Jan 20, 2011

Latest Happenings in my Garden~

Well, as a few of you know that I will be hosting a *clearing of throat* {pretty big {not huge} giveaway celebrating my first ENTIRE year {yay} of blogging. The first weeks of February I will be revealing to you some really neat goodies that will be up for grabs, from some AMAZING crafters. I already have eight sponsors from the wonderful Etsy {and the sponsors are increasing}! 
I just wanted to let you know ahead of time, that the readers who start following my blog {or are already following my blog} will be receiving extra entries in my giveaways!{Just it you want to get ahead of the game}:) 

{Click on my page listed under 'Advertising' to have a sneak peek into what I might be giving away}. 
If you are interested in contributing something to my Blogiversary, please contact me! Your items will be greatly appreciated {and if you are an Etsy owner, I'll feature you and your shop on this blog}. 

Oh, and I am also Advertising now on this blog now, just if you are interested I encourage you to check it out!:)  

I will also be preparing tutorials {my own} for crafts that I have been working on, and perhaps, a few recipes to add. Pictures of my daily life will be many {more} with my new camera, and my photography progress is being posted on my new photography blog grace-an-aspiring-photographer.blogspot.com. {If you have not had the chance already, feel free to visit my meadow}.

Well, I think that's about it...oh, and look what sweet little prize ended up on my doorstep!:) 
Special thanks to Sew Chatty for giving me this lovely little clutch! I LOVE it!!!
Lots of Love from your Sister in Christ, {who is SO excited about my giveaways:)} 
P.S. Thank you for leaving all the sweet comments wishing my Mom a happy birthday. It brightened her day, and meant SO much to her! You are all the best!


  1. Exciting! :D

    I'd be willing to sponsor a free blog makeover -- I'm getting better now at designing, but having a free design blog was taking up too much time. So now I'm just designing for my own blog, and that gets a bit boring after awhile, so I'd love to sponsor! I'm not like an amazing designer or anything, but yeah. You know my email so please tell me what you think!


  2. Looking forward to your giveaway in February, dear friend! :)