Jan 27, 2011

The Years of Elegance and Etiquette Part II~Fashion and Modesty

Hello, dear readers! Well, I thought it was about time to add another part to my series posts called 
The Years of Elegance and Etiquette {Click HERE to read the first part}, and I thought it would be fun to write a short synopsis on the ever-changing fashion of the centuries. 

Might I remind you, I am NO historical fashion expert {there are probably some of you out there that are}; therefore excuse me if I make a mistake in classifying the fashion pictures below into the wrong category. I would appreciate it if you kindly leave a comment correcting my mistake. :) {I sound serious, no?}

~The Regency Era~
*happy sigh* Oh, the beloved Regency era! Sweetness to my ears when I hear the famous names Jane Austen {most famous} and Charlotte Bronte. Oh, if we could only step back into time.  
Fashion, of course even to-day, played{s} a huge part in the forming of traditions, culture, etc. In past periods, they of course, spent more time one fashionable than comfortable clothing. 
Most Regency gowns were composed of a basic, long gown {calf-length} that ranged from relatively fitted to loose with puff sleeves {and or long sleeves} and sash tied underneath the chest area. {I'm starting to sound like a fashion-show announcer :)} 

Is this one not stunningly beautiful??? I WANT IT!:)
This reminds me of what Jane Bennett might would wear after marrying Mr. Bingley. 

American Civil War 
During the American Civil War, the custom of wearing WIDE hoop skirts came into fashion.

The Victorian Era 
{Sorry I went out of order}
The famous Victorian era; my favorite! 

Are not these Victorian Ball Gowns gorgeous?!
During the Victorian era, the puffy bustle came into fashion, while the corset was tightened to make the woman's figure in an hourglass shape.  

Just looking at them I cannot breath!

~ Edwardian Era~
During the Edwardian era, fashion once again changed. To the looks of it {though I do not know if I am accurate}, the tightening of the corset began to drift away, and was replaced by a flowy, lacy, puffy:) blouse tucked into a long skirt.  

'Tis sad that our culture has nurtured a want to dress immodestly; to 'be okay' to show parts of one's body that should not be revealed. Read this really good article here: {for ages at least fifteen} http://sowersofhope.blogspot.com/2011/01/why-i-am-against-bikini-clad-girls-and.html

Indeed, it is 'all right,' now that a young girl can go down to the pool and wear bikinis showing off her body when they would have been arrested back then, and it is not natural that one should wear modest swim wear. 

It is perceived by the world today that it is not natural to wear skirts below the knee, it is not natural that one should wear a shirt that covers the chest, it is not natural that one should wear dresses that have sleeves! BUT IT SHOULD BE!!!  

Fashion, Modesty, and Purity go hand in hand together. God created a man to want a woman, to need a woman; that is a holy creation that He said was good. But, when one does not handle that relationship as God said it should be handled, that's when it is turned from good to bad. When a young lady dresses immodestly, she encourages young men to think the wrong thoughts, and sometimes unfortunately, do the wrong things.

When a young lady dresses modestly, she shows signs of character, that she is loved and accepted, and that she does not need a man's affections to fill the empty void that many other young woman may have, for she HAS the love of the Almighty LORD!     
I love this picture above. The young woman is wearing white, a sign of purity that she is not tarnished, she has not been handled by several men, and the man bowing his head respects her for that. 
She is a virtuous woman.

Every young woman wants to be accepted by others; they might not say they do, but it is completely natural.  Peer pressure is affecting SO many teenagers to-day; when we go through this stage of blooming into women, our emotions are focused on being accepted by others, and many girls will do anything to have that feeling of acceptance. 
That's why when young ladies wear modest skirts, odd {and sometimes even disgusted:)} glances are cast at them. Smirks and comments are thrown at them, but do not waver. 
The feminist movement of to-day say that we are weak; do not listen. We are standing against one of the most POWERFUL forces of to-day, but you know what? We are not alone, or powerless, or weak, for we have the strongest force in the whole universe. We have the Lord to stand on our side. 

I see it as a battlefield. We are walking straight through it, and believe me, it isn't a perfectly wide or straight path. We are taking the path less traveled, zig-zagged and rocky, rugged and uphill; do not look at your left, or your right, tho' you may hear a shriek or shout to draw your attention. 
Walk completely through it, as the Lord guides you...  
For that is a true lady of courage...

That is a Virtuous Woman. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this very interesting. I have always loved this era and often wish I would have lived back then. All of the styles are just lovely and the hair too.

  2. Ahh, so true Grace. It's easy to read these posts online and see so many girls who are doing dressing modestly as you, but harder to actually apply that to real life. Swimsuits these days are terrible. Basically it is OK to walk around in your underwear. What is the world thinking?

  3. Beautiful Words, dear friend.

  4. Well said, Grace!! Modesty is so important and sadly it is quickly disappearing in the world today!
    Thank you, dear friend for taking a stand!! =)
    It is so good to know that there are other young maidens wanting to be modest for Christ!!
    Love ya!
    In Christ,

  5. "The feminist movement of to-day say that we are weak; do not listen."

    Do not listen indeed! What is stronger, to go with the flow, or to fight against the current? To stand up to peer pressure, or to give in? To be dragged down, or to pull other up? I know which I would rather be!

  6. Since you asked;)
    I'm not much of a historical fashion expert but here's what I think:
    That white dress under Regency is getting to be sort of in the Romantic/Victorian category. But its iffy.
    And just to clarify, the Civil War era was inside the Victorian Era.
    I like the dresses too.
    Good post!