Jan 10, 2011

My Heart Yearns for the Sea...

...For the salty air and the mist,
 And the froth that lace each tumbling wave,
 That crash down with a hiss.
Hello, readers! Thank you so much for stopping by on this delightfully sunny day! On my sidebar, I have posted a poll, asking you, my dear readers, what you would like to see on this blog. Well, most of your votes went towards 'More Glimpses into my life,' and so this afternoon, I have prepared a post of my Californian life. California is definitely a wonderful place to live {other than the government, and the high taxes:D}, for our State has a bit of every season within its borders: mountains, snow, warm weather, gorgeous beaches, mild winters, fields full of wildflowers in the springtime, green wineries {nearly always green except for the winter}, seaside cliffs, wildlife, lakes, National Parks, waterfalls, deserts, pines by the sea, forests~a bit of everything that you can imagine all in one state!:) Here's a glimpse of the surroundings of our Californian seaside: 

On Saturday, my parents took my friend and me to the seaside, Ragged Point or San Simeon, CA to see the Elephant seals that migrate to our coasts during this season. 
A few days before, my heart had yearned for the summer; it was indeed refreshing to go to the coast {away from the bleak skies}, and see the greenness of the hills and cliffs. The seaside's climate is warmer than where we live inland, and does not freeze as it does where I live {approximately 45 min. to an hour from the coast}, therefore the greenery survives during the winter months. It was a blessing that it was not bleak over by the ocean, and as we were returning home, the fog was beginning to settle by the coast.  

   Elephant Seals {not the most beautiful creatures, mind you:)} sunbathing on the warm sand. Crowds gathered to watch them {for the parking lot was filled}. Since I am a native {lived her all my life except for the first six months of it} to this area I do not get really excited when watching them, yet how cute it was to see the tourists and younger children 'Ooo, and Ahh,' over these creatures!:)
A big mound of blubber:) 
Our rocky coastline...
What a lovely day it was! The cheery sunshine sparkled the water...
A Californian Gull perching nearby...
    Such views from Ragged point are so pretty... 
Not to mention the flourishing flowers in their garden beds:
Geranium {my favourite!}

A burst of blue...{Chickory, or cosmos?}

And a bumblebee hard at work....{love the effects on this}
Such is the life by the sea...

Blessings to you all,


  1. Love that last picture. So lovely!

  2. Wow! Those are awesome, those beach ones! :D

  3. Grace,

    I know what you mean. I used to live near the ocean and I miss it SO much!


  4. GORGEOUSNESS!! I love the sea so much! I've always lived a couple miles from one of the Great Lakes and can't imagine ever NOT living near a large body of water.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures! The reminders of summer and green and blue are very helpful during this season of whiteness. ;-)

    P.S. I saved one of your landscape pictures, the one called "Greeness" (I think), for my computer desktop picture. :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures,Grace. Just beautiful!!!

  6. You take wonderful pictures. They are so pretty . :)

  7. Ahhh...green and blue!! I miss it! We live in Indiana and traveled the east coast last fall including FL...and went to the gulf there. I *love* the ocean! Seeing your pictures makes me miss it more :) And the green makes me miss summer :)

  8. Those pictures are so pretty! I love the landscapes.

  9. I awarded you twice on my blog Grace.


  10. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, Grace! Your such a talented girl of God! =) I know, I haven't been over here to "chat" in awhile. Life has been busy with my stepdad sick & snowy weather (which we aren't used to where I live). I'm also planning on moving out into my own apartment sometime soon! I'm SO excited about that! Your pictures make my heart yearn for the sea, too! God's creation is so extraordinary - & you did a splendid job capturing it!
    Love Ya,
    P.S.: I think my favorite pic is the one with the flowers...looking down into the rugged coast!