purchase one myself if by random chance I fall head-over-heels with them, and I probably will. Speaking of crafting, what inspires you as a crafter?

Miss Bess: I’d say quite a lot of things! =) Anything from vintage antique finds, retro TV, fashion trends straight from the most current runways, to craft stores, Bible verses, nature, a drive, tag sale treasures… You could say that anything & everything is my muse! 

Grace: Indeed, how can God's creation not be an inspiration?{It rhymes!:)} So what is the most enjoyable part of crafting to you?

Miss Bess: Hmmm… That’s tricky & often depends on the project, but I love to see something that I’ve housed in the corner of my mind for so long finally coming into reality. It’s amazing that it’s finally stepped out of my thoughts & into the light of day, where I {& hopefully others} can find some enjoyment in it.

Thank you, Miss Bess for the delightful interview! I am sure my readers have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you in my garden to-day! May the Lord make your Etsy shop flourish!:)

Dear Miss Bess also blogs at her blog Bess's Bag which is always a joy to read! It is always so exciting to see whats in the bag:)! I encourage you to go visit her shop {click the banner above} and her blog {click her button to visit}, for she is such a sweet young woman who is so passionate for the Lord. 

Also, her stepfather is suffering from cancer, therefor please keep Bess and her family in your prayers.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our interview for the day!


P.S. Thank you SO much for the encouraging comments in my last post. I thought it was really interesting reading all of your insights and opinions, and I enjoyed it! May the Lord continue to bless you all as you continue to spread His love and joy, fair maidens!  

Jan 28, 2011

Skirts, Dresses, Jeans...What's your Opinion?

Hello, dear readers! To go along with my 'theme' of modesty and purity that I have been posting about, I am going to post a somewhat 'debate' that is floating around in the blogging world, and I would like to hear your opinions! 
{Visit Marie Madeline Studios online shop HERE}

Until I started reading, Sarah Malley's Before You Meet Prince Charming {visit her sister's blog here; I'm sure she would appreciate the comments:)}, I never really thought about wearing skirts and dresses to show that I am feminine. I of course, was always taught that I could never go out in public wearing a dress or skirt above knee-length, and I still go by that principle to this day. Besides, I feel very uncomfortable sitting in a skirt that is short.    

Yet now, I am coming to a point where I am to choose whether or not to wear skirts and dresses all the time, as I know many of you do. 

I strive to wear skirts and dresses nearly every-other-day, yet sometimes I fail. :) For you see, one day I may want to be completely {hopelessly:)} old-fashion, wearing skirts and dresses that are sweet and feminine; another day I may want to be completely stylish wearing a cute pair of jeans and more modern blouse.
My skirt collection is not large enough yet to sustain everyday wear, and my dresses I want to keep for my Sunday's best {and I do not have the cost-efficient resources to buy from}. Also, pants are quite pinchy and uncomfortable to me.   

Wearing just skirts and dresses or just pants are fine as long as that is your personal conviction. Do not sway   just because your friends are wearing just pants and likewise for skirts, because it should truly truly be your personal decisioned and what God lays on your heart. 

I have been really, inspired and encouraged by watching the Duggar family {19 Kids in Counting's new season is on TLC on Monday nights at 9:00 PCT!:)} and their firm beliefs. {Back up [or state your opinion of] the Duggars by commenting on the post link listed above}. When I first started watching their show, I wanted to become more like them; wearing skirts all the time and such.    

Now, I want to hear from you! Perhaps, your comments will encourage me to make a more 'permanent' decision. Do you wear skirts and dresses daily? If you do why? What is your personal conviction? 
Or do you prefer jeans? Or do you wear skirts and dresses and pants? Cannot wait to hear your opinions and perspectives!

Also, please, if you have some great links to modest skirts and dresses store, I would greatly appreciate it and would love to visit the shop!

 I also want to include that I am not saying one cannot accomplish anything with skirts as you can with jeans; it has been proven that you can do anything in skirts and dresses, yet I am not a sewer, nor again, have the resources to purchase a bunch of skirts and dresses, and do not want to ruin what I have already.

P.S. I am going to be hosting the Feelin' Feminine Challenge in the month of February for those who would like to join me next month! 

Jan 27, 2011

The Years of Elegance and Etiquette Part II~Fashion and Modesty

Hello, dear readers! Well, I thought it was about time to add another part to my series posts called 
The Years of Elegance and Etiquette {Click HERE to read the first part}, and I thought it would be fun to write a short synopsis on the ever-changing fashion of the centuries. 

Might I remind you, I am NO historical fashion expert {there are probably some of you out there that are}; therefore excuse me if I make a mistake in classifying the fashion pictures below into the wrong category. I would appreciate it if you kindly leave a comment correcting my mistake. :) {I sound serious, no?}

~The Regency Era~
*happy sigh* Oh, the beloved Regency era! Sweetness to my ears when I hear the famous names Jane Austen {most famous} and Charlotte Bronte. Oh, if we could only step back into time.  
Fashion, of course even to-day, played{s} a huge part in the forming of traditions, culture, etc. In past periods, they of course, spent more time one fashionable than comfortable clothing. 
Most Regency gowns were composed of a basic, long gown {calf-length} that ranged from relatively fitted to loose with puff sleeves {and or long sleeves} and sash tied underneath the chest area. {I'm starting to sound like a fashion-show announcer :)} 

Is this one not stunningly beautiful??? I WANT IT!:)
This reminds me of what Jane Bennett might would wear after marrying Mr. Bingley. 

American Civil War 
During the American Civil War, the custom of wearing WIDE hoop skirts came into fashion.

The Victorian Era 
{Sorry I went out of order}
The famous Victorian era; my favorite! 

Are not these Victorian Ball Gowns gorgeous?!
During the Victorian era, the puffy bustle came into fashion, while the corset was tightened to make the woman's figure in an hourglass shape.  

Just looking at them I cannot breath!

~ Edwardian Era~
During the Edwardian era, fashion once again changed. To the looks of it {though I do not know if I am accurate}, the tightening of the corset began to drift away, and was replaced by a flowy, lacy, puffy:) blouse tucked into a long skirt.  

'Tis sad that our culture has nurtured a want to dress immodestly; to 'be okay' to show parts of one's body that should not be revealed. Read this really good article here: {for ages at least fifteen} http://sowersofhope.blogspot.com/2011/01/why-i-am-against-bikini-clad-girls-and.html

Indeed, it is 'all right,' now that a young girl can go down to the pool and wear bikinis showing off her body when they would have been arrested back then, and it is not natural that one should wear modest swim wear. 

It is perceived by the world today that it is not natural to wear skirts below the knee, it is not natural that one should wear a shirt that covers the chest, it is not natural that one should wear dresses that have sleeves! BUT IT SHOULD BE!!!  

Fashion, Modesty, and Purity go hand in hand together. God created a man to want a woman, to need a woman; that is a holy creation that He said was good. But, when one does not handle that relationship as God said it should be handled, that's when it is turned from good to bad. When a young lady dresses immodestly, she encourages young men to think the wrong thoughts, and sometimes unfortunately, do the wrong things.

When a young lady dresses modestly, she shows signs of character, that she is loved and accepted, and that she does not need a man's affections to fill the empty void that many other young woman may have, for she HAS the love of the Almighty LORD!     
I love this picture above. The young woman is wearing white, a sign of purity that she is not tarnished, she has not been handled by several men, and the man bowing his head respects her for that. 
She is a virtuous woman.

Every young woman wants to be accepted by others; they might not say they do, but it is completely natural.  Peer pressure is affecting SO many teenagers to-day; when we go through this stage of blooming into women, our emotions are focused on being accepted by others, and many girls will do anything to have that feeling of acceptance. 
That's why when young ladies wear modest skirts, odd {and sometimes even disgusted:)} glances are cast at them. Smirks and comments are thrown at them, but do not waver. 
The feminist movement of to-day say that we are weak; do not listen. We are standing against one of the most POWERFUL forces of to-day, but you know what? We are not alone, or powerless, or weak, for we have the strongest force in the whole universe. We have the Lord to stand on our side. 

I see it as a battlefield. We are walking straight through it, and believe me, it isn't a perfectly wide or straight path. We are taking the path less traveled, zig-zagged and rocky, rugged and uphill; do not look at your left, or your right, tho' you may hear a shriek or shout to draw your attention. 
Walk completely through it, as the Lord guides you...  
For that is a true lady of courage...

That is a Virtuous Woman. 

Jan 26, 2011

To Those Herbalist Out There~

Dear Herbalist {or homemakers that know good remedies} among my readers~

The week has been in very fair weather as of late, and my allergies have really flared up {I think it's also my cat's dander:p}. I prefer using natural alternatives compared to prescription {which I will probably have to obtain any way}. 
I did want to ask you though if you have any suggestions as to what natural home remedies will soothe the sneezing and runny nose? 

I did a little research on the internet and saw that locally-grown honey does not help! I was pretty surprised about that!:) 

I also found out that a peppermint oil steam might help.I think after a few hours {I just went to the dentist for a cleansing}, I will take the Beeutiful Probiotics.

Many thanks,
The Young Lady {NOT} Enjoying the Springtime Garden  

Jan 23, 2011

Violin Masterpieces {I have been working on}

Dearest Readers,

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments on my last post! I really like that photo too!:) {To see more of my photography go here: grace-an-aspiring-photographer.blogspot.com}. 

Now here are a few masterpieces {on my violin} I have been working on {you will have to turn off my music player at the bottom of the screen}:

Ave Maria {Part of my Wedding Song Book that my violin teacher and I are working on}

This is what I am going to start working on. How would you like to play that at a recital? Vivaldi is hard enough!:)
La Folia by A. Corelli {Suzuki Book 6}

Indeed, many think it's slow and boring at the beginning, keep listening!
{Page 1 of 4}

Classical music is boring, indeed!:)


Jan 22, 2011

The Pansy~

A little purple pansy cheers the grayest of days...
This sweet little flower was a great treasure to find in the dullest of winter months.

Jan 20, 2011

Latest Happenings in my Garden~

Well, as a few of you know that I will be hosting a *clearing of throat* {pretty big {not huge} giveaway celebrating my first ENTIRE year {yay} of blogging. The first weeks of February I will be revealing to you some really neat goodies that will be up for grabs, from some AMAZING crafters. I already have eight sponsors from the wonderful Etsy {and the sponsors are increasing}! 
I just wanted to let you know ahead of time, that the readers who start following my blog {or are already following my blog} will be receiving extra entries in my giveaways!{Just it you want to get ahead of the game}:) 

{Click on my page listed under 'Advertising' to have a sneak peek into what I might be giving away}. 
If you are interested in contributing something to my Blogiversary, please contact me! Your items will be greatly appreciated {and if you are an Etsy owner, I'll feature you and your shop on this blog}. 

Oh, and I am also Advertising now on this blog now, just if you are interested I encourage you to check it out!:)  

I will also be preparing tutorials {my own} for crafts that I have been working on, and perhaps, a few recipes to add. Pictures of my daily life will be many {more} with my new camera, and my photography progress is being posted on my new photography blog grace-an-aspiring-photographer.blogspot.com. {If you have not had the chance already, feel free to visit my meadow}.

Well, I think that's about it...oh, and look what sweet little prize ended up on my doorstep!:) 
Special thanks to Sew Chatty for giving me this lovely little clutch! I LOVE it!!!
Lots of Love from your Sister in Christ, {who is SO excited about my giveaways:)} 
P.S. Thank you for leaving all the sweet comments wishing my Mom a happy birthday. It brightened her day, and meant SO much to her! You are all the best!

Happy Birthday to my Dear Mama!

Happy Birthday!
Mother, you are such a wonderful, self-sacrificing, loving, AMAZING person, and I am SO grateful to be able to call you my Mom. 
May the Lord bless your birthday, immensely, and fill this year with happiness, joy, and love!
I love you SO much. 

{And for the record, readers, I have the best mom in the world!:D} 

Jan 18, 2011

Teatime at the Tea Trolley

A few days past, my friends and I went to tea in a nearby town at the Tea Trolley owned by a very hospitable, English woman. I ordered the Cream Tea {a warm blueberry scone [made from ab original English recipe] served with strawberry preserves, Devonshire cream [imported from England], lemon curd, and a fresh slice of kiwi with a freshly brewed pot of your choice of tea.} Delicious! 

My vanilla tea was served with heavy cream and sweet sugar cubes!

The shop was filled with sweet tea trinkets, above is one of my favourite tea cups there. 

 Such a cute pillow!
And petite tea strainer...{Sorry the lighting in the shop was very poor}
Another beautiful tea-cup.

Thank you, dear readers, for stopping by for a cup of sweet tea!

May the Lord Bless you all!

Jan 12, 2011

January's Simple {Simply Hectic} Life~Sprigs of Spring, Knitting, and...Italian?

Hello, dear readers!!! How delightful that you have come to stop by and chat! Oh, see I have set out my little tea things under the willow trees, so now we can talk!:) {Cannot chat without tea!:D}

I apologize that my pictures are not edited {by Picnic}, but I have been feeling very lazy this evening, and do not want to go through opening the pictures, then editing, then sending to myself, then saving them!:)
{My red potato plants; grow, grow!!!:D}
 Signs of spring are springing up around our home, nestled in the small hills 'outside' of town. I love where my home is settled, for we do not live terribly far from the downtown area, nor do we live near the lights of town.
 Our lily of the valley are peeping up from the bark.
 ....So are our African lilies....
Amongst the velvety, green blades of grass....
 A hint of the sea....

~My Dear Pets~
Sweet Lily, actually posed!:)

 My dear {curious}, bunny, Oakley!

 Well, for a long time now, I have wanted to make Fingerless Gloves for myself, and now I am finally sitting down to knit the cuffs of them. Isn't the yarn exquisite?
 And, as of late, I have just finished knitting my lovely {and warm} neckwarmer, that I hope to sell someday on Etsy.

I am also excited to start learning Italiano!:) {Note: I do not think that's how you spell/say it:)} Mama is really considering to cancel our trip to Europe because of the high expenses; however, I have still had the desire to learn Italian {and French} already. What language would you like to learn in your lifetime? Do you speak {fluently} another language other than English?   

A majority of my readers have voted on my sidebar, 'Yes,' to my Valentines event. It would have to be small, perhaps over an extent of two weeks time only, but nonetheless, filled with giveaways {that's always fun}, crafts, tutorials, and a lot of old-fashion charm.
Also, I am really considering, starting to feature young Etsy shops {advertising} from some talented, young-lady crafters either on this blog or my photography blog.    

Buono Notte{Good night}, my dear readers!

With Lots of Love,