Jan 29, 2011

Let's Talk Etsy~Interview with Winsome Bess

{Click on her shop's banner to visit!:)}

Hello, dear friends! {Sorry I did not post this earlier}. If you have not already read my 'Advertising' page, I have decided to take up the idea of featuring a young ladies Etsy shop by interviewing them on my blog. So, I decided to first interview my dear friend Bess who has been one of my earliest followers {and Sister in Christ}. I shall not continue to do my Monthly Interviews as of for right now; however, do not despair; I think you will like what I have in store in the month of February even better!

 Miss Bess {new Etsy shop owner:)} and I had a little "cyber chat," and I that that ya'll would like to see what goodies she is selling at her new Etsy shop 
Winsome Bess
{Do you not love the name???}:) 

Grace: Hello, Bess! Glad you could join us to-day in my blooming garden. Tell me, Miss Bess, what inspired you to start an Etsy shop? 

Miss Bess: Well… First off I love to create ~er craft~ plus I had quite a few blogging pals who had Etsy shops. Those two things, along with jewelry designs & other crafty inventions that kept popping into my head, made me want to give it a try, so I did. 

Grace: Very neat, Miss Bess! Do tell my readers, what special products might one find in the lovely shop of yours? 

Miss Bess: Visitors to my little cyber Etsy shop {Winsome Bess} will find, currently, one of a kind jewelry pieces. I’ve got a plethora of earrings (pierced) ready to be shipped & one necklace. Some of my handmade/designed creations are heart themed or otherwise crafted with Valentine’s in mind, so be sure to check that out if you’re looking for a gift for a friend or for you! Soon I hope to add more items, including some vintage. I’ll go ahead & tell your readers a secret, Grace… I’ve got a vintage designer top that I’m planning to add (that is if I can part with it=), some handmade clutches I’m working on, & new jewelry. As a new Etsy girl, I sometimes wonder if my refreshingly money-smart prices make shoppers wonder if what I’m creating/selling is worth it, but my prices are reasonable so that many {not few} girls can enjoy cute uniqueness – I am dedicated to quality craftiness.

Grace: Very good! How exciting that you have some clutches in mind! Cannot wait to see them; might have to purchase one myself if by random chance I fall head-over-heels with them, and I probably will. Speaking of crafting, what inspires you as a crafter?

Miss Bess: I’d say quite a lot of things! =) Anything from vintage antique finds, retro TV, fashion trends straight from the most current runways, to craft stores, Bible verses, nature, a drive, tag sale treasures… You could say that anything & everything is my muse! 

Grace: Indeed, how can God's creation not be an inspiration?{It rhymes!:)} So what is the most enjoyable part of crafting to you?

Miss Bess: Hmmm… That’s tricky & often depends on the project, but I love to see something that I’ve housed in the corner of my mind for so long finally coming into reality. It’s amazing that it’s finally stepped out of my thoughts & into the light of day, where I {& hopefully others} can find some enjoyment in it.

Thank you, Miss Bess for the delightful interview! I am sure my readers have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you in my garden to-day! May the Lord make your Etsy shop flourish!:)

Dear Miss Bess also blogs at her blog Bess's Bag which is always a joy to read! It is always so exciting to see whats in the bag:)! I encourage you to go visit her shop {click the banner above} and her blog {click her button to visit}, for she is such a sweet young woman who is so passionate for the Lord. 

Also, her stepfather is suffering from cancer, therefor please keep Bess and her family in your prayers.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our interview for the day!


P.S. Thank you SO much for the encouraging comments in my last post. I thought it was really interesting reading all of your insights and opinions, and I enjoyed it! May the Lord continue to bless you all as you continue to spread His love and joy, fair maidens!  


  1. I really enjoyed this interview! Bess' creations are absolutely beautiful :) and I am definitely praying for her stepfather.

    With love,

    P.S. Thank you so much for putting my button on your bloglist, however I will soon be deleting my blog because I no longer have to time to blog. Could you please remove the button of 'Forever Love' (my blog)?

  2. I enjoyed this interview! I LOVE learning about new etsy shops... I really love etsy becacuse they usually have unique things-sometimes even better than store-bought items:)

  3. Thanks SO much for this, Grace {& for remembering my stepfather in prayer}. I've already received a few more hearts on some of my items/shop! Love you, dear thoughtful sis! You & your Garden brighten my day (yes, it's full of winsome *winks*)!
    Love & Blessings,