Jan 28, 2011

Skirts, Dresses, Jeans...What's your Opinion?

Hello, dear readers! To go along with my 'theme' of modesty and purity that I have been posting about, I am going to post a somewhat 'debate' that is floating around in the blogging world, and I would like to hear your opinions! 
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Until I started reading, Sarah Malley's Before You Meet Prince Charming {visit her sister's blog here; I'm sure she would appreciate the comments:)}, I never really thought about wearing skirts and dresses to show that I am feminine. I of course, was always taught that I could never go out in public wearing a dress or skirt above knee-length, and I still go by that principle to this day. Besides, I feel very uncomfortable sitting in a skirt that is short.    

Yet now, I am coming to a point where I am to choose whether or not to wear skirts and dresses all the time, as I know many of you do. 

I strive to wear skirts and dresses nearly every-other-day, yet sometimes I fail. :) For you see, one day I may want to be completely {hopelessly:)} old-fashion, wearing skirts and dresses that are sweet and feminine; another day I may want to be completely stylish wearing a cute pair of jeans and more modern blouse.
My skirt collection is not large enough yet to sustain everyday wear, and my dresses I want to keep for my Sunday's best {and I do not have the cost-efficient resources to buy from}. Also, pants are quite pinchy and uncomfortable to me.   

Wearing just skirts and dresses or just pants are fine as long as that is your personal conviction. Do not sway   just because your friends are wearing just pants and likewise for skirts, because it should truly truly be your personal decisioned and what God lays on your heart. 

I have been really, inspired and encouraged by watching the Duggar family {19 Kids in Counting's new season is on TLC on Monday nights at 9:00 PCT!:)} and their firm beliefs. {Back up [or state your opinion of] the Duggars by commenting on the post link listed above}. When I first started watching their show, I wanted to become more like them; wearing skirts all the time and such.    

Now, I want to hear from you! Perhaps, your comments will encourage me to make a more 'permanent' decision. Do you wear skirts and dresses daily? If you do why? What is your personal conviction? 
Or do you prefer jeans? Or do you wear skirts and dresses and pants? Cannot wait to hear your opinions and perspectives!

Also, please, if you have some great links to modest skirts and dresses store, I would greatly appreciate it and would love to visit the shop!

 I also want to include that I am not saying one cannot accomplish anything with skirts as you can with jeans; it has been proven that you can do anything in skirts and dresses, yet I am not a sewer, nor again, have the resources to purchase a bunch of skirts and dresses, and do not want to ruin what I have already.

P.S. I am going to be hosting the Feelin' Feminine Challenge in the month of February for those who would like to join me next month! 


  1. As a young girl I was taught to dress modestly and to look like a lady while often wearing pants mostly and skirts for special occasions, especially to church.
    In the last couple years, especially after encountering The Duggars and participating in two Feelin' Feminine challenges, I've looked into my own personal convictions on this matter. For me personally I feel no conviction from the Lord to wear skirts all the time and see nothing in scripture that specifically says I need to. Also with my work with Alzheimer's patients, at Christian summer camps and in my colder climate it is often impractical for me to wear skirts all the time. What the Lord has called me to is what He calls all those ladies who follow Him: modesty, femininity in dress and to value and cultivate the beauty of their inner spirit.

    I respect other people's convictions (skirts or pants) and pray that each young lady will make sure to really look to the Lord and His will for their life! :)

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  2. Well put, Miss Laurie! Well put!!! *applause* I too, have been taught to wear skirts and dresses to church, and feel often times uncomfortable if I do not. {Our church is very casual; sometimes too casual to my taste, for we are entering the House of the Lord! And wearing your best in front of the Lord of lords should be expected}.

    I also see that sometimes young ladies can/may take this to the extreme as well. Indeed we should wear modest, feminine dress that pleases the Lord, and one may express it in different ways whether wearing skirts or pants. Yet, we should never cross the line of forcing a person, nor placing them in the position of forcing our opinions on them, but we should also stand for what we believe.

    *panting* All right, I'll step off of my soapbox now =D!

    Again, well put, Miss Laurie! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I was not raised to wear dresses and skirts,but I wish I would have been. I believe it is your own conviction between you and the Lord. I will say I knew two young ladies that always wore skirts and dresses and people would always look because today in our world that looks unusal. We are not to worry about what the world thinks as the Word of God says we are to live in this world, but not partake of it. On the other hand I believe those to young ladies were a testimony because every time people would see them they would be wearing dresses or skirts. You could just sense there was something different about them something that would make a person want to know what that difference was. There is nothing in Scripture that says we have to wear dresses, so therefore I believe it is what the Lord calls each person to do. Hope this helped. God bless.

  4. I wear skirts almost full time, but I do wear pants on occasion. Very rare occasions, I should say. If I walking one of our dogs in the mud, I'll often change into pants for that, but then I change back into my skirt when I get home. For more vigorous activities, like hiking, I'll usually wear pants.

    I can't really say it's conviction to do so. Part of it is just that I find skirts more comfortable. I do think skirts are more feminine, and more modest. Of late I've been finding that I feel rather uncomfortable when wearing pants, and it may be that I'll look into getting a split skirt to wear for dog walking, hiking, etc., rather than wearing pants.

    Most clothing sites are going to have both modest and immodest clothes. But there are some that have nice options.

    http://www.landsend.com/ - I rarely purchase anything full price from them, but their sale prices are quite reasonable, and they have a fairly good selection of modest clothing. Where I live it is REALLY hard to find modest tops, most of mine are Land's End t-shirts.

    http://www.orvis.com/ - their regular prices are heart-attack inducing, but you can get some good deals on clearance. Their clearance is usually a reasonable option for dressier clothing.

    http://www.modestapparelusa.com/ - I've not ordered anything from them, but they seem to have nice clothes. Prices do look a little bit on the high side, but they are better than Land's End full-price.

    http://www.hannahlise.com/default.aspx - same as the above.

    http://www.christopherandbanks.com/home/index.jsp - once again, a little pricey, but they have some nice clothes. Clearance prices look to be a little higher than Land's End clearance, but their clothes are dressier.

    Most of my clothes come from Land's End, and a company that isn't in the US. I occasionally order from one of the others, but not very often.

    It can be hard to find modest clothing, and it's almost always a little extra work, but it's very much worth it. And if the Lord gives you a husband one day, he'll thank you for it. :-) So keep on keeping on!

  5. Let's see here...
    I'm a firm spokesgirl for modesty. I think modesty depends on the clothes (of course), but also the attitude. Personally, I wear mostly pants just cause I like em' & they're simple {for me} to just throw on & go. I wear skirts & dresses to church mostly, & other things (wedddings, fancy parties that I'm waiting to be invited to=). I DO think it's IMmodest to wear short skirts (say anywhere right after - right after the knee (that's tricky to type out) - unless of course you're pairing it with pants... the same rule for shorts. Low tops, or high cut, middle showing tops are also out of the question in my self-written, allbeit my opinion, book. I don't believe spaghetti straps are modest, either - I mean, really, spaghetti is a nice dinner not an outfit. Come on. =) Another very important spectrum of modesty is the fit. Too tight shirts, pants, skirts, whatever is also immodest. The main reason I'm modest is because of my respect in myself & my Creator, my respect for my fellow guys of the human race, especially my godly striving brothers in Christ. Yep, I'm modest - I DO wear pants...& skirts, & I'm proud to be going God's way, when the majority of fashion is going the other.
    Love you Grace! Thanks for this discussion opportunity at your Garden!
    Love Your Big Sister-in-Christ,

  6. I personally believe that both are fine, as long as they are modest. Each person/family has, of course, their own definition of modesty which may vary. Because I live on a farm, wearing skirts all the time is VERY impractical.
    I also don't have a problem with short skirts, as long as they aren't incredibly short - however, for the short ones, it is fairly modest to pair them with jeggings or something of the sort.
    Again, personal convictions are and should be the thing which makes you choose whether to wear skirts/dresses and/or pants. Although dressing yourself according to your convictions is important, I personally believe that refining yourself spiritually takes priority over material decisions. :)

  7. Dearest Grace,

    What a wonderful post! I always enjoy reading different views on the subject of modesty. For many years (actually up until I was about 13 or 14), I wore mostly pants. I was always taught not to wear short skirts or dresses as well. Throughout the past year or two, I have felt God speaking to me. After praying about it and asking for God to make it clear to me, I now wear skirts daily, unless I am doing some sort of vigorous activity. As for myself, wearing skirts makes me feel more joyful and I also feel more comfortable in them. I have never been against wearing pants, but I enjoy wearing skirts more!
    I have found most of my skirts at local thrift stores. They seem to have a great amount of skirts for a very low price. You may want to check Ebay as well... I have never purchased a skirt from there, although I know of many young ladies who have!
    May the Lord bless you, dear friend!

    Your Sister In Christ,

    P.S. If you are troubled when deciding whether to wear skirts or pants, go to the Lord in prayer. He knows your heart best! :)

  8. Grace,

    Like I said on shelfari. I usually wear skirts, dresses, and pants.

    But most of the time I wear pants.

    I believe it's everyone's own personal choice.

    Have a great day,


  9. Hello Grace!

    Great post! I do believe it is alright to wear pants, as long as they are not too tight or have holes in them. {as we've talked about before} I do believe if you wear pants you should have longer hair and a shirt that is a color that shows you are a girl, if you know what I mean.

    Some people feel that skirts are more comfortable, but sometimes {like you!} I feel as if I want to be "modern" and I wear a pair of modest pants. I also don't really have enough skirts to wear all the time!

    I hope this helps. ;)

  10. A year ago, I didn't have a single skirt or dress in my closet, but now I have around six or so. I used to think it was weird to wear a skirt to everyday places, such as the mall, homeschool co-op, etc., but now I'm usually found in a skirt at least once a week.

    I hope to in the next year or two build up my skirt "collection" (couldn't think of anything else to call it :P), and wear skirts like 75%-85% of the time. I find them much cuter and feminine and more comfortable to wear. I also love skirts with twirl in them.

  11. Great post, Grace!

    I wear both skirts and pants, though pants mostly in the winter because it is so cold here!
    For awhile, the ladies of our family did all skirts, which was nice, but then we started examining why we were wearing all skirts. Was it because God had convicted us to do it, or was it because of "pressure" from other friends/ church to do it?
    We went to a church that believed in skirts only for women, so most of our friends did that and so did we.
    Eventually we left that church because of the long distance we had to drive every Sunday.
    The church we go to now has a mixture of families that believe in both all skirt and a mixture that do skirts and pants.
    I think our change of churches really convicted us examine why we were wearing all skirts.
    I admit (with some shame), that a lot of times I do something because I don't want to be different, or do something just because someone else did it.
    I found that while I wore all skirts, I was just doing it for my parent's and friends who wore all skirts, not because I felt convicted by God. Slowly we started wearing pants again, though mostly for active activities.
    During this time we struggled, because we felt that we had given some of our friends impressions of us as skirts only family (and when I skirts only, I mean for the ladies, not guys!! =) )
    and felt that we were "letting them down" by doing this.
    Through a lot of talking between us ladies of the family, we have come to the conclusion that what matters the very most is how we are living our lives for Christ.
    We can wear all skirts, yet still be in rebellion to God, or we could be wearing all pants, and love the Lord and serve Him.
    I think a big struggle in this area was that we were seeing people who grew up wearing all skirts, yet once they moved out of their home, they started dressing however they wanted. And we were also seeing people who wore a mixture of both pants/skirts, and were full of love and service to the Lord.
    I am not saying that people who were all skirts will not continue, but it has to be your conviction, not your parents, your friends, or the churches, but a conviction in your heart that this is something you want to do to honor God.
    So yes, I wear a mixture of skirts and pants, but still have guidlines for myself( like nothing over the knee when you sit down, no tight jeans or skirts, wearing a shirt that is modest when wearing jeans, and trying to make the outfit as feminine as possible when I am wearing jeans).
    I have an extremely hard time finding skirts that fit (I'm only
    5' and that is pretty little!),
    so that is a constant search for me to find thing that fit nicely.
    I started to realize that once I started to wear pants more, my conviction about skirts became more of my own. Once I was not "forced" to wear skirts (and my parent's never forced me to, it was just something they thought looked nice and wanted for their girls), that I started to desire to wear more skirts.

    So for me, the bottom line is first and foremost my walk with Him.
    Is how I dress it honoring and glorifing to Him? When we live our lives in accordance to His will, I think that we will start examining different areas of our lives (like dress), and He will direct us to what would most honor Him.
    And as ladies we also have a big responsibility to our brothers in Christ, that we dress in a way that would be pure and honoring to them, not in a way that would draw them from God or defile their thinking. So this is another thing I take into consideration when I buy my clothing.
    It is definitly a matter that you need to take to God in prayer!

  12. Dearest Grace,
    I really enjoyed this post! =) Modesty definitely needs to be a personal conviction.
    I, personally only wear skirts and dresses. The Lord convicted me that he wants me to be feminine and wearing all skirts and dresses came with that.{also having a modest attitude} I believe that pants and shorts draw attention to other areas of the body{that are not meant to draw attention to}, instead of drawing attention to our joyful face. I believe that when we dress immodestly we are causing our brothers in Christ to stumble and we would never want to do that!!!
    Here are a few links that offer modest clothing:
    1. Old Pueblo Traders. http://www.oldpueblotraders.com/home.jsp
    2. Modest Apparel USA.
    3. Hannah Lise.
    4. Blair. http://www.blair.com/thumbnail/Womens/Dresses-Skirts/Dresses/pc/2/c/12/100.uts?type=thumbnail&Mpos=16&Mpper=16

    Now, not all these sites offer all modest clothing, but they all have modest options.
    Have a lovely day dear friend!!
    Love you!!!

  13. Hello Grace,

    I've spent a lot of thought on what to say, and it will probably all come out backwards, but here it goes. ;)

    Often the term "dressing modestly" is thought to be external. And in truth it is. But in 1 Peter 3:3, Paul states you should not rely on clothes to reflect your beauty, "Rather...the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit" (1 Peter 3:4)

    So when thinking of modesty, we must remember that dressing modesty doesn't give us extra a free ticket to a Proverbs 31 maiden. ;)

    We are told that in whatever we do, we are to do it for God. Paul says that we are to reflect Christ's living.

    If we walk in Wal Mart, up to date in the latest fashion, how many people will be able to see Christ's reflection? None. This, of course, does not mean the fashionable young lady is not a Christian, but it makes others think otherwise.

    Now, imagine walking in Wal Mart where your body is not distinctly outlined (a.k.a, skirts). Most people will not come to the conclusion that you are a wordly person.

    I'm not saying godly young ladies who wear pants aren't Christian and ought to be hung up by their toe-nails. ;) Every girl should come to the conclusion on how far "modesty" is.

    Another reason I wear skirts, is because it does cover you up. I just can't get used to walking around with my legs outlined, that is certainly not what I want people looking at. :)

    However, there are times when wearing skirts is not very modest. Take horse back riding. Sledding down a hill at top speed. Volleyball, climbing around in a barn. Yes, it is possible to wear a skirt, but wearing pants would actually be more modest. ;D

    But anyways (in conclusion. ;) instead of taking my word, or anybody elses on how you should dress, I suggest searching through the scriptures yourself and come to your own conclusion. :)

    Love you!


  14. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for bringing this up - I think it is really interesting to see what other young women believe/have been led to in this area.

    I have really felt this issue on my heart on the last year or so. I would say that during the spring/summer/fall months I wear skirts alone 95% of the time. During the winter I tend to get cold really easily and don't have a great selection of warmer skits/tights so I wear pants more often. I really agree that it is a personal conviction and the important thing is to dress modestly and be aware that they way we dress as young women really does have an influence on those around us!

    I would also agree with the comment above about church being more casual. I was raised that you are supposed to dress up for church - after all wouldn't you dress up if you were going to spend time with the President? However, again I feel as though this is a personal conviction and it is the status of your heart that matters before coming before the Lord! I think whatever your personal conviction is that it is SO important not to judge others for what they have decided.

    I have to admit that I love wearing skirts and the feminine feel they have!



  15. Grace,
    Thank you for being willing to hear our thoughts on this. :)
    My family doesn't think it is is wrong to wear pants, so long as they are loose. I, however, prefer wearing skirts. The reason? Well, I feel that when I wear pants (and perhaps this is just because of where I live and what I do on the ranch)- when I wear pants, I feel more 'masculine', per se. I don't allow my brothers to help me carry heavy feed bags because I think, "I can do it myself." Now, some things require pants in order to be modest.. rush as hopping over fences, riding tractorr or horses, or moving cows around on a windy day.. So, on those occasions, I definitely opt for a pair of pants. However, I enjoy looking, acting, and dressing like a lady. There are lots of cute jeans, capris, and such out there, but then there are a lot of cute skirts, too!! Denim skirts are the best because they wear really well. An adorable, brightly floraled skirt with a ruffle, ribbon, bow, and little buttons is really irristible, in my opinion. :)
    So, I don't think it is wrong to wear pants- so long as you remember, whilst wearing them, that you are a lady... and they are not immodest. Skirts can be immodest, too, if worn in the wrong way- tight, too short, or ones that are long but have huge slits on the seams).
    Well, there ya go! :) Sorry if a lot of it didn't make sense... loL!


  16. I'm glad I stopped by your blog today, Grace! I've been really busy with college these past few weeks but decided to do a bit of blog-hopping this afternoon.

    I decided to wear skirts every day about a year and a half ago. I think the Duggars' TV show had a good influence on me but I also realized that modesty is a matter of the heart. I prayed and asked God what He would like for me to do and I felt led to wear skirts and I've been wearing skirts ever since then.

    Grace, I would advise you to pray and ask God what is His will for your life. After all, He's the one we want to please --not anyone else.

    Although I wear skirts all the time, I don't think that pants are always immodest. If they are too tight or snug-fitting, I wouldn't recommend wearing them.

    With all that said, remember to pray about it and do whatever He asks you to.

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend! <3 Blessings, dear friend!

  17. I second Bess. I wear both, and I think both can be immodest if they don't fit right, don't look right, etc.

    Personally, one of my favourite everyday styles is a tunic-length top with (modest) jeans/pants, and paired with a long coat if it's fall/winter. :) It looks elegant, feminine, practical, and very modest...sort of like Jane Eyre in the 21st century (and maybe it's just me, but I love Jane Eyre's dresses).

  18. Hi Grace!

    Your blog has been listed at www.youngchristianbloggers.blogspot.com

    I was taught to wear modest clothes from a young age, but I would wear mostly pants during the week, and skirts or dresses for special occasions or at church. Then I did a 35 day project of wearing just one dress as a protest against consumerism and materialism (long story), and since then I've worn skirts or dresses 99% of the time! :) I do this not just for modesty, but because it's so much more comfortable! I love it, and it makes me feel a lot more feminine.

  19. Wha ta wonderful post Miss Grace~ It truly covers a varying topic. As for myself, I love wearing skirts all day everyday. They are so flowing and comfortable for me. I also wear jumpers too, some homemade and some purchased. As for my conviction about it, I simply feel as though it is a way to be feminine and show God's design for me as a young lady. I also feel very comfortable in them! But ultimately, it is our heart that matters, and our clothing is just a reflection of our heart. Skirts sre very feminine and God glorifying, but there are times when it is hard to wera them (And this is coming from someone who does everything in them! From playing outside to iceskating!) I know that riding a bike is hard to do in a flowy skirt and can be dangerous. And that is were a modest pair of capris or jeans come in quite handy~ Overall, I love skirts, yet respect those who don't wear them. I simply desire feminimity and to be comfortable.♥

    Many Blessings,

    PS~ I have found many a lovely skirt from thrift stores. They can be very helpful!

  20. Phew! There were a lot here before me. :)

    I love my jeans. I hate wearing jeans that hang low on my waist and feel about to fall off, or are far too tight in certain places, but jeans are my comfort clothing.

    However, I always wear skirts/dresses to church, always below knee-length. Like you, if they're too high, I would be uncomfortable sitting!

    That's my two cents worth...you have many wonderful (and no-doubt far more enlightening) comments here. :)

  21. I have not been convicted by God to wear only skirts and dresses. I think that I am going to save them for Sunday best! SMILES. When I wear a bathing suit ( I have a one piece bathing suit, and i used to complain about not getting to wear a bikini!) I wear shorts and a shirt over. I have been watching the Duggars latley and would like to know where they get the swimsuits! I wear pants and sweatpants most of the time, and try to refrain from wearing reallyyyy short shorts. When I buy pants, I try to find ones that do not pinch and are not extremly tight in certain areas. I think it would be best to shop at a thrift store for them because they have been worn and shall we say broken in.

  22. That last anonymous comment was by me! Sorry, I forgot to write my name!

  23. Dear Grace,
    I do love to wear skirts and have often thought of wearing skirts permanently. But I wouldn't want to make that decision without knowing why I am doing it. Especially if someone questioned me in why I don't wear jeans, I want to reply with a firm answer. What would your answer be if someone asked you? I'd love to hear it :) I suppose mine might be is that it's more feminine than pants.
    So my opinion on this is I think it's alright to wear pants but if I changed to skirts, which I would love to do, I want a firm answer of why I'm doing it. (I hope that all made sense! :)


  24. Hello Miss Grace!
    I want to start out by saying that I and my family are THE BIGGEST DUGGAR FANS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period! :) We love their shows and each of us can say all 19 of the kid’s names in order in under a minute! In not kidding we even timed ourselves! :)
    My name is Bethany Ward and I am 14years old. I wear skirts every day all day because of modesty and femininity reasons. I started thinking about wearing skirts all the time when we first started watching the Duggars. I loved how their older girls acted around their family and others and how they were true daughters of the King and how they served their family and embraced there femininity. They were different from the average teen-aged girl and I wanted to be like them! I wanted to embrace my God given femininity and be a true Christian girl. So my sisters, mother and I started wearing skirts. We are not legalistic about it, we do not think that pants are a sin and sometimes wear them for horse riding, extremely cold days, etc. but it's just a personal conviction of ours.
    I feel like I already know so much about you since I've known about your blog ever since you had the giveaway for the homemade cards. (BTW I loved them they were soooo cute!!!!) I would love to get to know you better!
    To tell you more about myself, I am the oldest of 6 children and I love my family dearly! I publish a small magazine for young ladies called Hearts for God which is made to encouraged girls in their Christian walk. I recently wrote a interview for one of my friends which tells more about me so here is the link to that: (I am also giving away a years subscription to my magazine so check that out at the end of the interview! :)
    Also, please check out our family's blog (www.wardfamblog.blogspot.com) and my magazine's site (www.heartsforgodmagazine.blogspot.com)
    Bethany Ward

  25. Hey Grace!
    I know I am a little late to the "discussion," but I wanted to put in my "two cents." lol
    I wear pants most of the time (capris or long shorts in summer) but I LOVE to wear skirts - I have been raised to ALWAYS wear skirts/dresses to church, but recently (after reading "So Much More" by Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin - VERY good book, btw!) I have started wearing skirts to things like flute lessons, or just when I feel like dressing up a bit. They do make me feel SO much prettier! :-D
    I definitely believe that we, as Christian young ladies, should ALWAYS be modest - not wearing things that are too low, too high, too short, too tight, whatever - whether we're wearing pants or skirts or dresses. But as far as whether or not we should wear dresses/skirts all the time, every day, I would definitely say that just depends on how the Lord convicts each of us. I believe we should always at least look FEMININE, even when wearing pants. (I think hairstyle can help us to look feminine, too, even when we're just wearing a t-shirt! Just a thought.) Well, I guess that's a long enough "two cents." lol! :-D
    Love in Jesus,

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  27. Dearest Grace,
    Wearing skirts and dresses is not just about modesty, as pants can show the outline of the legs, but to set us women apart from men.
    If a man does not wear a skirt then why should a women wear a pants. Pants in my opinion are manly and we are called to be
    feminine. The reason it is not written in the bible is because at that time every women wore skirts and dresses Christian or not, so there was
    no need to say it. It is also to set us apart from the worldly women. As we should strive to please God in every way we can why should we do
    something that might be displeasing to him.Do nothing that you might think there is nothing wrong with but everything that is 100% right.
    God will reward you in heaven for your strength of character and courage as he knows you are wearing a skirt for his glory. Christian men
    also like the trait in Christian women of a courageous character not taken by the fashions of the world but by the hope in pleasing God.Skirts
    and dresses are so beautiful and there are so many different choices why would you want to trash them for pants anyway.Wearing skirts all
    the time does not mean we are extreme , maybe to the world but not to Christ and that is what matters.
    Blessings, Live for God, Grace.
    Hannah xo